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To the lost soul who finds yourself here, with me, I apologise.

For those of you know have known me since my Xanga blogging days, you will know, that I have reinvented myself on the internet so many times, that even I have lost count. 231 more words

When Homeschooling and Real Life Collide Big Lessons are Learned

This is when Homeschooling and Real Life collide and BIG lessons are learned.

The girls were outside on their homeschooling lunch break recess. I was making their lunch and listening to the radio which is why when I first heard them shouting I thought they were arguing with each other. 1,030 more words


The Amazing Secret to Good Parenting

I’ve always loved those ‘light bulb’ moments in life. Those moments in time when something that was previously unknown or unseen is suddenly illuminated in technicolor clarity. 868 more words


Don't Be A Dog

Prompt: Many people believe that loyalty–whether to an individual, an organization, or a nation–means unconditional and unquestioning support no matter what. To these people, the withdrawal of support is by definition a betrayal of loyalty.

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Homeschooling and Sick Days

Everyone is on the mend from HFMD, and today we’re going to get back to school!

I’m drinking my tea, planning the day, and I’m reminded of one of the main reasons I love homeschooling – … 457 more words


10 Things I've Discovered While Homeschoolin'

Oh my.  It has officially been 1 month since we started our homeschoolin’ journey.  Some days are great and run like lard in a hot pan.   1,231 more words

The Monkey Chronicles

Motivation Boosters for self-study for homeschooling students

Self-study is a common part of the lives of homeschooling teenagers. Learning is a self-directed procedure and the ultimate key to success is in your ability to stay motivated. 356 more words

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