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Cybernetics: Are we learning more by simplifying nature?

Ecosystems are hopelessly complicated. The sheer number of variables influencing any single ecosystem process is staggering; each one has a distinct role to play in that process. 992 more words


We'll do anything to appear normal

It’s called homeostasis and describes the process of living organisms to balance their physical and chemical environments to maintain life. It is homeostasis that maintains the hydration of the cells in our bodies, our blood pressure and even the rate at which we perspire. 455 more words


SCIAM Brain Drain

Read SCIAM Article: sciam-brain-drain & answer the following questions  sciam-brain-drain-questions

DUE: Tuesday December 6th 2016            CLOSING: Wednesday December 7th 2016

All assignments must be handwritten & handed in with your assigned duo-tang  22 more words


The Human Endocannabinoid System, the one they don’t teach you about in school.

“But whyyy?” they ask with judgment, insinuating your answers were not sufficient.

“Doesn’t it make you feel lazy?” they question, making a half-hearted attempt to reason with you and expecting you to provide an answer that they can accept. 1,385 more words

Mommy Wellness

L1 Homeostasis: Fri. Nov. 25th


1. Read pages 428-435

2. Do # 1-4,&7 on page 431 (pg-431)

3. Do #1-7,10,13,14 on page 435 (pg-435)