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The Quiet of Home

The last two days have made my sanctuary, my haven into a little slice of hell…I have felt like a gnome living in the dentistry practice of a giant – constant drilling, sawing, sanding from all sides until the walls have pushed me out of our doors. 209 more words

Thank You Notes

I have personally just got in the habit of giving thank you cards. A mother of children that I worked with paid her invoice’s with beautiful monogrammed notes and I filed that thought away for something I would do in the future. 246 more words

Beautiful Things

Free Art on the Internet

Once I was describing to a friend where I’d gotten each of the pieces that compose the gallery wall in our master bedroom, and she asked me, “what do you mean, free printables?” So in case there are more of you who have yet to discover the world of royalty-free art on the World Wide Web, allow me to introduce you. 259 more words

Let the Games Begin

I only have a few minutes to write before I have to wake Regina up for work and before the babies wake up for the day. 258 more words


My Knitting Shop

With the gardening and preserving season in full swing, I haven’t posted about knitting for a while. Still, my needles are as busy as ever. For the last couple months, I’ve been on a beanie kick and have been experimenting with designing as well. 70 more words


Easy Ways to Prep for the School Year

1. Buy yourself new notebooks.

There’s nothing better than clean, white paper on which to make lists and plans. Start with a spiral that you can carry with you while shopping. 814 more words


When geeks do home improvement

So, despite the Adorable Baby having yet another mysterious “rash with fever” this week (and being dubbed “The Measel” as a result), I have undertaken a bunch of home improvement projects. 584 more words