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Cannabis Sativa: The Remedy

I was chatting to some neighbors recently and as I listened to them talk about their medical issues I felt deep compassion for them.

Incorrect diet, smoking, and a… 516 more words


The Charity Commission - from bad to worse

It’s well over a year since I complained to the Commission about charities that promote homeopathy. The total lack of progress with that was documented… 1,380 more words

Alternative Medicine


Event Details:

August 27, 7:00-9:00pm – Free Introductory Seminar led by Michael C. Hane

August 28-29 – One on one appointments

August 30 – Optional follow up/re-check appointment… 53 more words

Energy Healing

Homeo what?

As a nearly accredited homeopath, I find it interesting to tell people what I do. It is much less stressful than the old answer which could be shortened substantially by saying, “Artist,” but it still doesn’t roll into the social atmosphere smoothly like teacher or waitress. 428 more words


Learning to communicate ... all over again

Everyone is busy these days and no one seems to have the capacity to listen, to really listen. How often do we speak and feel cut off, or politely interrupted and find ourselves biting our tongue? 1,679 more words


Homeopathic medicine: What’s the potential harm?

By Emiliano Tatar, MD via philly.com

What if I told you homeopathy is completely useless? I wouldn’t blame you for being skeptical or feeling that such a statement is arrogant especially when made by an MD. 208 more words


Overview of Homeopathy

Homeopathy was invented by Samuel Christian Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician who had become dissatisfied with the medicine of his day. Hahnemann lived in a time before the rudiments of modern medicine had been developed, before the germ theory of infectious disease, before the first antibiotic, before systematic testing of drugs for safety and efficacy, before surgical procedures were performed with anesthesia or sterile technique. 1,229 more words