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The Haunting Call of Home

Yet hints come to me from the realm unknown;

Airs drift across the twilight border land,

Odoured with life; and as from some far strand… 1,189 more words

Warning: Sentimental post ahead

They say, the first step to resolving any issue is acknowledging the problem.

A friend, in the early stages of her own expat journey, recently asked me “did I find that every now and then very unexpectedly, did I get very homesick?” 875 more words


Finding Familiarity in Siena: Bonding over Homesickness While Studying Abroad

By Colby Wood

SIENA, ITALY — I am currently sitting in a very unfamiliar Munich airport, all alone, waiting for my plane to arrive. It was scheduled to be here about two hours ago. 659 more words


You Can Always Go Home

One thing traveling has taught me, above all else, is that no matter how old I get I’ll never stop needing my mom.

I’m a fairly independent person. 600 more words


On family and future

Poetic Sequence by Margherita Burdese

everyone knows
where they are going and I don’t
belong here yet

Another morning
the alarm goes off
there’s no mum waking you up… 363 more words


My Neighbor is Homesick for India

She spreads herself like butter
Tilts her chin towards the moon
Plays a raga, hums the harmony
Vermillion color chips her brow
She saunters, like a sunbeam… 129 more words


18,293 km

One year ago today I found myself all alone in a new city in a new country in a new continent in a new hemisphere, clutching desperately at a vague mental instruction manual on how to be an adult ™ that I’d pasted loosely together from little snippets of knowledge I acquired from films, books and people I viewed as having successfully achieved the adult ™ tier. 1,509 more words