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Box Bank

The little man has been interested in money for a while and asked me to make an ATM for us to play with. We thought a guarded truck to transport the money in would be a good addition for transporting the cash, seeing as the boys love their… 23 more words

Toddler Activities

Box Boat

Our most recent box vehicle is a simple sailboat made from one and a half nappy (diaper) boxes.


Toddler Activities

DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

I have mentioned before that I’ve always wanted to make the twins an alphabet they could hold onto and rearrange by themselves. My original idea, which I started when the babies were infants and I didn’t yet have a sewing machine, was to hand-sew felt letters filled with stuffing. 598 more words

Homemade Toys

DIY : Mainan Menjahit (Sewing Games)

What we played yesterday afternoon.
Sewing games. Menjahit ecek2 😁
Ngiler sama mainan2 edukatif kayu, tapi mikirin ongkirnya jadi mundur teratur, soalnya #mainankayu berat kan ya, dilema kalo posisi di ujung negeri 😓 jd selama bisa dibikin sendiri mari kita bikin sendiri. 52 more words

DIY : Do It Yourself

DIY : Homemade Play Doh

Baru sempet posting, ini hasil bikin Play Doh beberapa minggu yang lalu. Thanks for the recipe Bunda Taqiyya :)

Jadi demi biar bisa dimainin Arkan besoknya akhirnya bela-belain malem-malem ambil pose inem nyuci demi bikin Play Doh (Play Dough) :D… 226 more words

DIY : Do It Yourself

DIY Wooden baby toys

For some reason, it’s easier to motivate myself to make crafts like this rather than paint or write. Is this the same for you other artists? 252 more words


DIY: Upcycled Baby Blanket Bunnies

“Free” might be my favorite word when it comes to activities and toys for my 20 month-old toddler twins. They seem to enjoy the free things in our house more than the toys that cost money. 751 more words

Homemade Toys