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Diabetes, frogsicles, and #singfornicole

When people think of diabetes, many of them associate it with obesity, which is actually correlated with only type 2 diabetes.  This post will focus specifically on type 1 diabetes, which is an endocrine system problem.   1,520 more words


Mitochondrial Memes (part 1: Logos)

In the beginning, there was the Word.

On the molecular level, you are a braid in spacetime, a homeostatic system bringing in energy and nutrients, building cells, removing wastes, and up- or down-regulating processes as necessary to keep you properly warm, rested, and healthy. 278 more words


Stim & Dross

Stim & Dross

What exactly are stim and dross?

By seeking to define stim and dross within the context of the built environment, we can gain an understanding of existing terminologies and research in this academic field.  569 more words


The P.I.E.S. Of You

Hello everyone,

I am so glad you could join me again.

Let’s recap. I have asked you to create your own healing space. It could be as simple as a chair placed in a special spot or it could be a room that is yours to play in….. 997 more words