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Could it be homesickness or paranoia?

I’m an almost twenty-year-old student who moved to Groningen on August eleventh, 2014. I lived all my life on the island of Aruba and after high school I decided to continue college in the Netherlands. 471 more words


5 Tips to Tackle Homesickness

Living abroad can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences of your life: you are constantly discovering new things about the culture and location surrounding you, and your everyday routine becomes that of a self-discovery, motivational movie. 714 more words

And so it ends...

So I guess it’s kind of unusual to start a ‘Year Abroad Blog’ when you only have eight days left of living in another country. What can I say, I’m a procrastinator. 1,250 more words



University is a particularly challenging time for anyone going through it. Most people leave their home, have to make new friends, have to cook for themselves, do their own washing, buy their own food, keep up to date on uni work etc. 602 more words


Settling in Sucre

Having reached Sucre, the Bolivian Capital (yes even I thought La Paz was the capital, however even though La Paz has all the official stuff, Sucre remains the capital city) it is time for me to put down some roots for a while. 376 more words


Finishing university!

I have abandoned my blog for a while in order to finish university and focus on my final exams and assignments Рit is so nice to experience natural light and enjoy the sun without studying! 541 more words

Leaving The Dining Table

Strange week

Been a strange week really. I am on countdown to a trip home, got in the region of 113 days to go. It can’t come fast enough. 182 more words