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War and Peace in Homer

The Iliad is a war epic. The gods are at war. The Trojans and Achaeans are at war. Even factions of the Argives are at war with one another. 49 more words


Book of Exiles

The last time I read book 3 of the Aeneid, I wrote about the strange episode where Aeneas and his crew flee from Polyphemus. The scene is strange for its lack of any real tension. 445 more words


People-devouring, Bribe-Swallowing, People-eating Kings

Plato, Republic  564a

“It is likely, I said, that tyranny emerges out of no other state except for democracy—the greatest and most savage servitude emerges, I suppose, from the greatest freedom.” 488 more words

Homer was a Misogynist

Palladas (Greek Anthology 9.166)

“Homer depicts every woman as dangerous and wicked – the wise maiden and the prostitute both bring destruction. The slaughter of men came from Helen’s adultery, and death resulted from Penelope’s fidelity. 28 more words


Homer and the Life Well Lived (part 1)

A strong sense of purpose is one of the rapidly depleting resources of human will. Without our religious base that held us steady we find ourselves in world of fragile meaning, where definitions of good and bad are like steamed up labels that peel away easily when scratched and leave no trace. 466 more words

Why Does Telemachus Go to The Assembly with Two Dogs?

Odyssey 2.10-11

“He went to go to the assembly—he held a bronze spear in his hand
And he was not alone, two swift dogs were accompanying him.” 138 more words