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A Bee-utiful Addition

I have spent the last two years bugging little brother about bees.

Apparently, little brother kept bees as a little guy. He did research, talked to veteran beekeepers, built the hives, did 4-H projects, learned to care for them, and to harvest their products with some direction from his parents, but mostly from his own curiosity and drive. 395 more words


Living Close to the Weather

‘Morning :)

Living with the weather is so much a part of our life that I don’t pull it into conscious level often , but I had to explain it to a volunteer the other day and it has been rattling around every since then . 523 more words


Tiny Veggie Babies and Baby Birds

I’m outside in the yard, like always, and just enjoying the weather and checking up on my garden. There always seems to be a particular spirit who is with me when I am alone in the garden. 126 more words


Why Organic?

The high-school version of me would make fun of me today. Maybe not to my face, but I would have sure thought I am some kind of weirdo. 681 more words


Soap Rebatching

Soap rebatching: because sometimes s#!t happens. Why rebatch soap? Well, for any number of reasons.

  • Maybe it cooled too quickly the first round and still needs a couple more hours.
  • 394 more words

The Smell of Honeysuckles

When I am tending to the garden and walking through the yard I have the constant smell of Honeysuckle. It reminds me of my childhood and it begs for me to come pull off a flower or two and get some of that sweet nectar.


My First Lilly of the Year

I’m so excited when my Lillies start to bloom. This is the first one of the year!