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Toddler Tornado Times Two

Remember the Toddler Tornado??        Well, now I have that times two!          PPJr isn’t toddling on her own 2 feet yet, but she is mobile!  

Oh, if only I could show y’all pix of my 2 girls!!         463 more words


The Mess

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything recently. If you’re wondering why it’s because my sweet little L is now a toddler and is extremely mobile, therefore getting into everything. 305 more words

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How Do I Know If My Goat Is Pregnant? Methods That Work And Methods That Don't

So how can you tell if your goat is pregnant? Well…you can’t. At least not by just looking at her or touching her. But really wouldn’t that be great? 822 more words


The pros and cons of large families

This post was originally going to focus on the positive aspects of having and growing up in a larger than normal family. We just spent a bit of time with friends from Cape Breton whose family size makes us look small. 5,275 more words


Kind gifts

Here you’ll find a few little meditative homemaking experiments. Dip your toe in the river, give them a shot, and report back! There are no right or wrong answers, just our human experiences. 186 more words


Your Natural Medicine Cabinet...

Nice post by Megan of Living Whole for what to keep in your natural “medicine cabinet” as you prepare for winter colds and flu… I’m happy to say we have much of these things on hand already, yay! 42 more words

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Classy Chili

I don’t love the picture I have for this chili. I’m planning to update it with a new one, and I was going to wait to share this until I had the time to get a nice, new photo. 528 more words