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Homeopathy Is Helpful To Use Before, During And After Pregnancy

Recently, a patient of mine asked me if one can use homeopathy when pregnant, and then she said she was pregnant. I said, yes, it is fine, and it is safe. 719 more words

Classical Homeopathy

Elderflower - Sambucus nigra

This well-loved, bushy tree is a common sight especially in Southern England.  The whitish flowers start to appear in May and by the end of summer they develop into drooping bunches of small purple-black berries. 583 more words


Homeopathy to heal a torn meniscus

A friend of mine has a meniscus tear in his knee, causing a lot of discomfort. So, first up, what is the meniscus? It’s a type of cartilage that cushions and stabilizes the knee joint. 58 more words


"I don't want to vaccinate my child. What is the Conscientious Objection form?" (Australia)

The following information relates to Australian families.

So, what is the Conscientious Objection form? Some non-vaccinating parents-to-be are unclear as to what this form is and when it is required. 244 more words


Is candida the culprit? No. Possibly. Yes!

Following on from my last post some months ago, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least, but there appears to be light at the end of this lengthy tunnel. 295 more words


Homeopathy for Conjunctivitis

A good remedy for conjunctivitis, Argentum Nit 30C, can be used when your child has thick yellow pus-like discharge from the eyes, causing the lids to stick together. 55 more words


Lily of the Valley – Convallaria Majalis

White flowers suggestive of chastity and purity often included in a bride’s beautiful wedding bouquet.   Lily of the Valley also sometimes calls ladder-to-heaven thought to have been named as such by medieval monks who saw the even step like arrangement of the flowers along the stalk as symbolic of steps to heaven.   280 more words