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3 Ways to Feel at Home in a New City


I read somewhere that you can literally die of homesickness. Isn’t that crazy? Well, I’ve been here for two months and I can say with confidence that I haven’t died yet. 1,081 more words


two places at one time

Like everything else, the build-up-to-Christmas abroad was much better second time round. I wasn’t horrified when the three year olds I teach had no clue who Rudolph was, despite my insistence on paper-plate creations. 467 more words


Recently I left the place I was born to move thirteen hundred miles to Portland, OR. With our car filled with the necessities for starting a new life, Seber and I drove twenty-five hours through desert and forest to get to an apartment we hadn’t visited yet. 311 more words


Exactly three months ago, I moved from Mumbai to Auckland. I do not regret my decision. I love it here. It’s beautiful. I have family here, I love going to class, I get to explore and see new things and most of all I love that I get to discover new things about myself. 457 more words


The One With A Christmas Catch-Up

(Alternatively titled, in Which I Write An Incredibly Long Blog Post To Make Up For A Month Off.)

I took a break from blogging over the exam and holiday period, but with classes starting back on Monday and my need to procrastinate Actual Work with literally any excuse I can find returning in full force – I’m back! 1,818 more words

Diary Posts


When I was young I used to spend summers with my aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents. When I look back on those times I smile as those summers were filled with fond memories. 869 more words



Hello everyone,

I’m here today, to ask you to fill in a form. This form regards the blog and its content, layout, etc. Through the form, you can also give me your feedback and your opinion about the blog. 43 more words