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Life Update & New Upload Schedule

Hello Lovelies,

Long time no post but can you believe that we are already a quarter of the way through 2017?!  This fact has only just occurred to me now that my life finally getting some order and routine to it again and I realised that I have left it far, far too long since my last blog post. 764 more words



It came quite suddenly, without provocation. A sudden flash of amber light through half-remembered trees. Heavy boots on ancient stones as I slipped between citadel walls and down the stair that led to my sweet Vltava. 234 more words


'Foreign' Isn't A Place

I’ve been asked many times what it’s like to be ‘foreign’. It’s hard to know how to answer because most days I’m not foreign. I’m like everyone around me, complaining about the weather, politics, cost of car repairs, or trials of parenthood. 535 more words

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Embracing the Inevitable: Homesickness at University

Being homesick is horrible. Lying on your bed, weeping into your pillow, and almost like a toddler, crying just wanting to see the presence of your parents. 2,546 more words


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Homesickness is a bitch.

It hits you when you least expect it,

when you’re already down.

It is the leg sweep,

the gut punch

and the king hit. 65 more words

Get Reading. Get Travelling


I look at the pictures, the snapshots of the past, yet I sense the freshness of the air, I smell the upcoming storm – the aroma of the rain that’s about to flood the streets. 401 more words

Personal Notes

In Between Adventures

It’s easy  to write on the blog about the highlights of our days away, but there is also a fair amount of “down time” too. At this stage of our trip (2/3 done), the kids are finding that the unscheduled time weighs a bit heavily on them – the novelty of the various things they brought to keep themselves busy is wearing off. 722 more words