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Is it Authentic Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Sterling silver refers to metal used in making jewelry and flat or shallow tableware. Real silver is too soft so this is mixed with other stronger metals like nickel and copper. 394 more words

Homemade Jewellery

About Homage Jewellery

Our ensemble of Silver items is made from premium and dense sterling silver. It is also polished with excellent and glossy finish. Our trademark is the tree of life. 207 more words

Homemade Jewellery

Goal #100: My jewellery purge

Every once in a while it seems a drastic mental about-turn hits us, seemingly out of nowhere. Suddenly we see the world through different eyes and shift our values and attitudes in response. 558 more words


Butterfly Bracelet - Recycled Materials

Making stuff from pieces of broken jewellery is fast becoming a favourite hobby of mine. One of the items mum gave me to use for my crafting was an old butterfly necklace that was busted up. 187 more words


FidgityDigit Jewellery

So I was having a pretty rubbish day today. I was told my gallbladder is full of gallstones on Friday and then told my appointment to discuss what is going to be done about them isn’t until the 18th September, 2 days before I go back to uni. 423 more words

Tiny teapots and lurid lobsters: shrink plastic experiments

When I was about eight years old an odd craze swept through my primary school. The jewellery-made-from-crisp-packets craze.

Do you remember it?

It must have been about the late 1980s and it was suddenly de rigeur to put a crisp packet into the oven, watch it shrink and then stick a safety pin on the back and wear it as a badge. 994 more words

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