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So, a couple of days ago, my family and I went to a homeopathic clinic. It was really interesting and very useful.

The homeopathic doctor asked us to explain what has been going on with our lives, health wise. 70 more words


Making A House Call As A Homeopath

The other week I made a house call to a new patient. It was a woman in her mid 80’s. It was about a 40 minute drive to my consultation clinic from her house. 546 more words

Classical Homeopathy

Does your child have an itchy bum?

I thought it was time that I added a remedy for worms in my general kits, so you will find it in my School Kids essentials Kit… 80 more words


Homeopathic signs of feeling better

With the right homeopathic remedy, you will see improvement in not only the physical symptoms but the mental/emotional as well – as sickness disturbs both planes of our being, and the homeopathic substance is fine enough (being not simply a crude substance but a potentized form) to act on both levels. 264 more words


Homeopathy and Nausea management during Chemotherapy

Nausea and vomiting are usually common side effects of certain chemotherapies. Currently nausea is well controlled by Antinausea medications or antiemetics. Despite this some patients still suffer from nausea. 306 more words


Keep Calm and...Overcome This Anxiety: 7 Things That Improve My Chill

I’ve never been super great at “intros” and such so I’m just going to jump right in and tell you guys that I’ve been dealing with some very sudden, and very intense anxiety lately. 2,217 more words


Autumn Blog: The Year of Meaningful Anniversaries

This year is, for me, the “year of anniversaries,” and cycles of completion. Now I will launch new cycles in the continuum.

It is the 20th anniversary of my foundation, the Kailash Foundation of New York, established to support Tibetan culture and the survival of their people, as well as for the promotion and education of Homeopathy. 1,037 more words