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The patience of patients and our last day in Teupasenti, Honduras

It is the same here as anywhere, people are used to having to wait for medical treatment. The day’s patients were sitting outside the Red Cross building as early as 6am this morning. 1,257 more words


A homeopathic success story

The young family with premature twins did return the next day for a follow up so we could see how the babies responded to the remedies and to get further support. 267 more words


Premature twins with pneumonia and a real struggle ahead of them

Sometimes the work the volunteers do here is heartbreaking. A young man saw us passing on the street in the morning wearing our green HTSF aprons while on our way to the dispensary. 643 more words


The homeopathic dispensary at Teupasenti, Honduras

During the initial planning the Mayor of Teupasenti had agreed with then HTSF president Martine Jourde that a dispensary could be set up in the Red Cross building. 662 more words


Arriving in Teupasenti to join the HTSF team

Since 2006, HTSF has had a homeopathic dispensary in Valle de Angeles. In 2015, it was decided to make this the central dispensary for a network of homeopathic dispensaries to be developed over the next five years in four Honduran communities. 1,425 more words


The General Medical Council: nice bedside manner with quacks

I have for some time been critical of the GMC’s acquiescence over doctors who practise quackery, but I’m concerned now at how it seems to be getting into bed with them. 2,344 more words

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HTSF volunteer homeopathy mission to Teupasenti, October 2017

Heading to the airport at 2:15am to catch a 6am international flight is one way to start an interesting adventure. Partly due to the excitement and partly to be alert when I arrived at the airport, I did not sleep that last night in Montreal. 1,175 more words