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How Strange

It’s funny, you know
(and really, it is),
that after projecting every possible outcome
… something had to happen.

And it’s not what I wanted, 146 more words

The First Rule of Fight Club

You honestly can’t remember the first time you heard that phrase; the way it curls up in the back of your mind, the embodiment of a speckled tabby in the sun. 1,969 more words

vagaMENTE: Where is it?


Minha mente vaga vagueia pelas profundezas de meus pensamentos incompletos, então minhas mãos escrevem o que vagamente tenho em mente: 123 more words


Missing people.

There I was, sitting in the kitchen eating some mashed potato on a chilly Monday night when it dawned on me… it’s been nearly a year since I left Tasmania. 578 more words

Keeping up with Long Distance

Moving away from home involves a lot more than experiencing a new place, living with new people, and starting a new life. Everything is new but there is some aspect of the old that you want to keep, such as your friendships and relationships back at home. 607 more words

Project MyStory

On Homesickness

I could feel the lump forming in my throat and my eyes getting warm and watery. I gritted my teeth and managed to suck back the tears I could feel forming, but the lump stayed. 1,023 more words


Third Culture

“Traveling, she realized, was like a slow dismemberment of the body. It plucked the heart out of her and split it into pieces, leaving a bit behind wherever she went, never to be whole again.” -Rhian J. 124 more words