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Equine Homeopathy

The sheer joy of working with horses using homeopathy is unparalleled.   Their response to remedies is often very quick indeed, as their vital force and energy is so obvious through both their size and their sensitivity… 186 more words

The Joy and Relief of Working with Images

When we work with images we relieve ourselves of the pressure of words.  Far too often words are literal and absolute, and images allow the pressure to come off that channel, with all that it implies and to relax into an image.  179 more words

Homeopathic Support for Forest Fires

This past year has seen many devastating fire regions that have created added challenges to health and welfare. I still remember the shocking news in June of the fires in Portugal. 2,447 more words


Choosing the Right College for You

When one comes to make a choice about where to come to open to homeopathy, it is an important decision.   In a market place filled with so much tinsel, it is so important to make the choice which sings to your heart.    98 more words

Natural medicine first aid - bruises, sprains and strains

A natural medicine first aid kit is an essential when travelling or on holidays, having key homeopathic medicines means you can deal quickly and easily with a range of minor accidents or illnesses without having to find the local pharmacy. 456 more words

Health Care

Making new friends in Cantarranas

The weather was cooler and rainier our first couple of days in Cantarranas. It did not take long to get used to the change of location, although I realized how much comfort and convenience can remove you from nature and the essence of life. 1,596 more words


The road to Cantarranas

It was a cramped 4×4 pick up that took us from Teupasenti to Cantarranas and the next leg of our mission. Our luggage and the green HTSF bags were piled up high in the truck bed nestled in a tarp since we were not sure if the torrential rain would return again. 1,460 more words