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Self-healing really works

I am amazed at how quickly my body responds and heals itself naturally – from pure rest. This afternoon while in various meetings, the glands in my throat began to swell, my head felt heavy and stuffy and my energy dropped. 295 more words


Train Your Brain

We didn’t recognize it at the time because the changes happened subtly and imperceptibly. Our bodies went through a long and progressively worsening downturn over time with prolonged exposure to alcohol or other drugs. 450 more words

Early Recovery

Back to the basics

The Human body

The human body is a system which is constantly pursuing homeostasis to ensure that  internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant.

Throughout evolution, the human race has always had one main goal; survival. 873 more words


Epic Struggle, Epic Rewards

It’s good to resist hyperbole these days. Words like epic are all too often used in situations that don’t warrant them. But there are contexts where such words are appropriate. 560 more words

Early Recovery

The Epiphany in an Injury

I injured my ankle one week ago, rolled it flat to the floor while bouldering. I am still on crutches and cannot weight the leg, but thankfully no bones are broken, and no surgery is necessary. 878 more words


Homeostasis of comfort

Be my warmth
And I’ll be your coolness
And let our equilibrium
Remain constant yet still.
Let our comfort spill
Into the sea of our consciousness. 26 more words



“The internal environment is to the cell as the external environment is to the human organism as a whole- the source of the factors and influences which support life.” 115 more words