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How to Beat Homesickness Freshman Year

Trapped in a 12-by-19 foot dorm room even the most independent college freshman can find they feel homesick. College freshman this is your guide on how to cure pesky feelings of homesickness so you can enjoy freshman year. 432 more words


Wandering by evening,
Dreaming by the light.
Pieces of the open sky now shut.
Waiting, to wake up.
To touch gossamer.

Too much sun.
Restless nights. 66 more words


#blogbookaday: Sakura's Cherry Blossoms

Summary:  “When Sakura’s father gets a new job, she and her parents leave their home in Japan. In America, Sakura misses the blossoming cherry tree where she and her grandmother would play and picnic. 319 more words



Homesickness. Maybe not really the first thing you think about when preparing for your stay abroad. But it is good to be informed about it, before you decide to go. 354 more words

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Uni

The prospect of starting Uni back in September, was a long awaited and a highly anticipated move. 

I waved my parents goodbye from my new front door (without a single tear), before bouncing back into my new flat, eager to meet my new flatmates. 1,105 more words

5 Things


A thick coat of dust.
The heavy scent of
dreams gone sour.
Reach out and you can touch it.
Every step kicks it up.
The ghosts of the past. 11 more words


wanderlust & homesickness

The campfire at the end of the day usually has the boys talking about cars, girls, and sports, but tonight is different. An older gentleman, looking old enough to have lived through the years before cars and sports were even invented, is going to tell a story tonight. 1,073 more words