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Whenever pharmaceuticals become a topic in a conversation I’m in, there’s always an awkward moment where I have to explain my family’s herbal remedies. See, my family is full of homeopaths, which basically means that my mom is obsessed with eastern medicine and I’ve had acupuncture and believe it or not, some needles that people with medical licenses stick into you actually work! 37 more words


Self-Organized Criticality, Plasticity and Sensorimotor Coupling. Explorations with a Neurorobotic Model in a Behavioural Preference Task

It’s been some time since I started to develop a model of relational homeostasis as a robot’s controller. For a couple of years I have been intermittently working in a simulated agent in a behavioural preference task controlled by a homeostatic oscillator network, in which the relational variable that is kept constant is the phase relation between one oscillator and its surroundings. 138 more words

Adaptive Behavior

The way of all flesh

Guest Blog Post from Richard Burchmore Head of Proteomics at Glasgow Polyomics

An immaculate lab, arrayed with state-of-the-art instruments. Well dressed staff in pressed white lab coats, effortlessly balanced at the interface between hipster and nerd. 997 more words

AromaTouch Technique

From what I’ve seen so far, giving AromaTouch therapy to someone is as beneficial to the giver as to the receiver. And I’ve seen nothing but positive results from the treatment and a few breakthroughs. 95 more words


L13 Immune System: Fri. May 15th


1. Read 466-471, Do #1-5 page 472

2. Read 473-475, Do #1-4 page 475

Nelson 12 old textbook pg. 462-465 and do Q#1-6 pg. 465… 11 more words