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Women & Power

Women and power. It’s been a long and difficult history. In her book, Women & Power, Mary Beard—English scholar, classicist, and award-winning author—has adapted two of her lectures on a discussion of the relationship between women and power from antiquity to modern day. 793 more words


You Know, Trojan Horses Fool Us All

The history geek that I am, in my spare time I can oft be found on the hunt for a new empire, epoch or otherwise to dive into, and this time it happened to be the Fall of Troy. 1,914 more words

Personal Essays

The Walls of Troy

“Our walls can’t be breached.” – Hector, from Troy (2004)

In Homer’s Iliad (or the movie, Troy, for those of you who prefer Hollywood to Greek classics), the city of Troy is besieged by a coalition of Greeks led by Agamemnon. 596 more words

How to Read My Books Gratis without Impoverishing Me

I get it: no one wants to spend money they don’t have to, especially not on matters such as literature, which can only transform your soul…or give you a rollicking good time with no hangover! 537 more words


How accurate is Troy: Fall of a City? Episode 3

And we are back for Episode 3! Lots of things to talk about for this one, so let’s get stuck in!

We start off the show with Troy under siege, and goodness me this fella is committed to his harvest! 2,250 more words


"They call me Nobody": PRE-OPEN CALL: ATHENS/SEPT 2018 - HAMBURG/NOV 2018 - MUNICH/MARCH 2019

After the successful completion of our group show “Initiation 2018//Kallichoron”, we inform fans, followers and fellow artists that we will announce within the next few days… 323 more words