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The reason everyone’s going to Bankstown

Bankstown Poetry Slam is the largest regular slam in the Southern Hemisphere with as much as 300 attendees at each month’s slam.

This is despite the suburb’s reputation for its… 513 more words


High Schoolers are finding confidence in poetry

Literacy scores are at a new low according to a recent international schools report but a spoken poetry program in high schools could help young people re-realize the value of words. 774 more words


iPhone Lock-Screens -1-

Disclaimer* I did not create these lock-screens.
Found them online and thought I’d share some of my favorites.
Credit goes to their creators.

I am a sucker for a good positive lock-screen. 52 more words


OnePlus One, 2 and 3/3T users' launcher-POLL

It is poll time OnePlus users, as some of you requested such on our official forum! This poll is about a very famous topic as you can see, launcher (home screen app) choice of you:

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Graffiti writers increasingly want legal work

Graffiti writers and experts are putting pressure on councils to create more legal art walls.

Street art and graffiti are often notorious for their illegal nature and frequent appearances as vandalism. 301 more words


4EMP Hip Hop Festival creating changes for artists

4EMP’s first Hip Hop festival ran in the midst of a decade long graffiti and street art ban – two years later the council commissions young artists’ work. 284 more words


Meet Parramasala’s first mascot - 'Kiko'

A milestone of seven years is celebrated at Parramasala this year with an icon to capture the spirit of cultural harmony.

Ceramic sculpturer Vipoo Svrivilasa designed a 6 metre inflatable mascot that held a resemblance to the blue dry ceramic sculptures he crafts in his studio. 272 more words