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DIY laundry detergent for a YEAR

Being a parent is awesome.

You think you appreciate your parents before but once you have a child you really really appreciate them and may even make a phone call like, “Mom, I’m so sorry for what I ever put you through!” like I did. 297 more words

Ikea Solar Lamps

Lighting in the bus can be tricky.  Ideally, the overhead lights powered by the bus battery provide the best lighting, but I’ve been trying to take it easy on the battery until we can figure out the best way to recharge it, should it go dead.  358 more words


Ikea Fold Out Table for the Bus

We’ve been struggling with table space on the bus. We bought two aluminum fold up tables last year and they are too tippy.  The children routinely knock them over and spill stuff on themselves and the floor. 81 more words


An Unplanned Trip to Santa Lucia

An old homestead.

Root cellar or dwelling?

Axe hewn timbers.

The bone collector collects bones.  But not this day.  He made me promise that I’ll bring my pack basket next time and pack out all of the bones he found.   49 more words


Walipini, the Beginning.....We Hope.

I’ve been looking at this hill for years, wondering what would happen if we excavated it.  We’ve talked about everything from a root cellar to a walipini, to just adding extra parking in our tiny lot. 333 more words


The Succession Plan

We picked up 20 new chicks a few weeks ago.  18 Leghorn pullets an two straight run Dark Brahmas.  This is the first time choosing mostly uniform chicks to raise.   304 more words


Prairie Ribbons

Rusted steel ribbons spiked down on creosote ties
Connected dreams to ambitions with dollars and a note.
Silver tracks pointed westward reflecting bright prairie skies… 142 more words