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Being prepared

Yes, many are feeling integrations… or (continuing in) clearing work.  For some it may seem ho-hum/quiet/uncertain – just do the best (or bold) as one can.  452 more words

Spiritual Writing

Forces of Nature

 We have at least four forms of natural interactions or forces around us in our universe. Study about these interaction explains our very existence in our universe. 228 more words

Human Energetics

Values: Finding Your Way Between Constancy and Change

I’ve held a set of core values constant throughout my life – for example, the importance of social justice and the need to do more than talk about it.  1,487 more words

Letters On Aging

Lesson 13: The Immune System


  1. Read Pgs. 462-465 and answer questions 1-6 on Pg. 465
  2. Read Pgs. 466-472 and answer questions 1-5 on Pg. 472
  3. Read Pgs. 473-475 and answer questions 1-4 on Pg. 475

Yeah, it’s Cold. Go Anyways.

As we inch closer to the first day of winter, one of the obvious changes in the weather we can expect to see will be colder temps, along with the possibility of dangerous outdoor conditions (snow and ice). 484 more words

Healthy People

Lesson 12: The Reproductive System


  1. Read pages 496-502 and answer questions 1-3, 5-7, 9-12 on Pg. 503  Answers

Lesson 11: Water Balance; Blood Osmotic Pressure


  1. Read pages 442-445 and answer questions 1-7, 9, 10 on Pg. 445   Answers
  2. Read Water Balance and answer questions 1-5 on Pg. 356   Answers.