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I’ve been craving American food lately. I’m not sure why. (And by “American food,” I really mean every single type of food available to me back home, which includes the amazing Pad Thai at the Thai restaurant near my house, the awesome California Rolls made with real crab meat at the sushi place downtown,¬†and my mom’s homemade dumplings.) I wish I could have Old Bay covered Maryland crabs with steaming white rice and sweet corn (that’s how my Korean American family does it). 75 more words

Day To Day Life

6 Days To Go...

…and I still feel like I have so long until I leave. I’ve finally have a suitcase big enough to fit a years worth of clothes in. 227 more words


Dorothy...you're not an expat anymore

Today marks the day I stopped being an expat. Or rather, the day I realised I wasn’t one¬†anymore. Maybe this is the wrong way to describe it. 1,152 more words

Living Away From Home

Short Story: Move-In Day

Brittany Foley, BFR Editorial Staff

Walking back up the stairs towards her apartment door, she held her head high, determined to enter her new home feeling confident and prepared. 863 more words

Staff Literary Blog

Trying to understand an emotion

Firstly, I wasn’t going to publish this piece of writing, as the emotion of feeling homesick has since dissolved. But I decided that I would share it with you anyway, as I imagine I’m not the only backpacker who has experienced this feeling before. 1,426 more words


on coming home

Having been home long enough now to sleep normal hours, I have come to a few conclusions about coming home.

As anyone who has gone hostel-jumping before knows, there are a lot of corners of the backpack that people just don’t talk about; like that you feel dirty more often than not, and that if stretching free breakfast until dinner were an Olympic event, you would win gold every time. 156 more words


It's okay to feel homesick

30 August

A wild homesick appeared! What will be your choice of attack? Struggle? Tail whip? Calm mind? Fury Swipe? It has taken 23 years for me to feel homesick. 671 more words