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I’ve suffered from this for the entirety of my 24 living years. Naturally it has peaked and troughed over the years but it’s something that I still suffer with to this day, even though yes, technically I’m an adult now. 1,007 more words


wish you were here

My nephew just turned 1 and I missed it.

My dad’s 60th is coming up next week.

My mom broke her leg at work and was alone in recovery for 8 weeks. 335 more words


Finding Home

Home – the place one lives permanently as a member of a family.

The past few months I’ve been extremely homesick. There- I said it. I am not one to focus on the negative things going on in life, but this homesickness has been so intense, it felt like a battle everyday. 1,180 more words


Cards for a Rainy Day

Do they call it fall because your sinuses try to fall out of your head? Or do they call it fall because your emotions plummet like a dropped brick? 419 more words



Being homesick is such an aching pain that everyone eventually experiences, even if it’s at different interval lengths and at different intensities. There are people who don’t get homesick for months, and then there are people who get homesick in 2 weeks (AKA me). 329 more words


A Calm Week?

Now that I am a month in to my semester in Dublin I need to re-asses this blog. I know I initially set out to have a post out every Sunday/Monday with any additional posts coming Tuesday/Wednesday, but I need more flexibility, so I am just going to try to get at least one post out a week. 1,813 more words

Homesickness when you're 'living the dream'

It’s getting colder in the UK now and I wish I was hungover in London.

Not too hungover you understand. Just that kind of grogginess that is almost pleasant because it comes from having a really great night out with your friends. 399 more words