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The 2nd Annual Pig and Pie

Well, I know it’s been a bit of radio silence here, these last few days, but it’s for a good reason! We’ve had family company, and on Saturday, we celebrated the… 935 more words


Raspberry plants

At the end of Winter (and unfortunately for me it’s still hanging on) is the best time to trim your fall bearing raspberries.  It’s important to find out what type of raspberry plant you have before you start chopping them down (that is  197 more words


Tour the Homestead

One of the main questions that I am asked by interested people is whether or not I do tours of my homestead, well the honest answer is not right now. 343 more words


Blog is Moving

We have moved our blog from wordpress.com to .org. If you would like to subscribe to the blog or get my newsletter please go to: essentialhomestead.com.


Abby had Babies

On March 26, I came home from work and Abby had four babies. Now, Abby is my albino Abyssinian, and has a good track record of producing large litters, and she did not disappoint. 16 more words


The State of the Garden

Just a brief update as I am tired. I worked on the garden today and planted some more seedlings.

These are my pepper seeds sitting on a heating pad on a TV tray next to my bed. 57 more words


Spring is truly here...

I always know there is no turning back when the tomato seeds go in the dirt.

When at first we are planting herbs and early spring greens like lettuces and kale indoors, we are still in the deep of winter. 249 more words

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