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Aligning Priorities: YNAB Review

Three years ago when buying our house and property, we had a wish list of what it would have; ideally:

Homemade Thai Chili Sauce

As easy to make as it is delicious. This raw, 3-ingredient Thai chili sauce is so good, you’ll never buy Sriracha again.



A Sad Day

Sad news. A little while ago, Remus escaped and we’ve been unable to find him. I first noticed early in the morning when I went to feed them, and only Vanilla came out to greet me. 265 more words

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It's almost time

So the wife and I are trying to get some if the utilities turned on before we move out. Mind you that even though we are using utilities, it will not be for long. 516 more words


How To Keep Goats Out Of Your Chicken Feed

When we first got our chickens a few months ago, we were so excited. But after a while we noticed we weren’t getting nearly as much eggs as you would expect from seven chickens. 378 more words

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We Filled All Our Planters!

Ahhh you guys the garden is a thing that is happening! On schedule! Wooooooot! We got a load of soil to fill the last 4 planters, and planted a bunch of our tomato starts, some basil, pole beans, snap peas, and pickling cucumbers. 195 more words


Failing at your own business--Seamstress

So with my new acquisition of a singer treadle sewing machine (See Dirty and Ragged?), I was all impatient to get started. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t allow me a chance to get right on it and my machine languished a week without me touching it. 725 more words