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Teen Behind the Wheel

Leilani’s 2nd day on a driving lesson! I’m getting her on the freeway tomorrow really quick for about 5 minutes just to get her used to the flow of traffic. 200 more words

Family Life

Honors Chemistry 06 - Flame test

The flame test lab, where you place different chemicals in a flame and produce different colored flames is always a fun lab and one I’ve done many times before.   673 more words


Ruby Slipper Roller Skating

Among the various things we did today – lots of workbooks, and spelling practice – we also went to our favourite skate meet. It’s nice to see familiar faces, if they attend, and it’s a not insignificant part of our homeschool Physical Education quota. 171 more words

Day In The Life

Intro Chem 05 -Water & Ice

We started class by watching a couple of videos about water and phases of matter:

What Is An Ice Bomb? (Mr. Wizard)

States of Matter by Veritasium… 186 more words


Find The Colour Montessori Inspired Game for Toddlers

This simple yet fun little game has been on our shelves for a week and a half now and Little Bean is loving it. It is inspired by some of the activities I have seen around the blogosphere using language objects ( 299 more words


Living History Day - A Glimpse into 1775

Today we enjoyed a wonderful homeschool field trip to the Vision Heir’s Living History Days to experience what life was like 250 years ago for the early colonists. 283 more words


Science Happens On The Floor

There are some days when science happens on the floor. One of the things I love about homeschooling is that we can learn anywhere. I used to think I had to have a table for everything. 84 more words