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Happy Fall Day

Bright skies. Crunchy and colorful leaves. Open windows. Happy Fall Day.


When Plans Don't Work Out

How is it that I always end up here, watching in frustration as my plans go down in flames? You would think that by now I would live life knowing that I am not in control of it. 884 more words


Taking care of your kitchen

by S&M

This may speak to the many cooks in the group. I’m sure many have thought about the unifying effect of food, or felt what the interviewer describes in feeding his daughter (note: it’s become familiar to me again recently, as my son’s tastes have widened. 643 more words

Let Food be Thy Medicine

We’ve all had some sort of virus over here. Not entirely sure what it was, but it seems to be leaving now, thank goodness.

Whenever we get sick, I like to use as many natural remedies as possible (like pretty much every other mommy blogger out there 😂). 348 more words

My unpopular views

I have come to believe that gender roles just make sense — at least for my marriage. I’m not at a point where I feel comfortable telling other people how to live their lives and I don’t know if I ever will be. 1,046 more words

All-Natural, DIY Cleaning Ingredients

For someone trying to learn how to clean their home using gentle, DIY, or more eco-friendly cleaners, there is seemingly endless information available online. Unfortunately, a good deal of that info is misleading, inaccurate, or downright false, providing recipes for cleaners that are extraordinarily dangerous at worst, or annoyingly ineffective at best. 876 more words