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Ginger Root

A Warming Herb To Keep In Mind As The Weather Changes

In Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ginger Root (Zingiberis Rhizoma) is one of our most commonly used herbs. 193 more words



rhythmic pulse of life and love
take me to unknown horizons
waiting in forbidden outskirts
in places where no promise lives

wading in the fires of passion… 58 more words


Time for me...

As I dragged myself out of bed after 2 hours sleep the other morning looking like a major zombie, I knew I had to take some time out and concentrate on yours truly. 615 more words


Acupuncture in Autumn

Balancing the Body with the Season

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, part of a healthy lifestyle involves living in harmony with the seasons. Spending time outdoors to acclimate to the changes in our atmosphere; eating foods that are harvested at this time of year; and even getting an acupuncture treatment to help synchronize your body with the changes the earth goes through, are all ways to optimize your health. 68 more words


Mental models: Feedback loop

A feedback loop occurs when the output of a system feeds back into itself as input, thereby further affecting the output, and so on.

Here is the definition from Wikipedia: 883 more words

Mental Models

Los sintomas y las enfermedades pueden ser nuestros mejores amigos.

Somos un cuerpo viviente, con emociones, sentimientos, deseos, asperaciones, sueños, proyectos. Un cuerpo que se mueve en un campo fenomenologico con su propia cultura, valores, leyes, climas y muchos otros factores. 333 more words


Between the devil and the deep blue sea [reissued post, with musical afterword]

This is a revised version of my first article on this website. A friendly fellow author suggested a musical addition, which adds enough to the article that I’m going to reissue it. 409 more words