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Learning to communicate ... all over again

Everyone is busy these days and no one seems to have the capacity to listen, to really listen. How often do we speak and feel cut off, or politely interrupted and find ourselves biting our tongue? 1,679 more words


Homeopathic medicine: What’s the potential harm?

By Emiliano Tatar, MD via philly.com

What if I told you homeopathy is completely useless? I wouldn’t blame you for being skeptical or feeling that such a statement is arrogant especially when made by an MD. 208 more words


Overview of Homeopathy

Homeopathy was invented by Samuel Christian Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician who had become dissatisfied with the medicine of his day. Hahnemann lived in a time before the rudiments of modern medicine had been developed, before the germ theory of infectious disease, before the first antibiotic, before systematic testing of drugs for safety and efficacy, before surgical procedures were performed with anesthesia or sterile technique. 1,229 more words


Homeopathic Ebola

I have seen a lot of uneducated people here on the internet promoting dangerous woo that has the potential of doing real harm. Everything from suggesting that cancer sufferers should try Ozone therapy, to promoting the idea that HIV can’t be transmitted through heterosexual sex. 83 more words

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Travelling Light | Homeopathy on Holiday

Your health and well-being is as important on holiday as it is at any time, if not more so.

If you look at the holiday health section in a pharmacy, it can seem pretty overwhelming – there are so many products to buy! 316 more words


The Charity Commission and Quack Charities - Update

This quick update is more about the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO) than about the Charity Commission, which is currently silent as usual. When I phoned the PHSO on 11th May I was told that a letter had been sent on 30th April. 487 more words

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Homeopathy helps relieve children's diarrhea

Gastro is never fun.

I remember when my children were little, whenever one child came home from school with an upset tummy I knew we would all end up with upset tummies soon enough. 153 more words