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Homemade Mustard

It is unfortunate that simple everyday products, such as mustard, with a simple list of natural ingredients, can be out of reach for people when they can’t tolerate any sulphate components as preservatives. 476 more words

Grain Free

Wrapped Up Tight

I was busy all weekend. Back to back client jobs leave me without time to cook for myself. In a pinch for a quick meal I made roast beef wraps. 83 more words

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Homemade Mustard and Ketchup

Have you ever wanted to make your own mustard and ketchup?  I know that I have, but never knew how easy it could be.  In less than 30 minutes I found I could make both and in my opinion tastes better than anything you can buy in the store.   760 more words


Mustard Three Ways

I recently discovered the best hot dog I’ve ever had, the Texas Dogs from Salt and Time Butcher Shop.  Unfortunately, on the day I made this magic dog discovery, I also discovered that I was out of mustard.   268 more words

Homemade Mustard ~ Marsala Mustard

July 4th weekend is upon us.  Coleslaw, baked beans and potato salad. Hamburgers and hot dogs with onions, relish, ketchup and mustard.

Do you have a container of store bought mustard in your fridge? 372 more words

From Scratch

Today I made mustard

I think I will be using this sentence a lot in the coming days, weeks, months… not for the mustard, but “Today I made…”

Like I said, today I made mustard. 244 more words

Homemade Mustard

We are processed out!

How much of what we put in our mouths has been through the confusing food processing machine that we call the “food industry” and  how much of it is still true to its original form? 693 more words

Homemade Mustard