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On Wednesday afternoon, I crossed and uncrossed my ankles in the student section of the kantin, waiting for Scouts to begin. Trapped by the heat of my pink and cream peony-ed… 916 more words

Teaser Tuesday - Homesick

Here’s a small rough draft excerpt from a story I’m writing. Enjoy! 140 more words


The Usual Life - by Nikita Achanta (JSLH 2015 Batch)

College is, as they say, “the best years of your life”. I wouldn’t disagree but I cannot agree completely either, only because I’ve been in college for a period of ten months now, and it feels like forever. 707 more words

Why it's okay to miss home a little..

Any traveller who goes though a long-term trip away from home and doesn’t experience any stage of ‘homesickess’ is extremely, extremely lucky. But my guess is.. 1,008 more words

Loss, Loneliness and Life

“Was her death unexpected?”

“No. She was in the hospital for two weeks.”

“Well, that’s better than surprises, right? At least you were ready for it.” 372 more words


Viewpoint: The long distance relationship with your parents

It’s almost 9:30 on a Tuesday night in your college town and you’re sitting in your room working on a project or studying for a test and all of a sudden, you… 547 more words


French Imperfections

As promised, a follow-up from my last post, this time a few things I don’t miss about life in France… 1,015 more words