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Constructing My First, But Definitely Not Last, Keyhole Garden

You don’t have to live in the desert to benefit from a drought-tolerant composting garden.  Constructing a  “Keyhole Garden” is a great way to bring a creative, sustainable garden into your life, no matter where you live. 610 more words

Gardening Journal

Giving a Piece of Myself at Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, do you prefer to give store-bought, or homemade gifts? I’ll reveal my preference a little later, but, first, I thought I’d go through, what I think, are some of the advantages of each… 874 more words

Things I've Learned

Tomato Crib

I ran out of tomato cages.  Well, I didn’t actually run out.  I confess.  I just didn’t feel like making another one out of grape stakes.  211 more words

Homestead DIY Projects

Time to Re-Purpose a Painting

Last weekend, my husband and I attended our first live auction, and came home with a great painting that I knew would be the perfect background for this project. 394 more words

Homestead DIY Projects

DIY Picket Fence Planter

It’s true.  Almost anything can be used to make a creative planter for the garden.  All it takes is a few, simple, every day objects that you have lying around the house and your imagination to create an interesting, one-of-a-kind container. 279 more words

Homestead DIY Projects

Yet Another Tomato Cage Project

So, I accidentally put the cart before the horse.  I planted some of  my tomatoes in the ground without giving them any support.  Now, they are flopping and sprawling all over the ground — not good. 390 more words

Homestead DIY Projects

How I Made a Simple, Charming Front Door Picture Frame Wreath

I have a simple, country home.  It’s very informal and laid back.   It’s also a work in progress (and will be for the next ten years, or so, I predict).  377 more words

Homestead DIY Projects