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Help, We Started Late!

Let’s face it, there are times in life when we all run a little behind. We arrive to appointments late, we show up tardy for Christmas dinner, and perhaps don’t get the bills in the mail on time. 467 more words


Write it down!

How many times do you have an idea you’re sure you will remember. Maybe it’s something you wanted to make for dinner, or an ingredient your wanted to add to a recipe. 248 more words

Redefining Self!

2018: Thurs 17th Jan

Oh my, what a day!

I made up a sensory tray of split peas/lentils, scoops, funnels and glass vases. Ryan tipped, poured, used his hands and moved the funnels around. 161 more words


Planned post about planning!


Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my first post, and it is indeed a planned one. This is meant to serve as a brief introduction to me, my interests and those I intend to write about, and how I use a bullet journal style notebook to keep organized. 822 more words


New Year's Resolutions Reversed

On a rare evening out together a few weeks ago, Will and I took the chance to discuss some of the challenges we are facing and how to adjust our lives to better fit our calling. 508 more words

Inner Life

Test Group Day 3

Today was cardio core and it was another great workout. I thought I had figured out the timed nutrition but somehow missed a meal and ended up having to finish my last one at 9pm! 303 more words

Instant Pot

Andrew Wyeth lesson

Muted grays and browns, little color. When you say “Andrew Wyeth,” to me, this is what comes to mind.  And this image:

Andrew Wyeth. Master Bedroom. 1,027 more words

Classical Conversations