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Vegan Cashew Mozzarella Recipe - Step 3 To Homemade Vegan Pizza 

Most vegan cheese I see looks completely unappealing. My husband and I have tried a few that we found lacking and passed by others that looked like flavored cardboard. 252 more words

Vegan Pizza Dough Recipe 

I posted first about my vegan tomato sauce recipe (most are vegan but the point was in making a vegan pizza to try). You can find the recipe here: … 434 more words

Roma Tomato Pizza Sauce Recipe

I have had vegan pizza on my list to try making for quite some time now. I had been putting it off due to it being somewhat labor intensive as I planned to make every aspect from scratch. 319 more words

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend was a special one for us. Before we had our daughter we didn’t go all out for most holidays or even celebrate them all (meaning most holidays celebrated by the majority of Americans). 565 more words

Learning Loom Weaving - My Latest Craft Obsession 

New Crafts Obsession should be a “thing.” I often find myself obsessively lusting after different crafts. Both crafts I already do and those I yearn to do. 682 more words

Water Kefir Tips and Tricks - What I Have Learned This Past Month

A month and one day ago I started making water kefir. A vegan probiotic drink that is vitamin and mineral rich. Even moreso when you add healthy ingredients for flavor during the second fermentation. 676 more words

Chain Stitch Coasters Tutorial 

In a month or so I will have been crocheting for half a year. I have loved it but also found myself under a weight to complete all the projects requested of me and those I chose to do for myself and my home. 491 more words