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Weekly Preview (7/24-7/30)

Hey guys! Welcome back. I can’t believe July is almost over already! I feel like it just started. It’s so crazy. But this week is my preview post for this upcoming week. 565 more words


Three kind of people you find in hostels!

My college is starting and it would be a wonderful experience and all that other cheery positive bullshit but let me start with my experience so far…. 614 more words

mornin' prayers

naked I stand
before my father
‘s another dreich day
‘n I’m wonderin’ “why bother?”

in the shower
I try to pray
will this soap & water… 71 more words


My Far, Lost Home

I saw it from that hidden, silent place
Where the old wood half shuts the meadow in.
It shone through all the sunset’s glories—thin
At first, but with a slowly brightening face. 131 more words


When New Becomes Normal: Tips and Tricks to Combat Homesickness

45 days ago, I left Ohio. I left behind my family, my friends, and everything that I have considered normal for most of my life. I arrived in Morocco on June 27th, exactly 23 days ago. 539 more words

What am I doing here?

What am I doing here? The thought that won’t stop running through my head as I sit on the couch and cry my heart out after saying goodbye to my Mum and Dad who have just left for the airport. 973 more words

Thoughts And Ponderings


I sat weeping silently

while my heart was bursting out 

and my eyes uncontrollably cascading tears

I was missing my home

homesickness was clouding my mind… 72 more words