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Dear Overwhelmed Mommas,

Dear homeschool mommas who are overwhelmed,

I get it. We old-timers get it! So much to do and so many kids! School starts soon! And you still have to plan every single hour of every single day for the next school year for every single child!!!😲 1,239 more words

My Family

Rome's Relationship with the Early Christians

The Roman authorities hesitated for a long time over how to deal with this new cult. They largely appreciated this new religion as subversive and potentially dangerous. 697 more words


Freedom to Choose

Do you ever give yourself rules and then feel trapped?  Or you have rules but then rebel against yourself?  I do this all the time.  I try to create structure and “rules,” but then hate it!   752 more words

My 6th grade curriculum- Homeschool

After 3 months of researching and multiple purchases and returns, I finally have a curriculum that is perfect for my child. As a homeschool mom, I’m sure curriculums come highly recommended only to find out that it doesn’t work for you. 1,663 more words


One of those months...

We’ve had a wild, busy month here at casa de la Craftsman. First, the nice camera took a dive and unfortunately had to go in to get fixed. 165 more words

Rowan Forge Homeschool

2nd Grade- Week 1

This week we started 2nd grade and it’s off to a great start! We started off Monday morning with a nice big pancake breakfast which Gabe helped make! 1,705 more words


1st day of kindly

We had planned to send K3 to a Chinese immersion school. We even registered her in the spring. However, upon further consideration, we decided to homeschool her, like we did her big sisters. 35 more words