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Joseph Harrison on writing and Penelope

Penelope’s situation (in Homer, of course, it’s a death shroud she’s weaving) seems to me an interesting figure for the predicament of the writer or artist: making something, ripping it up, making something, ripping it up, all the while vaguely hoping for one’s ship to come in, whatever that would mean, with nobody in the immediate vicinity paying much attention.

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You can have the shower to yourself, Homie.

Marge: You can have the shower to yourself, Homie. I’m finished.

Homer: Oh no you’re not.

Unqualified Praise of Homer

Velleius Paterculus 1.5:

“Then the most renowned genius of Homer shone forth – it was the greatest ever, without precedent. Homer alone, from the greatness of his work and the splendor of his poems, deserved to be called a poet. 253 more words


Quotes & Commentary #25: Homer

Like the generations of leaves, the lives of mortal men. Now the wind scatters the old leaves across the earth, now the living timber bursts with the new buds and spring comes round again.

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Quotes And Commentary

Logue's Homer

Robert Fagle’s Iliad is bright and powerful. Without sacrificing Homeric style, Fagles brings a modern voice to the Iliad. I also love Alice Oswald’s… 281 more words


The Bards of The Odyssey: Commentary on the Role of Narrative in Homer’s Epic

The Odyssey, as it is well known, falls into the category of “epic poetry.” The term signals that an adventurous tale that was forged in antiquity and delivered orally in front of a crowd is being described. 2,260 more words


The Gates of Hades and the Oracle of Zeus

About 70 kms south of the port of Igoumenitsa, set above the Fanari marsh and the former Acherousia Lake, is the ancient site of Ephyra and the Nekromanteion. 504 more words

European Nomad