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A Year Of Crochet 

In November I celebrated one full year of learning crochet. It was an on and off journey as I had other crafts I enjoy that I would spend long periods of time on instead. 194 more words


Day 3

Today I am Grateful for waking up… and again for so many reasons… LOL. I am lucky I get to wake on my own schedule with nothing to rush off to do, I get to call my BF then talk with my husband about the plans for the day, Check my Blood sugars Take my meds and make some breakfast all on my own schedule. 153 more words

The New Notebook

The pink leather notebook, fresh and empty of ideas, lay open upon the wooden breakfast table near the wood stove.  Ideas flourished and manifested across the pages.  168 more words


1917 Scarborough's Map

1917 Scarborough’s Map showing Rural Municipality Numbers as of 1917, and sections on a township range map. Historic railways are noted upon the map, not highways. 471 more words


Here comes the rain

Hi all.. lol. What about 6 of you who may read my blog at this time :D I know at some point in time I am going to have to write an outline for my blog posts, not this it is Monday what random thought do I have ? 76 more words

More of our story, and the learning curve of life

New Blog, ugh what a learning curve. Trying to learn how to work wordpress, how to add a shopping cart, how to then use Amazon payment is just making my head hurt. 299 more words

It's late September. Why am I talking about gardening?

Autumn is actually a great time to start planning your garden, especially if you’re a first-time gardener. It means you like me, will have a leg up come March or April when you suddenly remember there are about 47 steps to laying a vegetable garden. 889 more words