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Top tips for homesick and anxious travellers

Don’t leave home! Stay in England forever. That’s the only way.

No it isn’t… as someone who has had their fair share of homesickness, I always wondered how I could ever see the world without feeling miserable. 565 more words

Balancing Being a Tourist and Being a Student

As my final weeks in Australia are approaching, so are finals. I’ve been in the library more than I have all semester and have used my free time to explore Sydney as much as possible. 793 more words

Aztecs Abroad



A place that exists only in my


A place so close

to me but

so far from you.

Even if you could understand, 45 more words

Creative Writing

The Ups and Downs of Living Abroad

Traveling is addicting. There’s no doubt about that. Once that bug bites there is no shaking it. It will itch and itch until you finally scratch it. 1,085 more words


First night in dorm #Day3 

My first night in dorm is tonight, cuz my roommate is leaving on holiday tomorrow and I want to learn the ropes and get to know her. 107 more words


Hireth and Hooray

When I took this photo of a rather average sunset from Hurlstone Point in England on June 23rd 2016, I didn’t know the sun was setting on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union. 550 more words

Dunster's Calling Novel

UK Heatwave*

* I use this term very loosely

As an Aussie kid I know a thing or too about summer – and I mean a proper summer not this one day (or week) of sun. 346 more words