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Using the second best remedy

It can be frustrating when we do a phone consult and the required remedy isn’t available for immediate use.  Sometimes the kit at hand isn’t broad enough, sometimes it’s an uncommon remedy that’s called upon.  220 more words


Which is better, liquids or pillules?

FAQ – Which is better, liquids or pillules?
I often get asked this question; my answer is –
It depends on a few things:

– Liquids are easier to dose with (especially for infants and small children); just a shake of the bottle and a couple of drops straight in the mouth (that said, pillules can still be dissolved in water first, but it takes an extra step and is not as easy to do away from home). 202 more words


For burps, fluffs and rumbly tummies

Lycopodium, a brilliant digestive remedy, is well indicated when everything turns to gas!  Burps, hiccoughs, flatulence, bloating after eating and rumbling tummies are all helped by Lycopodium (and a top up of probiotics wouldn’t go astray either!).  27 more words


What is a Constitutional remedy?

What’s a constitutional remedy? and What’s it for?  I get asked this a lot and it’s pretty useful so here’s my explanation..

‘Constitution’ is a term initially used by homeopaths to describe the sort of basic characteristics that someone is born with – it characterises their physical build, their thermal preferences, how they relate to others (e.g. 193 more words


20th Anniversary of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece

This is an inspiring story of a dream that came true, because this one remarkable man had the persistence and endurance to cut through many obstacles to fulfill his vision. 1,023 more words

August - Wheat (Triticum vulgare)

August – a time of harvest and usually the busiest time of year for arable farmers.  Wheat has been used for thousands of years for food, providing a staple which early agricultural civilization developed around.  386 more words


A Talk To A Fibromyalgia Support Group On Homeopathy

A couple of weeks ago, I did a talk on homeopathy to a fibromyalgia support group. I was pleased to have this opportunity to talk to people about homeopathy, and to this group particularly. 528 more words

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