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Homemaking: the Difference between Love and Hate

I have discovered the primary factor that determines whether I enjoy housework or detest it on any given day.

And the secret ingredient is…TIME.

When I get up really early in the morning, I have hours to spend before my 9am or 10am piano student arrives. 601 more words


No Spend May Summary

Well,  I tried.  Sort of.

The no spend thing didn’t go so well this month. I had over $1,000 in medical bills,  so I paid that. 58 more words


Summer Is Coming

Hey Everyone!

Summer is coming. The only good thing about summer is the fresh local fruit that is available.

Strawberries are just starting to come on, raspberries will be starting soon as well. 52 more words


Lilacs and Rhubarb

I had a really hard time figuring out where to begin documenting this new chapter at Butterfield. I spent the afternoon uploading all the photos off of my cameras from the past few months. 432 more words


Homemaking, as Promised

Yesterday I asked you to stay tuned. Here is the first post about homemaking, as promised. It’s more of an appetizer for the ideas that are coming. 493 more words


Minimalize Your kitchen

I tackled my kitchen with the same ferociousness I did my clothing. I am sitting here trying to come up with a 3 point plan or a 10 point plan on how to declutter your kitchen. 1,500 more words


Having a grateful heart

Last week I talked about questioning God’s plan for me and how it never seems to be what I want.  I also said I would change the way I prayed and stop being so concerned with life issues, like the bank account and the bills, etc.  419 more words