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Kitchen/Garden toiletries

Back in 1995 I was given this book:

and I’ve consulted it regularly over the years.

I’ve bought so many cosmetic products that haven’t lived up to expectations and that ended up in the bin. 487 more words

Hair Care

How to get flawless skin this Diwali

We all want to look our best at any given time, but certain occasions, like Diwali for instance, gives us that extra nudge. After all, there are the family photographs and endless social gatherings to look forward towards! 417 more words

Beauty Tips

DIY Homemade Natural Deodorant

Aluminium. Today I’d like to tell you more about this white-silvery metal, most abundant in nature than any other. Aluminium makes a great element for power linens, pots, tools, and it is also relatively cheap to recycle – however, 468 more words


Homemade Remedies For High Blood Pressure In Hindi

आज भारत में ओर कई अन्य देशो में हाई ब्लडप्रेशर की समस्या आम होती जा रही हे. लोगो की लाइफ स्टाइल , तनाव भरी जिंदगी , चिंता वगैरा के कारण लोगो में यही बीमारी आती हे .आइये तो हाई ब्लडप्रेशर के बारे में कुछ जानकारी जानते हे .


DIY Natural Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

I’ve been looking at nutrition labels at the grocery stores for a while but one day a couple of years ago, I’ve read something on the book “The Microbiome Solution” by Robynne Chutkan which said: 338 more words


Tantiachem Massad

Home remedy to cure bad cold.

A : With coffee

B : With brandy


1 free ranch eggs / Gauti eggs (only yolk is used) 118 more words

Goan Food

Easy DYI Moisturiser

We live in a toxic world. Right, that’s not a big news I know.

I’m sure you hear the words “toxin-free”, “detox diet”, “toxic load” a lot these days. 591 more words