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As a housewife, cleaning is a big part of my everyday routine. I have certain cleaning tasks that I accomplish on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and then each day I designate one room that I “deep clean.” With that being said, I am still human, and there are areas of my home that I should probably clean more often than I do. 1,112 more words


Final Rush Ahead Of 1st Move

I threw 150 lbs. of grass seed, covered the edges & hill with 4 bales of hay. This should keep the newly pushed dirt from washing down the hill. 177 more words


Love: Done Well

I read this quote, and I think about Vincent Van Gogh. His dad was a preacher, like mine. In the shadow of great men, it is sometimes hard to feel good enough. 520 more words

Daily Life #16 - Volunteer work and More Candle Testing

As a family, we believe is very important to give back to the community. Since we are so blessed, we have no reason not to. One of the things the girls and I do is help to pack lunches for a… 448 more words

Portland Interlude

Don't Poke the Bear

I knew the journey wouldn’t be easy. It would be treacherous, slow going at times and mark dangerous territorial boundaries. It would require enthusiasm. The time would have to be precise and oh, how patience would be in high demand. 808 more words


Free Chocolate Cake

That is, free from dairy, gluten and corn.

Do you have food allergies that you feel sometimes restrict you from eating? Anything? When I first learned I was allergic to gluten AND corn, the truth of it was shocking and yet I do not think I fully understood all a food allergy entails. 859 more words


Cleaning the Bathroom and Other Great Tales

Am I the only one who has a chore they loathe? And I mean loathe. I put this job off far more often than I actually do it. 672 more words