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Cheers, England | Some Lessons from a Semester Abroad

Hi, there!

So it’s been a while, as usual, but I’ve found that I feel the most comfortable blogging when I feel like I have something pretty valuable to say.   1,144 more words

Creative Writing

The Inventor Of A Place Where The Place Is Not

I am an inventor of a place where the place is not.

I am pleased with the results of my invention.

Outside my back door I have simulated Northern California. 1,019 more words

homesickness for [those who feel trapped] [those who do not like their hometown] [those who want] [to get out]

home is within you
or home is nowhere at all

and I learned this quickly
built into an upbringing on two coasts
the Atlantic
the Great Lakes… 226 more words


Day Thirteen – Camp

 Away from the concrete jungle
I stay tugged in green,
Away from the honk and horns
I stay lulled by the sound of the silence… 143 more words


all the puffy tacos in the world couldn't cure this feeling

I’m going to be honest. Since March, I’ve been battling the homesickness like crazy. It’s not that I hate Texas. I really love it. But it’s just harder here. 969 more words



The choice to move away from every face and place I have ever known.

Out into the unknown I stepped, leaving peace and comfort behind. 120 more words


Changing Places in America ‒ An Emotional History

By Susan J. Matt (Weber State University)

Sitting on a plane last week, I spoke with the woman next to me. An American whose mother was Tongan, she had spent her childhood in Tonga. 1,296 more words