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Between the devil and the deep blue sea [reissued post, with musical afterword]

This is a revised version of my first article on this website. A friendly fellow author suggested a musical addition, which adds enough to the article that I’m going to reissue it. 409 more words


This is your brain. This is your depressed brain. THIS is your MANIC brain.

Those of us who were adults  in 1987 in the U.S., will remember this commercial. It was striking. as that noted expert Wikipedia says: 704 more words


The yin yang of Snoopy

I made this for a different post and didn’t use it. But I like it and spent a lot of work creating it, so I’m hanging it up here anyway.


On September 11th, change, and homeostasis

Fifteen years is a long time. Listening to the memorials for the 9/11 disaster, I find myself thinking about two things – the thousands and thousands of people of all nations who have lost their lives in war since then – and the changes that have happened to me and in the world since then. 504 more words


Cold adaptation: gut bacteria can make the difference

Break submission by Daniele Guido, PhD student, Department of Cell Physiology and Metabolism, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Edited by Carlos Rivera-Rivera, Scientific Editor — TheScienceBreaker… 667 more words

Health & Physiology

Living against the grain - Doing the opposite of what we feel like doing

There are many difficult things about living with bipolar disorder. One of my least favorite is what I call “living against the grain.” Every human being has to strive for homeostasis, but people with bipolar disorder live the issue more onsciously and probably more profoundly. 632 more words


Quantum Karate #1: Homeostasis

Last few months I had been busy with some university stuffs and I couldn’t find the time
to write down something. Nevertheless, one of the beautiful and functional aspect of martial arts (as everything else you may like a lot) is that if you are smart and curious enough you can see many links between them and everyday activities. 908 more words