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Winter colds. Spring Allergies. Throat in need of relief? Got just the thing for ya!

There are lots of reasons our throat feels out-of-sorts, and homemade remedies are far more effective than anything you can buy, unless you are looking for drugs. 168 more words


Scratched Glasses

1 Corinthians 13:12

I am rambunctious and a klutz. I also wear glasses. Being rambunctious and a klutz doesn’t always go well when one wears glasses. 902 more words

Sore throat and cough? Treat it the natural way!

URI (Upper respiratory infection) or ‘Common cold’ is probably one of the most frequently occuring infectious disease in humans. It is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. 469 more words


Top 5 Tips to Remove Post Delivery Stretch Marks

One of the main concerns and problems faced by the new moms after their delivery are the stubborn stretch marks due to pregnancy that refuse to leave. 343 more words

Health And Wellness

A New Start on a Life with less fear

Hello everyone! As my first post stated, I am a kind of person who is always scared of most things. Soon, I will try to explain my progress on how i still get through some of my busier days. 157 more words

A Skitzofrenic Minds Journey

Kitchen/Garden toiletries

Back in 1995 I was given this book:

and I’ve consulted it regularly over the years.

I’ve bought so many cosmetic products that haven’t lived up to expectations and that ended up in the bin. 487 more words

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How to get flawless skin this Diwali

We all want to look our best at any given time, but certain occasions, like Diwali for instance, gives us that extra nudge. After all, there are the family photographs and endless social gatherings to look forward towards! 417 more words

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