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The Things I Didn't Know I'd Miss

I didn’t expect to miss the things about home that I miss. Missing family and friends was always a given, but there are some things that have taken me by surprise. 600 more words

Life Lessons

Cultural differences are a #$@&#

These past few weeks have been difficult for me. All of a sudden, I feel like I’ve been dealing with cultural difference after cultural difference after cultural difference and they all have gotten to me in some way. 902 more words

I want to go home

I’m stressed out. I’m having anxiety attacks more and more often. I want to go home, to travel up north to my childhood home on the island where my parents still live. 166 more words

10 ways to Overcome Homesickness

1. Step one is staying busy where ever you are! I’m always loneliest when I’m bored. Just get out, go for a walk, go out to eat, workout, see friends, DO SOMETHING. 537 more words

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Settling in as a Foreign Student: Cultural Shock and Homesickness 101's

When you move abroad, a common problem you may experience is the feeling of homesickness. While putting into words this sensation would not do justice to the emotion itself, there is no reason you cannot overcome it. 521 more words

Study Abroad

Not a goodbye

One second you’re stepping on a plane with shaking knees and teary eyes at the end of summer, and the next you’re already saying goodbye to your new home and family with those same teary eyes. 412 more words