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Autumn Birthday Celebration

Our favorite time of the year kicks off with our daughter’s birthday in October. We keep birthdays simple with just a few decorations and the cupcake flavor of her choice. 99 more words


Pumpkin pie this Fall

When a good friend asked me to bake a few desserts for her bridal shower, I had in mind something pretty but also delicious. Luckily, she made it easy by selecting gold and white as her colors. 424 more words



i’ve always wanted to make them. and finally i bought the “forbidden” corn syrup to satisfy my little heart with this accomplishment. a little side note here, isn’t it funny how we aren’t suppose to use this liquid sweetener in cooking but well eat it in all the other candies and dare i say marshmallows. 260 more words

Life Of A Single Girl

Hot Fudge Sauce-Makes Everything Better!

Bad hair day (I have experienced just way too many of these to count this summer), happy day, sad day, hot day, hotter day, hotter the Hell plus humidity day or any day that ends in ‘Y’, is a great day for chocolate or chocolate sauce or fudge sauce or….well, I think you see where I’m going with this post. 315 more words


Sweet Pastel Carnival Marron Cake with Marshmallows

I came across this really cute Unicorn cake video recently and decided to use up my leftover marron puree in a simple Marron cake recipe, tinging it light pink and topped with homemade marshmallows. 653 more words

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Homemade marshmallows

There’s no denying that science plays a critical role in cooking and baking. I’m always in awe of how simple ingredients have the ability to transform themselves into something amazing and delicious. 845 more words

Totally Homemade Smores

I am not a camper, but I can totally get down with s’mores, especially if they’re made with ooey-gooey homemade marshmallows and crispy from-scratch graham crackers! 516 more words