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Join me on the Oil Train!

I am in love – with my oils!!! They have transformed my life, and the life of my family. No more headaches, putting the kabash on my kids’ growing pains, knocking the sick germs right out, and so much more. 366 more words

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Save Money Apartment Hunting!

Moving can be IS stressful!

If not handled well it can add hundreds more to your moving budget, money that could be applied to rent!  Some hate the process so much they rather spend the extra money than deal with the headache… 662 more words

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The Homesteading Bug...or in the Blood?

There are some that are content with flowers in a pot.  There are those who are perfectly happy turning on a switch to make the fire come to life (the gas flame is rather pretty).  479 more words


Easy Caramel Oatmeal Bars

{recipe adapted from a Betty Crocker cookbook – while the measurements have stayed the same, we’ve gradually modified much of the process and ingredient list over the hundreds of batches we’ve made} 433 more words


Well, Damn! I Love Gavin McInnes

For those who feel a little alone at times being a TRW (Traditional Women’s Rights Activists) like me, basically having most of society against you, well I have a gem for you. 445 more words


Fleur Lyon Knitted and Embroidered Draperies


Fleur Lyon is a botanical artist in the countryside of Western Australia.Her handmade textile pieces  known as Fields of glorious folk flowers.Original wool-on-wool artwork. 92 more words


The 10 Best Toys For Years of Play | Heath&Home

Our house sees a lot of play, but Heath mama isn’t great at keeping track of mindless toys and Heath papa strongly dislikes clutter.  This has led to our toys actually being fairly sparse; the kids can clean up everything in 15 minutes or less.   892 more words