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Assignment #4 - Urine Analysis

Complete Comparing Solutes in the Plasma, Nephron, and Urine: parts a-f on handout

Due: Monday May 8th
Closure: Wednesday May 10th

Mark Breakdown:

a) /2, b) /2, c) /1, d) /2, e) /3 f) /2        TOTAL:  /12A


Assignment #3 - Blood Sugar Analysis

Complete Effects of Hormones on Blood Sugar

Due: Wednesday May 3rd
Closure: Friday May 5th

Mark Breakdown:

1. /2, 2. /2, 3. /1, 4. /1, 5. /2, 6. /2, 7. /2, 8. /2     TOTAL: /14A


Assignment #1 and #2 - The Science of Sleep

Read the Scientific American article “Brain Drain” and complete the Brain Drain Questions


Read the Scientific American article “Sleep on It… 17 more words



Majid Ali, M.D. Homeostasis Is Equilibrium With Wholeness

Homeostasis is usually defined is the ability of an organism to maintain its equilibrium. Doctors rarely use this term. 2,319 more words

Homeostasis And The Constancy Principle - We Are All Creatures Of Comfort Even When We Go Out Of Our Comfort Zone

It is autumn in our part of the world, and the first chills are in the air in the late evening and early morning, and the family discussed last night the need to get out our warm clothes from storage in readiness for the approaching winter, in order to be well prepared for its arrival. 3,119 more words