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Catching Up

I feel like the days are just whizzing by. It seems like it was just Thanksgiving a few days ago and now it’s almost March. How is that even possible? 669 more words


So the Lord banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.” Genesis 3:23

In the past two months, I have planted eggplants, okras, sweet potato vines, bokchoys, and chilis.

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The Chicken Whisperer

Chickens, or more appropriately called G. g. domesticus are a type of domesticated fowl used

commonly as one of the main staples of diet. They were kept for meat and eggs. 950 more words


Featured Folder: "Jesus Is Alive!"

For young children, Easter is a time of joy and wonder as they see the people around them celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. It’s hard for a child to understand death, and there may be some fear associated with the concept of death. 341 more words

Sunday School

Six Tips for Teaching Five Year-Olds

If you have been following my series of posts about the characteristics of different ages, you may have noticed many similarities in the various preschool ages, and yet, each has unique differences that must be taken into account when teaching them. 459 more words

Sunday School


I get looked at like I’m insane, and I might be. I just feel that my children learn more when taught about the world – and not what’s in books. 239 more words


Vive la France Dinner 

We have been studying the Hundred Years War with Story of the World and have really been enjoying this unit study so much.

Since our geography of France hit around the same time, we decided to have a French dinner and presentation. 85 more words