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Week 9.21.15 Agenda

During the week of September 21st, we covered information on anatomical terms and the human anatomy.  We were given a few websites to learn these concepts.   272 more words

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This school year, each of my Sports Medicine students will be given the opportunity to share what is going on in our class through this class blog. Each student maintains their own website where they publish lab work, projects and blog posts. On their assigned week, they will share out to our readers what they experienced that week in (or outside) our class. Since Sports Medicine is a blended course, part online and part in class lab, you will get a glimpse into both sides of this course. We hope you enjoy! Cameo Blogger Mia C. ~ I met our very first cameo class blogger, Mia, as her Biology teacher two years ago and it is so wonderful to have her as a student again! While soft spoken, Mia is determined and well organized. She always clearly articulates her thoughts and is an outstanding student. Please check out her 'run down' of our class last week and feel free to comment on her website!

Aromatouch Technique

The Aromatouch technique was created by Dr Hill, a leading expert in the field of essential oils for medicinal benefit, to address four systemic constants in daily life that affect our health and wellbeing. 415 more words


Cells & Homeostasis: Cell Membrane Function Quiz

As promised, students were quizzed on their understanding of the content we covered on Monday’s lesson on Membrane Function.  Specifically, students needed to apply their learning of several key vocabulary terms to an example of a plant in a solution analogous to an egg in corn syrup.   55 more words


One of the courses that I am taking this semester is “Stress Management”.  In this past unit, we explored two ways that the body adapts to change.  493 more words

Daily Impact

Cells & Homeostasis: Egg Lab Report - Day 3

Today marked the final day of time available in class for students to write their Egg Lab reports.  Reports are due to me by the end of the day Saturday, and the best way to get the report to me is for students to “share” the report via Google Docs.   88 more words


Cells & Homeostasis: Egg Lab Report - Day 2

Students continued the process of writing up their egg lab reports using the school Chromebooks.  Notes from the white board are pictured below.  Students will have one last day to use the Chromebooks tomorrow.   79 more words


What does marijuana do? It rebalances everything

Michael Vipperman

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  • What does marijuana do? It rebalances everything

The “simplest” accurate description of the effects of marijuana in humans is that it modulates the regulation of homeostasis.  8,957 more words

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