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Flora the Milk Sheep

I have wanted to have a milk animal since before I even wanted to homestead. Something about the picture of being up before dawn with a sweet warm animal has just always had a romantic glow around it for me. 543 more words

Spring planting

Spring is supposedly in the air but Scotland doesn’t seem to have noticed yet! This year for my vegetable growing I’ve tried to be infinitely sensible. 538 more words

Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes (Dump and Blitz Style)

Although nothing new in the grand scheme of things, this is another recipe deserving of keeping as it’s quick, simple and you can get away with the ‘dump and blitz’ method of using the food processor instead of 40 bowls, 20 spoons and last night’s take out containers. 533 more words


Diggin in the dirt

Spring is finally showing it’s face around here! I spent most of the day Saturday moving the mulch out of the way and planting some things in my garden. 241 more words

Pioneer Spirit In Black And White

Today, I set out to write more about spring activities. But looking through my pictures, I obviously fell in love with the textures of the old buildings at… 190 more words