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5 Reasons Why I’m Homesick

In another article, a few weeks ago now, I talked about the phases I was experiencing here in the USA as an International Student. Indeed, first, I experienced a honeymoon, then discernment, and finally, conscience. 727 more words

Aztecs Abroad

When Did Homesickness Hit Me?

This is probably going to be a pretty long post as I’ve done a lot of thinking around the subject. I’ve been putting off writing it for a while because in all honesty it’s still something I’m trying to work my way through and figure out how to manage. 1,511 more words


Time to get real

Let’s talk about culture shock.

I want to apologize for the lack of posts the past few weeks, but honestly the past few weeks have been pretty rough for me, and while it is not an excuse for not putting in the effort I need to, it’s made it very hard to stay motivated. 882 more words


11,0011 km Away From Home

There’s no doubt that living far from home is a challenge for pretty much everyone, some more so than others, but generally, everyone misses home at some point or another. 455 more words


Homesickness & Wanderlust... nice how a plane can trigger both

Who doesn’t feel those two at the same time flying over oceans and lands while getting back home?! That would easily be my hero.

That is the right messed up feeling you have when your trip, holiday, travel experience, job experience, whatever comes to the end. 129 more words


Blue without YOU - another clever care package idea

If you’re looking for another clever and inexpensive way to send your love through the mail, here it is. You can let your students know you miss them and include a not-so-subtle reminder #callyourmom.

Reentry after an extended​ RV trip: Do turtles get homesick?

At 22 I was finishing up my undergraduate degree and itching to see the world. I needed to get off the Canadian Prairies, away from Saskatoon where I was going to school, and escape any and all things related to farming. 254 more words

Camping With Dogs