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Choosing the Right College for You

When one comes to make a choice about where to come to open to homeopathy, it is an important decision.   In a market place filled with so much tinsel, it is so important to make the choice which sings to your heart.    98 more words

Poison Ivy--ID, Prevention, and Healing

Poison ivy is scary stuff!  Anyone who has suffered under its affliction can testify.  But what can we do when we get it?  And better yet, how can we keep from getting it?  500 more words


Tick Bites and Lyme--What to Do? Fear no More!

Finding a tick with its head buried into your flesh can be disconcerting in itself.  Worrying about what diseases it might be carrying is another whole matter.  588 more words


Homeopathy First Aid Notes for Home Usage


Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and effective manner of treating a variety of minor illnesses in children and adults. The advantage of homeopathic remedies is that it generally has no unpleasant and long-term side effects unless the remedy is taken too long or if it is taken when it is not needed. 1,542 more words


Going Undercover - Homeopathy

I don’t blog very often, but when I do……

Here in Salisbury we have a homeopathy college. I’ve mentioned it before, as it hires premises from St Thomas’s church, which sees no problem with telling lies about how the body works. 1,510 more words


What have we tried for Burnout and why it isn’t working?

Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole world changes in an instant.

– Tony Robbins.

This is great advice, however this also assumes a person can change by simply trying or working at it, or by fixing themselves because we assume that the way they are or the way they think is flawed. 632 more words


Sustainability and Wellness

Sustainability is basically a better way to make profit. Just ask Texas.

A recent report found that the U.S. states most quickly embracing renewable energy are not who we would expect. 391 more words