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Shopping - post marriage and baby

I wanted some retail therapy today. No, actually I just wanted to go window shopping. For myself.

I came home with these.

It doesn’t matter, I feel happy. 11 more words


What a deal!


Someone got this darn pillow friend today and is so freaking excited! He has been wanting it FOREVER since it hit shelves last summer. 528 more words

Kids Chores

If you ask my husband, he will tell you that he had kids so he would have someone to mow the lawn. He’s just kidding…mostly. 810 more words


A Peek Inside My Desk: Vintage Paper Drawer

A few years ago, I organized my vintage paper by color. It was an effort to get all of the bits and pieces out of their various packages that were strewn about my apartment. 313 more words

Mail Art

Homemaking, not Just for Wives?

When you hear the word “homemaker”, you may automatically assume a stay-at-home wife. Correct?  What if I told you any woman could be a homemaker? What does the word mean to you then? 310 more words


Adventures in Cooking

Since being home, I’ve been trying to make food that’ll last a couple days for leftovers and lunches for Husband to take to work. Couple that with my inability to stand for very long, I have to find quick, yet kinda healthy meals to make. 206 more words


Oh the Chaos.

Oh my darlings.

The move aftermath keeps on going. My life/home are still fairly chaotic and y’all, I ain’t with it.

Given that I’m already a very anxious constantly freaked out person, trying to get my house in some order has just wrecked me. 660 more words