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Learning Loom Weaving - My Latest Craft Obsession 

New Crafts Obsession should be a “thing.” I often find myself obsessively lusting after different crafts. Both crafts I already do and those I yearn to do. 682 more words

Water Kefir Tips and Tricks - What I Have Learned This Past Month

A month and one day ago I started making water kefir. A vegan probiotic drink that is vitamin and mineral rich. Even moreso when you add healthy ingredients for flavor during the second fermentation. 676 more words

Chain Stitch Coasters Tutorial 

In a month or so I will have been crocheting for half a year. I have loved it but also found myself under a weight to complete all the projects requested of me and those I chose to do for myself and my home. 491 more words

Homesteader Dirt Delight

I love doing small projects at home, especially when they turn out to be really tasty. I was looking around the internet and came across this recipe that I wanted to try, I call it the Homesteader Dirt Delight. 413 more words


Quick and Easy French Bread Recipe

This morning my husband may have hinted that I make something other than a bunch of different sourdough breads. I wasn’t up to making pretzel bread so I decided to use this French bread recipe I have had for a while. 502 more words

English Muffins Recipe

Growing up my mom always had English Muffins around the house. I wasn’t super fond of them unless slathered in a bucket of butter. Things have changed. 530 more words

Strawberry Kefir Soda 

After starting on my kefir making journey recently I have been having a ton of fun jotting down ideas and recipes to try. Instagram has been a huge source of inspiration especially. 417 more words