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Floral Edition

It seems that our time in Rantajärvi is coming to an end.

The feeling of coming home is overwhelming. Whether it’s coming to your parents’ home or coming home to your own after traveling. 110 more words


Six Months Without a Song

So, for the last about 6ish months I didn’t listen to music.

This isn’t to say that I didn’t encounter elevator music, top 40 blaring from speakers in department stores or the occasional human on the street with a guitar and country music aspirations. 1,416 more words


What I chybět

Many people, both here and there, ask me what I like and dislike about “home.” Some people refuse to even think that I have two homes and assume I will move back to my first home. 736 more words


How Far We Are

“How far we are!” he sighed.
“From what?”
“From ourselves,” said the Bishop. “Does it seem reasonable to you that a man should need up to a year to learn he is an orphan?” And since there was no answer, he confessed to his homesickness: “The very idea that they have already slept tonight in Spain fills me with terror.” 46 more words


Coping with homesickness; what exactly is it?

This is a topic I know much about but unfortunately never let on that I do suffer from at times.  In this day in age with social media, it is so easy to give the impression that we are always happy and life is perfect. 963 more words


Poem : Time

29th November 2016, 2:31pm

Time is flowing,
And I will flow with it.
I’ll do what I have to do,
And let time be on its own. 116 more words


Everybody's story is different, but we all need a home.

Bukahara – New Home

I will come to a point in my life
When I decide not to hide anymore 267 more words