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The Call Of The Sirens

The Sirens sang to Odysseus in Homer’s tale.
Lashed to the mast he did not fail
To resist their fatal call.
Should I listen to their song… 50 more words


On Immortality: An Achillean Struggle

As most individuals would attest to, the fear of death is very real. Indeed, it would be difficult to find an individual who eagerly awaits, or anticipates, death, across any culture. 461 more words

Ancient Greece

The Life of Achilles by Peter Paul Rubens

Blossoming from the brush of Rubens, Achilles’ life force has rooted itself ever more deeply into history, propagating itself onto sumptuous tapestries, prized possessions adorning European palaces and national museums. 1,582 more words

Ancient Greece


Which makes it either the worst diet plan ever or the best, depending on your point of view.

On Socrates' Jokes and Homer's Lions

Dio Chrysostom, Oration 55.10 On Homer and Socrates

“Dear Friend, if we compare the fox with lions and leopards and we claim that it either not at all or a just a little different. 121 more words


Introducing The Iliad of Homer

While many stories from throughout history have played integral roles in shaping the ethical and moral compass of Western Civilization, it is difficult to argue that any have been more influential than… 476 more words

Ancient Greece

You know where the parking garage is right?

4th week of launching #TheBean AO and right away the pax are tested as they rise out of the fartsack and look out there windows into the gloomiest of glooms.  821 more words