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An Eclipse in the Odyssey?

When he arrives in Odysseus’ household, the seer Theoklymenos gets a little judgy:

Homer, Odyssey 20.351-57

“Wretches! What evil is this you are suffering? Now your heads… 224 more words


Who You Need to Know Part IV: The Rest

*In case you missed it:
The Argives
The Trojans
The Immortals*

These are the characters that do not belong to either side and, for the most part, are adversely affected by the Trojan War. 372 more words


I AM THAT I AM, therefore, signifies ...

“I AM THAT I AM, therefore, signifies that Jehovah is the Unchangeable One. God is fully all that He is forever and ever, the Eternally Perfect One. 94 more words

Quoted People

Giới thiệu OC – Part 2 | Laz.

Esther (Gonzalez) (13)

Tóc đỏ cam rực và hơi xoăn nhẹ, hay cột đuôi ngựa hoặc ponytails 2 bên. Mắt màu xanh da trời khá nhạt có viền đậm hơn ở tròng mắt màu xanh biển. 3,569 more words

Helena Evans (Laz)

The Odyssey 2

  1. Why does Nausicaa play little part after this when it looks like it could develop into quite a romance?
  2. What qualities does Odysseus reveal (and Greeks value) in the way he “deals” with Nausicaa and this delicate situation?
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