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Homesickness... The hardest part?

Homesickness… The hardest part?

By Theresa on Oct 12, 2015 09:55 pm

I’ve been thinking about the aspect of being homesick for the past month or so.   461 more words

Appalachian Trail Prep

Let's Talk About College

It’s finally summer!! Am I allowed to cry tears of joy? It has been the longest year of my life and I have never wanted a school year to end more. 1,029 more words

Spain and Nerd Culture

Dear Friends,

As you know, if you know me, I’m a nerd. I’m also the proud husband of a nerd.

In the United States, nerd culture has won. 396 more words


Savannah is like Coldplay and San Antonio isn’t the same as black nail polish

Flying in an airplane gives you a lot of perspective on things. Like exactly just how many people own swimming pools. From the air, it seems like quite a few people do. 1,207 more words


Visiting Homeland and Reversed Culture Shock

I’ve been living in South Africa for almost six years. During this time I only visited “home” twice. The first time was a three-month long visit after my first year which was extended due to a delay with the paperwork allowing me to come back to South Africa. 746 more words

South Africa

Ah, Post #2!

Well, well, well. Here we are with post #2. For those of you who I promised a Saturday entry to: I am terribly sorry for my tardiness, I was having a great weekend with my dad and three brothers. 790 more words

Camp Counselor

Something Old, Something New

When you live far from home, you tend to spend your holidays going … well, home. There’s Mum to see, and Dad to see, and sisters and cousins and friends to see. 320 more words

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