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Double Take (published in the Society of Homeopaths Journal Spring 2017) by Rowena J Ronson and Nigel Summerley

Double Take
(Spring edition 2017, The Journal of the Society of Homeopaths)

Do you practise homeopathy only with your head – or does it involve your heart and soul too? 983 more words


Phantom Burning Smell

I have a weird symptom that occurs periodically: I keep smelling something burning, like trash, or wood…cigarette smoke…it is the strangest thing. It always occurs at night, when I am about to go to sleep, or otherwise if I wake up at night and it was driving me crazy. 391 more words


Osmium Metallicum

Osmium Met. is an important remedy for glaucoma. I decided to try it after being diagnosed with the problem two years ago when my optometrist informed me that the pressure in my eyes was very high – not high enough yet to be put on medication, but that it was something I “had to watch” so that appropriate steps could be taken to lessen the pressure. 443 more words

Hepar Sulph: the Homeopathic Infection Fighter

Often people take antibiotics because they think it is the only way to fight infection.  They don’t know what else to do.  I once fell into that category. 433 more words


The hidden epidemic of Anxiety

Hidden just under the surface, anxiety is something we all experience. Anxiety is the experience of worry, nervousness or unease, and is typically linked to an upcoming event or something with an uncertain outcome. 1,002 more words


The anxiety of bullying and feeling vulnerable

The effect of being bullied can have long-lasting effects and be very traumatic. It can lead to chronic anxiety and stress, and if it happens during childhood the effects can be even more intense. 1,085 more words


Why is my child so anxious?

Anxiety is an individual experience

Extreme anxiety can arise with no apparent reason in certain children, but usually a child is susceptible to specific situations or events. 828 more words