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Three New Litters - 19 Kits

It was a long weekend, but all three of my pregnant does (yes, Luna Blue was indeed pregnant) kindled healthy litters. Persephone had six on Saturday. 470 more words


Who Inspired You? A Story Of Inspiration - And A Big Thank You!

There has been someone, somewhere, for all of us, who made a difference in our life. Maybe it was teaching us to garden, or how to cook or can Рperhaps it was to play a sport, an instrument, sing, dance, paint or write. 1,725 more words

Life In The Garden

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One of my favorite blogs for living a simpler, more self-reliant life.

Co-op is Seeking a New General Manager

Co-op is Seeking a New General Manager.

Looking for a whole life? Want to start out doing something new? Need a job and also want to live in a community that supports local agriculture, nourishes the earth, is rich in rivers and meadows filled with mustard, golden hay bales dotting fields where cows graze in the open? 110 more words


Turning Yards into Gardens & Neighborhoods into Communities by Food Not Lawns & Heather Jo Flores

Bring the author & founder of Food Not Lawns to your town to teach workshops, plant gardens & build community.

Lawns are the Worst!

Americans spend over $30 billion every year to maintain over 40 million acres of lawn. 833 more words

Food Security

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Just happened across this group in my research and this is in an awesome initiative in both food production and permaculture. Urban and suburban communities could make a huge impact on local food production and the environment.

Snow Piggies!

The heavy snowfall (9″) didn’t dissuade my Guinea pigs at all. The 1/4″ mesh acted like a roof in and of itself. I have been feeding fodder fairly consistently, and any of the Guinea pigs that had mange are starting to grow back their hair. 41 more words