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Rangers Need Joey Gallo to Remain in Arlington

Over the past couple of weeks, as the August 1st trade deadline continues to get closer and closer, there have been a number of rumors with a number of teams regarding Joey Gallo (along with another prospect or two) getting dealt to another squad in exchange for an ace starting pitcher. 363 more words


Irish and Greek Mythology: Musings

Here are some musings on the differences between Irish mythology and Greek mythology.

Anyone familiar with James Joyce’s Ulysses will probably know that Joyce used Homer’s Odyssey as a structuring device, hence the title. 533 more words

David Jordan

Sing Me a Story

I love stories. I don’t really care how they’re delivered to me: novels, comics, movies, TV, poetry, and, yes, music.

Music is one of the oldest, if not  634 more words

A Magical Adventure for Some; a Tale of Return and Venegence for Others: Homer's The Odyssey

The Odyssey

Homer (trans. Robert Fagles)

The story of the heroes return from the war.  The story of a son in search of his father. The story of a woman using her guile to ward off her suitors and wait for the return of her love. 263 more words


Stupid fingers.

Forte: Well, I’ll be frank with you, Lisa. And when I say frank, I mean, you know, devastating. You’ve inherited a finger condition known as “stubbiness.” It usually comes from the father’s side.

Homer: Stupid fingers.