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EFFICACY & SAFETY OF HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES IN LIFESTYLE DISEASES (as published in NHI DIALOGUE- quarterly journal of National Heart Institute, Delhi)

Lifestyle diseases, also sometimes called diseases of longevity, were basically unknown in the 18th and 19th century because longevity was between 40-45 years. In today’s time when longevity has increased to above 70-75 years, these diseases have figured more prominently in day to day medical practice. 406 more words

Managing Ailments

A World Prescription.

After working on the World Prescription Essay for some time I was pleased to hear that the Federation of Holistic Therapists have published the essay as part of the Reading Room members website facility and included an introduction in the latest International Therapist Magazine. 9 more words

Homeopathy: The Real Deal

Last year I began a course of Homeopathy; an alternative form of therapy that works to treat disease by prescribing small doses of natural substances. With all the stigma surrounding alternative therapy, people tend to err on the side of caution: … 907 more words


Saying Goodbye to Allergy Medications this Spring – Why Immunologists Love Coriander and 3 Reasons Why You Should Too

Flowers are sprouting, birds are singing and people are busting out their shorts. It’s spring! However, for some people, that means allergy season is coming up, and if you are anything like me, you have a drawer full of allergy medications that have not helped your symptoms or even made them worse in some cases… 549 more words


What Is Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy like Allopathy, is a branch of medicine that was developed by a German physician Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann plus two hundred years back. If you haven’t been to a homoeopath before, you are probably unaware of those little white pills prescribed by him and those little glass bottles containing liquids marked with letters CH and X.  671 more words


amazing women

i love that all my girlfriends have changed their careers and now are amazing therapists – nutritionist, osteopathy, pilates, hygienist, psychotherapist and now acupuncture – i get to learn more about natural therapy and am treated to more alternatives to standard medicine! 304 more words

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