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“Life should always be like those summer afternoons I had lived in New England…”  Andre d’Aquino


The Importance of Home

I would not say I am a perfectionist but I know what I like. I like my home to look welcoming, warm, clean and classic. Sadly the fact I am not yet a millionaire  means I live in constant frustration at not being able to achieve this quickly or easily. 595 more words

Karachi x Rain

​Lately you’ve been high on rain.

With your streets flooding,
Traffic jamming,
Children splashing,
And electricity playing the hide & seek game.

And that joy is permeable… 75 more words


In a Foreign Land

“How shall we sing the LORD’s song in a foreign land?” – Psalm 137:4

I recently moved to the foreign land of North Carolina. To be sure, I am no Israelite in exile, for I chose to move here of my own free will, accompanied by all the familiar belongings that would fit in my car, a few familiar faces, and countless familiar chain restaurants (God bless Cracker Barrel). 500 more words



I long for the love I’ve never experienced and the partner I have yet to meet.

I long for the home I’ve never found, but I’m homesick for. 62 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

To Feel at Home

There are days when I never want to leave South Africa. 

It occurs to me each time I stare wistfully out the car window at passing scenery that my time in this city is limited.  721 more words



Homesickness is a big part of living abroad, mostly if you’ve moved to a totally different culture and to a place far away from home. Sometimes being homesick doesn’t have to do with a specific “home” but with the feeling of security, love and comfort that a place has given to you. 479 more words