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Repurposed Baby Food Jar Candles

So when you have a baby and don’t make much money you can often qualify for the WIC program. It’s a really helpful program for lower income families, although some of the offerings are limited, and if you have a picky dainty eater, you end up with a cupboard full of jars of unused baby food. 532 more words

Resin Crafts

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to try resin as a craft medium. It’s an exact craft, and any number of factors can lead to failure; undermixing, room temperature, incorrect portions of the two chemicals, even bubbles. 165 more words

DIY Projects

More Fun with Your Homemade Soaps!

Just a quick post today, with a couple different soap variations. First are some things you can do with some pre-made bars of your soap. If you have a batch that looks funky, you can grate it up and melt it in a double boiler, and make something else out of it, or just use home made soap in place of buying soap for making liquid hand soap. 541 more words

Easy Sewing Projects

These simple sewing projects are easy enough for a beginner & for kids to help create. They make wonderful gifts but I warn you, they are so cute, you’ll want to keep them! 11 more words


Spiced Peaches

These spiced peaches are great to eat with your Christmas ham or with vanilla ice cream. They make fantastic gifts any time of year.

Find the recipe here: Spiced peaches recipe


Soap making

Yesterday I made soap with my mother, both my grandmothers and my aunt.  We went to Nana’s house, and she had all the ingredients ready for us.  924 more words


Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Banner

Looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day craft? Whether it is a quick and easy project for your kids, students, or just yourself, this Valentine’s Day decor banner is the perfect! 309 more words