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Getting Out From Under Utility Shut Off Notices

It can be said that the working poor are those who work full-time jobs, at times even two jobs, making $29,000 or less struggling to make ends meet. 2,503 more words

Alternative Living

Dealing with a Broken Refrigerator Farmgirl Style

Fifty-five degrees.  Well, that’s not good.  The refrigerator should probably be colder than that.

We do not presently have the money for a new one.  I slurp my lukewarm milk from my bowl of cereal.  275 more words


video fail

Weeeeeeeeeeeell, I was trying to edit the video footage from my recording yesterday but I really loathe how I sound, and how many times I’ve said, ‘um’ or ‘uh’ as I pause to collect my thoughts. 59 more words

This One's For the Girls

No really, this one’s for the girls…

Homesteading women have many things in common.

One, we care about economics.  There is no way we could live this lifestyle if we weren’t frugal.  361 more words



Alright! So, we have a new episode coming out i belllliiieve in a day or two.

This’ll involve: TVA, electricity efficiency, contractors, and my experiences with these peeps as well as how to save money during this process! 58 more words


The Homesteading Bug...or in the Blood?

There are some that are content with flowers in a pot.  There are those who are perfectly happy turning on a switch to make the fire come to life (the gas flame is rather pretty).  479 more words


A Year Of Crochet 

In November I celebrated one full year of learning crochet. It was an on and off journey as I had other crafts I enjoy that I would spend long periods of time on instead. 194 more words