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Why I'm Choosing to Home-School

When September rolls around I plan to begin official home-school for my oldest, who will be 4 in February. Parker has been doing “school pages” for over a year now, and he frequently asks to get out his school books so he can do letters and numbers. 989 more words

Stay At Home Mom

The Controversial Parenting Tag - II

#7 Spanking

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should be answering this question. This is perhaps one of the most hotly debated topics related to parenting and advocates of both pro and anti-spanking squads can be pretty intimidating and aggressive. 634 more words


Why, how, WHERE, and what of HOMESCHOOLING

Today I’m going to go over a short summary of the where’s of homeschooling. This is the obvious starting place for parents considering homeschool. Before you can make a choice about whether or not you will homeschool, you need to understand the laws where you are. 453 more words


Piglet Dissection

Yesterday, my homeschool group life science class wrapped up the year with piglet dissections.  Now I don’t like preserved specimens.  They are gray and the tissue isn’t normal.   380 more words

The Hard Lessons

We have been experiencing some issues with a fox who really wants our chickens. Our dogs have been doing a decent job at chasing the fox off but we did lose one hen a couple of weeks ago. 558 more words

Permission to Stop

Dear Mom, I’m giving you (and myself) permission to stop.

To stop

  • Potty training, and try again in a couple of months
  • Dance classes, even though you (we) paid for the session already…
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Coast Guard Kids to Work Day Play

—Dictated by my six year old son. Enjoy…

We went to Coast Guard Headquarters, got through security and went to the gym. The day was about people’s sons and daughter going to Coast Guard Headquarters with their dads and or moms. 909 more words