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Breaking the cycle | Natural treatment for cold sores

As a homeopath I love to help with skin problems. Cold sores are one of my favourite things to treat. I haven’t had a cold sore for years but I remember having them while I was at Uni. 357 more words


Catching it early | Natural treatment for Chalazion

A couple of years ago, my daughter had a small lump appear on her eyelid. The GP diagnosed a ‘non-infected stye’ and referred us to Moorfields Eye Hospital.  220 more words


Skin Deep | Clearing Eczema Naturally

We all want to have nice skin. When our skin isn’t happy, we feel self-conscious and bad about ourselves.

As a homeopath I love to help with skin problems. 701 more words


A case of indecision and anxiety

This was the first full clinic case I took as an intern homeopath and was just published in HPathy‘s February edition, 2016. A big thank you to MICH and the MICH team! 3,158 more words


Making up Law on the Fly

I was going to apologise for yet another post about the Charity Commission, but on reflection why should I? This is a serious matter and whatever I do the Commission seems more determined to look silly. 1,319 more words

Alternative Medicine

Methodology - Many Roads to the Same Destination

Methodologies in homeopathy are many.  To be honest, we need them. And, thank goodness we have so many creative homeopaths who are seeking the “other roads to the truth”.   319 more words

Osmium Metallicum

Osmium is a metal that is non-refractory, one of the heaviest of metals and is part of the Platinum group. The name is derived from the pungent odor emitted by Osmic acid and it is strongly similar to that of Chlorine. 378 more words