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Week 1 - As Seen by a Romantic Idiot

Well, I survived my first week of college I guess.

Initial thoughts? Well, it’s going to be a lot of fun. But, also, it’s going to be completely different than high school. 65 more words



I’ve been at college now for five days, so obviously I’m an expert.

Okay, I’m anything but an expert.

Honestly these five days may have been some of the hardest I’ve ever experienced. 631 more words


Of grocery stores and crying into my pillow.

It seems like morning cry-sessions are starting to become somewhat of a ritual for me. Something about waking up and hearing people going about their business outside my window makes me feel even more alienated than usual – they belong here, they have their lives here, and I decidedly do not. 618 more words


Little Loves

It’s hard to believe that my first week at college is coming to an end. I swear I’ve already been here for at least 2-3 weeks at this point. 150 more words

Die Zweifel bevor man geht | I can't leave you

Bevor mich meine Gasteltern bei meiner Ankunft in Amerika in ihre Arme genommen haben, waren da natürlich Zweifel in mir. Sie kamen ganz langsam hoch, circa ein Vierteljahr vor Abflug. 366 more words


Care Package Wish List

A tough day at school triggered my first feeling of homesickness here in Kosrae. I walked home from school with a rumble in my tummy, got home and immediately opened the fridge hoping to find something to satisfy both my homesickness and hunger. 322 more words


Whenever I tell people I live abroad, they usually have the same reaction. Germans are often so shocked, they can’t help but chuckle, “Why would anyone want to leave a prosperous country of such vast land and natural beauty?” Others are initially intrigued and praise me for my courage but then quickly mumble something about not being able to do it themselves because they’d get homesick or miss their families too much. 415 more words