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Some Spring Knitting

I’m on a bit of a beanie kick at the moment even though it’s not beanie weather. I knit a red and maroon slouchy one for myself, and those festive colors will probably be just what I’m in the mood for when the holidays roll around and the weather is chilly. 120 more words


I'm Going to Shoot You in the Ass with That Gun

Well, the dumb traps are still here and still working but not catching what we have them for. Let’s see.. To date we have caught: 442 more words


12 Tips for a Productive Parent

There’s no three ways about it – sometimes you wake up on the right side of the bed, and sometimes you don’t.
Here are some tips on how to have a productive day as a stay-at-home parent, no matter what side of the bed you fell out of. 840 more words

Daily Life

Cracking down for the mouse

So, I have to admit it– me and my kids are Disney fanatics. My husband, not so much, but he’s been patient with me over the decades and allowed me to spend most of our disposable income over the years on Disney trips, dvds, and more frozen lemonade from the Fantasyland stand than any woman should ever eat in a lifetime. 684 more words


Kingdom Furthering and Breakfast Dishes

“We must make the invisible Kingdom visible in our midst.” -John Calvin

This is my daily prayer. Let your Kingdom come. Right here. Right now. May my work this day further the Kingdom of God.

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Daily Life

Three Reasons Older Moms Should Teach Younger Moms (and we're all older than someone)

In the absence of quilting bees, where will modern mothers gain wisdom if older mothers don’t step up and provide it? Every mother at every stage is desperate to know… 445 more words

Mothering Trials

Fix-It Fixations

Any homeowner or even mildly obsessed apartment-dweller who likes customizing his or her nest, office, cubicle, or living space knows that there are numerous ‘projects’ that are never officially finished. 570 more words

Human Nature