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Latin Literature as Meta Literature:

“Latin literature was already self-conscious when Ennius described Homer appearing to him in a dream and declaring that his soul was now in Ennius’ body… And indeed Latin authors produced from their self-awareness some of their most fascinating effects. 87 more words


The Living Shouldn't Eat Brains: The Story of Tydeus

In the spirit of the week before Halloween, below are the major accounts of Diomedes’ father, Tydeus, who was rejected by Athena after eating brains. The tale has simple symbolism that echoes modern associations with zombies (the dead need to steal life force from the living). 429 more words


Sunset on the Spit

This is sunset out over the water from my campground on the Homer Spit in Alaska.

Klingons, Homer, Falstaff, and the Dread Pirate Roberts: Understanding Honor

If you grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation like me, you’re probably most used to hearing the word “honor” come out of the mouths of Klingons, especially our beloved Lt. 848 more words


On Ovid's Metamorphoses:

“It is hard to be sure how much Ovid is in control of his own effects. Is it that he cannot resist a clever turn of phrase, as some readers already thought in antiquity? 635 more words


Demodokos' song

“straight up fire bruhhhhh 100”

―Commenter dogsigndelassandro on a reconstruction of Homeric singing