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Remedy: Hekla Lava

I would like to share some information about this very useful remedy, Hekla (or Hecla) Lava.

While mental/emotional symptoms are not fully explored, one could consider the… 203 more words

Stomach Aches and Pains

Tummy bugs can be a real pain however its possible to manage them easily with homeopathic medicines and a few simple dietary strategies.

With any stomach upset it is important to keep up liquids to reduce symptoms from dehydration. 404 more words

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Peri-menopause re-framed | 5 key ways to care for yourself

Think of a woman you admire. It could be someone you know personally, or someone in the public eye. What is it about them that captures your attention? 1,104 more words


Treating Colds and Flu naturally

Most people are exposed to cold and flu germs on a regular basis but more noticeably during change of season and Winter. In this blog I will cover some simple treatments both homeopathic and nutritional you can use at home for cold and flu as well as a little advice on managing fever. 893 more words

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Hot Flashes? Douse that fire!

Menopause can be an uncomfortable time for women as their hormone levels begin to fluctuate, very often causing sudden surges of heat up into the neck and reddening the face. 326 more words

Breaking the cycle | Natural treatment for cold sores

As a homeopath I love to help with skin problems. Cold sores are one of my favourite things to treat. I haven’t had a cold sore for years but I remember having them while I was at Uni. 357 more words


Catching it early | Natural treatment for Chalazion

A couple of years ago, my daughter had a small lump appear on her eyelid. The GP diagnosed a ‘non-infected stye’ and referred us to Moorfields Eye Hospital.  220 more words