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Expensive Insomnia

It’s 4.30am, i am yet to go to sleep.

As i am completely wide awake i decided to read about how long it takes your body to de-tox after quitting alcohol. 532 more words

Salt Water: Dinesen's Cure for Everything

Trying to sleep through a nagging cough reminded me to drink salt water, and brought to mind this quote:

the cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea        -Isak Dinesen… 592 more words


Toss & Turn

Your symptoms flare up when your body has to resort to make you STOP—it’s an energetic collapse that regrounds you. Your symptoms are a symptom of regrouping energetically. 62 more words

What is the Molecular Basis for Vitamin A Uptake & Storage in Vertebrates?

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Molecular Basis for Vitamin A Uptake and Storage in Vertebrates.


The ability to store and distribute vitamin A inside the body is the main evolutionary adaptation that allows vertebrates to maintain retinoid functions during nutritional deficiencies and to acquire new metabolic pathways enabling light-independent production of 11-cis retinoids. 117 more words

Food & Nutrition

Cro-Magnon Friday

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By now, most of us will have set a new year’s resolution. Maybe you wanted to cut down on chocolate. Or lose some weight. Whatever it is, your resolution is probably what you want to change about yourself. 645 more words


Healing Parkinson's Disease Naturally - Recovery Inspiration #5 ... The Benefits of Nutraceuticals!

Thank you so much to Jimmy, who reads the blogs I post, for providing a link to an important article on the benefits of nutraceuticals in treating PD. 147 more words

Parkinson's - All