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Purging In The Bathroom

After I stopped using most chemical based bathroom products I went through and threw out or gave away a lot of items.

I finally have decided I still have too many toiletries that are not getting used up so I am going to purge my bathroom clutter! 123 more words


Frizzy's first litter

Every once in awhile, I mess up and sex a pig wrong, and wind up with a whole bunch of pregnant girls in my growout pen. 21 more words


Raw Milk Herd Share

Hey Everyone,

Well it happened, I finally got one! I finally got a raw milk herd share and it’s less than 25 minutes from my house as well. 423 more words


Chunk's trio

Last Friday, Chunk had a really gorgeous trio.

A really cute red pig with black markings, a pig with a red head, white blaze, and black butt, and a mostly black pig with buff markings. They are thriving now!


Moving Mountains

196 bales of orchard grass hay came from the first cutting of our hayfields. We’ve stacked half, and still need to unload the other haywagon before we can be done. 820 more words

Photos: July 26th, 2015

Sunday on the Homestead

Hey Everyone!

Wow, you’re getting a lot of posts this week. I’ve been ditching the farmer’s market this week because of the fair, but I’m starting up next week again. 542 more words