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Housewife Daybook Entry 4/30/16-Godson's First Holy Communion

Awoke at 8:30 am.

Put laundry in washer

Breakfast and blog reading

Got the girls moving on getting ready for our out-of-town trip to my nephew and godson’s First Holy Communion… 477 more words


Why Organic?

The high-school version of me would make fun of me today. Maybe not to my face, but I would have sure thought I am some kind of weirdo. 681 more words


Luxury of a Long Weekend

Thank you for your kind words after my last post and patience while I collect my thoughts.

This morning I woke and lay in bed contemplating the unusual situation of 3 days at home (it is a long weekend here in Queensland) and no commitments.  163 more words


Housewife Daybook Entry 4/29/16

Awoke at 7:15.  Yikes! 1/2 hr late.

Got girls ready for school and out the door on time.  Rushed but we made it.

Weather – cold and rainy… 171 more words


Do You Have a Weekly Errand Day?

In yesterday’s daybook entry, I mentioned that Thursday is my running around day.  Not only is it the day that I grocery shop and run errands for our household, it also has coincidentally been the day that the activities my girls are involved in has their meetings/practices. 749 more words


Three 5 Minute Tasks That Changed My Life

Cleaning was always a very tedious project. And we’re not talking spring cleaning. I mean daily maintenance. Before I had children, cleaning was nothing. And it really did not matter if I cleaned daily or once a week. 884 more words


5 Ways to Simplify Your Morning Routine

Its 8:25 am, the kids are still sliding into their shoes, someone yells for a jacket, you realize one of the kids forgot to brush their hair, you look back at the clock… its 8:27!! 1,348 more words