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Nonsense Education

For many years I have strongly supported the Advertising Standards Authority. It is staffed by excellent people who know the difference between real medicine and quackery, and between evidence and opinion. 2,302 more words

Alternative Medicine

Britain's National Health Service about to ban homeopathy

Reader Barrie called my attention to an article in The Independent¬† that offers some good news: Britan’s NHS, based on a 48-page document about items that shouldn’t be prescribed in primary care medicine, seems set to stop prescribing Magic Water, otherwise known as homeopathic medicine. 230 more words


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Not before time!

Tinnitus Homeopathic Study

If you suffer from Tinnitus, and would like to take part in a study using a natural and safe approach, than this is a great opportunity for you to try homeopathy. 449 more words


Therapeutic tools for self development: Focusing

In a homeopathic session focusing is often¬†used to explore the client’s experience at a more energetic, internal level than at the ‘story’ level of what is logically or rationally understood with their main complaints. 917 more words


Managing anxiety

We all have anxious moments.

But what if these began to take over and control our lives?

There are many natural remedies that can help manage anxiety and ease the tension in our days. 461 more words


How to make the most of homeopathy?

Appreciating the homeopathic process

So, you have decided to try homeopathy after being referred by a friend or reading an amazing article that convinced you it might work. 1,636 more words


Short interview about Birdsong Homeopathy

I had the chance to talk about what I do on an American radio station. It was great to answer Michael’s questions and to explore what it is like to see a homeopath.