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Conceptualization of Capcom Certified Homeschooling: 3rd Edition

This is an update of my 2nd post.

The first step in brainstorming this videogame series I plan to make required me having a catchy and simple title; The videogame company name ‘Capcom’ and the word ‘Certified’ were rendered to be the respectively 1st and 2nd parts of the title as both words started with the letter, C; The word ‘Homeschooling’ would be included as the respectively third part of the title as it happens to be a more commonly used word than the word ‘home-education’. 114 more words


A Real Peek Into Our Homeschool

We are winding down our homeschool year.  We started later than we planned and took more breaks than we planned.  We have way more to do than any of us want to do, but we are plugging along.  246 more words


Lemon Curd

When one of my kids was going through the put-all-in-mouth stage, I recalled the day clearly when his path crossed with a slice of lemon.  We were at a restaurant, and I was having one of those sinking feelings that everyone was staring at my child’s ill-behaved mother for not “doing something about it,” whatever “it” was that was bothering fellow patrons about children in general. 353 more words


First Things First

In our home we have three major things we have set as unnegogtiables. These are the things that are expected no matter what. Number one, our children will be respectful. 639 more words


Fequently Asked: Who Grades an E-schooler's Work?

Many people are under the impression that e-schoolers get easy A’s on all of their classes because their work is graded by a parent. This is simply not true. 83 more words


It's Your Night!

When my kiddos were little, I would eagerly soak up wisdom I found in other homeschooling families. What worked for them, what didn’t; ideas I wanted to incorporate into our own family’s routine.  622 more words


Throw-Back Thursday: Trash to Family Treasure

Although Friday will be here in less than an hour, I must fit in a Throwback Thursday moment.

It’s kinda sentimental really – stuff my kiddo and I made from an empty box. 84 more words