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Beths Grammar School Launches their Mandarin Excellence Programme

Beths Grammar School, Bexley is one of the first 14 schools taking part in the DfE’s Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP). The programme has gained a lot of interest from students within the school, with many Year 7 pupils hoping to take part in the intensive Mandarin classes. 319 more words


2 Month Old Says Hello On SnapChat! #LucyLopez

A 2-month-old boy from Jackson, Mississippi, has become a viral sensation after shocking his mom by saying “hello.” According to Michigan Live, Christian Jones uttered the greeting when his mother Samantha Jones started recording him on Snapchat. 42 more words


Tribe Called Quest Drops A NEW ALBUM, Nov 11th! #LucyLopez

he surviving members of A Tribe Called Quest has announce that they plan to release a final Tribe album. SPIN reports that Q-Tip confirmed the release via Facebook on Thursday, explaining that the recording sessions for the project started after they reunited to perform on The Tonight Show last fall. 86 more words


Step Up Your Halloween Game With Halloween Facts. #LucyLopez

Halloween is just around the corner and most people will start celebrating the occasion this weekend. But what do you really know about October 31? Here are 11 interesting facts to get you started, compiled by Bustle: 560 more words


(VIDEO) Floyd Mayweather Playing Daddy with Lil Kim's Daughter?

Lil Kim posted a pic of Floyd Mayweather playing with her daughter. So cute!!! However my question is, are they dating? Maybe they are just friends. 174 more words


(Video) Woman’s Car Is Stolen But Then Returned With Gas Money And An Apology Note

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A Oregon woman was able to receive her stolen car back with gas money and a apology . Her red Subaru went missing on Tuesday night and the hijacking was all caught on camera.


November Storytelling: Indecision 2016 on 11/5

November 8th may be the big decision day, but November 5th is the day to celebrate stories of campaigns for student government, embarrassing fundraisers, and awkward GOTV calls.* Join us for Indecision 2016: Stories of elections, campaigns, and competition of all kinds! 136 more words