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This is not Homer: it’s (Christopher) Logue’s Homer. Like all translations, it departs fundamentally from the language of the original. Unlike many translations, it arrives at a version that, because of its radical departures, gets us closer to the original than many more defensibly ‘faithful’ translations have ever managed.

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Pisa, Calci Part II, the Natural History Museum

Ghouls will like wandering the halls of the monastery, but they will love the Museo di Storia Naturale di Pisa. No petting zoo this, although local families do bring their young’uns here in droves, especially over the weekends. 666 more words


Muse, Tell Me About Dinner--An Epic Feast for Thanksgiving Week

Antiquity has bequeathed us many odd things. Among them, the Attic Dinner attributed to Matro of Pitane, a poet so obscure he does not merit… 149 more words


Beloved Paris

O Paris, how thy sorrow wounds my heart!
Homer did speak of love and hate,
as being attested to thy name in myth,
but woe am I, to witness such parallels in life, 137 more words