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American Vanadium batteries and HOMER Microgrid modeling software - demonstration video

Webinar on Modeling the CellCube Energy Storage System in Connected and Remote Microgrids. Learn more about American Vanadium batteries and HOMER Microgrid modeling software.

Αχιλλεύς εναντίον Εκτορα / Achilles Vs Hector

” . . . Είπεν αυτά κι έσυρ’ ευθύς ακονημένο ξίφος που στο μηρί του εκρέμουνταν και δυνατό και μέγα, μαζώχθη και ωσάν αετός εχύθ’ υψηλοπέτης  που στην πεδιάδα χύνεται μέσ’ από μαύρα νέφη  λαγόν ν’ αρπάξει άνανδρον ή τρυφεράν αρνάδα  τόσο και ο Έκτωρ όρμησε τινάζοντας το ξίφος .


Women as Writers Series: Full Review of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Hello readers and welcome once again to Literary Wanderings!

Some days ago, I completed an introductory review of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, prefacing it with comments on the introduction to the compendium that the book is from. 825 more words

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INFP- Odysseus (Homer's Odyssey)

INFP- The Dreamer

I (Introversion): Odysseus is highly introspective. He frequently takes time to examine himself and the situations around him, focusing on the subjective implications of what he sees. 198 more words

Do our leaders still not worship the old pagan Gods?

This short essay is an attempt to answer a conundrum that puzzles me. All the members of our government would claim if pushed to an extreme to be Christians. 1,612 more words