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Making New Canning Shelves

One of the problems with my old canning shelves is that they are really just bookcases. I can’t do much to adjust the height of each shelf and I either have to stack my jars on top of each other, which is not advisable for a lot of reasons, or waste a lot of space. 846 more words


In Crafting Mode ☺

With the first of our Flux festivals coming up, I am getting really excited! What can I make that will spark someones Imagination ? Stir their Creative mind ? 185 more words

Native Hedging: Pacific Wax Myrtle

Last summer our neighbors to the south underwent a massive yard overhaul. Unfortunately, it resulted in us loosing a lot of our privacy…grrr.

Since then, Matt and I have considered fencing, shrubs, evergreens and every other kind of hedge/barrier/privacy screen possible. 155 more words

Life On Vashon

Exciting news!

I had an exciting day today. Today, as a part of preparing for something with Homesteadingedu, we worked on a course that will teach you how to make scrumptious homemade sourdough English muffins from scratch. 172 more words


Pure Mint Extract

Extracts are one of those things where the moment you realize how simple they are to make, you kick yourself for ever thinking you needed to buy them. 215 more words


Aquaponics-Grow bed maintenance

I had to make some changes in the greenhouse this winter which gave me the opportunity to take a closer look at my grow beds. The grow beds had a high concentration of fish solids making it difficult to maintain clean water and a proper ph balance. 111 more words

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The lively homestead

I know it has been two, nearly three weeks since my last post. I am sorry about that. Life on the homestead got very busy. Two weeks ago, these lovelies came along and have kept us very busy! 87 more words