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What to do when the Devil strikes...

The kids and I have lived our own horror story from a man who has created a mess of tears and fears.

One thing I have always tried to instill in my children is forgiveness, faith and hope. 255 more words

The Need to Write

Deciding what subjects to cover when you homeschool is daunting—to say the least. It is not a static decision either. What you choose to use today, you might add to or delete tomorrow. 428 more words


The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World

For a long time, Social Studies was a subject that mystified me in our homeschooling journey.  How was I supposed to teach it?  What exactly should I teach?  238 more words


Stamp Collecting

Pictured is the lot of approximately 1,000 stamps my son and I bid on and won, courtesy of eBay.  I recently handed over my stamp collection to my son.  282 more words


Life of Fred: Apples

As part of our math curriculum, we use Life of Fred books.  A homeschool friend clued us in to them, and the boys have really enjoyed it so far.  108 more words


Non-Disintegrating Chalk Experiment

We attempted to do an experiment with chalk, but it was a very sorry and disappointing endeavor.  I think chalk must be made differently from how it used to be made in the good old days.  172 more words


Egg in Vinegar Experiment

The boys and I did a little experiment with a couple of raw eggs.

One soaked in water, while the other soaked in vinegar.  We covered them to minimize evaporation and keep the vinegar stink out of the room. 89 more words