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Homesteading Trumps Gym Membership

You can lose weight and become healthy without a gym membership or a new trendy diet. It’s called homesteading. I haven’t had a gym membership since I graduated college (I think?? 703 more words

Live More On Less

Freezing Produce (it's not too late to preserve!)

Lest one would think that our homesteading duties are through until spring, I must correct.  Now granted, if I had had the prolific garden I thought I would have had I would have long before now canned a year’s worth of peppers, but as life would have it, I did not.  277 more words


5 safety tips for urban homesteaders.

Being an urban homesteader and living in the city, I have grown accustomed to seeing neighbors, passerbys and people in general at their best and at their worst. 535 more words


Whatever the Weather

Weather: small talk the world over depends on its existence.  We bemoan it, celebrate it, pray for sun in mid winter and ski field snow while summer is still lingering. 390 more words

Union Homestead

Playing Ostrich in the Goat Paddock

There are a great many things that need doing at this point in time on the Homestead. Gardens need weeding, seedlings are climbing out of their pots, raised beds need some TLC, and the tarpaulin curtain on the feed shed has yet again broken lose from it’s moorings.   353 more words

Union Homestead

Three Chile Mole Chili (5 minute dinner!)

I needed to get to the shop.  We were loading things into the car.  We weren’t getting home until kind of late.  We don’t have the money to keep eating out.  177 more words


Getting Tons Done, Stressing Less – Time Management

I have been getting so much done lately! I have been stressing a lot less!

A friend of mine posted this Blog post on facebook. 566 more words