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Methodology - Many Roads to the Same Destination

Methodologies in homeopathy are many.  To be honest, we need them. And, thank goodness we have so many creative homeopaths who are seeking the “other roads to the truth”.   319 more words

Osmium Metallicum

Osmium is a metal that is non-refractory, one of the heaviest of metals and is part of the Platinum group. The name is derived from the pungent odor emitted by Osmic acid and it is strongly similar to that of Chlorine. 378 more words

The Body, Our Vehicle

Current medical wisdom treats the body as if it were a robot, which follows a mechanistic, material view of health and wellness that fails to take into account much of the more modern view taken by not only holistic practitioners but also, increasingly fringe scientists who take a more complex view of the reality of man. 425 more words

Preparing ahead for an IUD procedure

I had a basic medical procedure done the other day. The removal of an IUD and a new one put in. The copper based IUD was the one I decided to use five years ago since there was no release of hormones, only the copper. 673 more words


The Charity Commission - so near and yet so far

Some things take time, and it’s rewarding to get even a tiny bit of progress. My effort to get the Charity Commission to introduce an evidence-based policy has at last reached the stage of a reasonably sensible dialogue, but not yet any meaningful action. 989 more words

Alternative Medicine

Should You Try a Homeopathic Acne Treatment method?

It’s problematic if you have acne. Not merely does it show up on the location of your body where it is most noticeable (in most cases) however it tends to strike in probably the most sensitive years of any person’s life, when they’re just entering puberty. 246 more words


6 tips to keep Christmas simple

Christmas can be a crazy-making time for many of us. Too much to do, too much to remember, too many social commitments, too much to eat, too much to drink – just too much, really.  619 more words