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Homeschooling & Coding Question!

Hey everyone! I have a question and was wondering if any fellow homeschooling parents and programming inclined parents had any ideas: what do you recommend for teaching programming to your elementary age child?   135 more words

History Western Civilization: Lesson 180 Essay- (1) "What do you think is the central point of the essay you read by Mario Vargas Closa?" (2) "What is the truth of the matter regarding the claim that people in the Middle Age thought the earth was flat?"

The central point was that the Spanish conquerors beat the native Indians very easily because the Indians did not think of themselves as unique individuals. The Indians thought they were each part of the body of the emperor. 148 more words

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Reclaim Your Commute

Currently, my boys and I drive forty minutes to and from school each day.  Most of that is highway driving, so accidents and bad weather can add up to an hour. 124 more words

History Western Civilization: Lesson 170 Essay- (1) "Discuss the rise and fall of Girolamo Savanarola." (2) "Discuss the Italian War of 1494-1498." (3) "Discuss some of the significant aspects of the reign of Louis XI."

You wouldn’t have expected Girolamo Savanarola to come to power because he was anti-Renaissance and the Renaissance was the new popular thing to participate in. Girolamo’s rise to power came from his ability to speak so well that he could convince Renaissance artists that the Renaissance was bad. 186 more words

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When the Sick Happens

This week was a busy week for the Ross’. Adam and I had things lined up and we were ready to dive into a productive week. 498 more words