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Farming For Free?!

We’ve always been of the mindset that animals cost money.  I mean, let’s be real.  You don’t raise your own animals to be frugal… 935 more words


Highs and Lows of the 2016 Summer on the Farm

Keeping this blog up to date has been a real challenge with the combination of busy days and having no internet access on the farm as of yet. 584 more words

Farm Life

A dismantling of sorts

Life is never stagnant. And while that is often a good thing, it also means that we must be amenable to change, even unwelcome change. 525 more words


Chicken Coop Becomes Tool Shed

The dismantling of the chicken coop has begun… J has already taken down the run and given away the chicken supplies (3 tube feeders, water trough, garbage can of scratch, ramp, plastic waterer) and cleaned out the inside of the coop itself. 146 more words


A Mountain Joy

When my sister went to Ecuador a few years ago, she came home with some recipes that work beautifully with an herb that my family likes to grow. 574 more words


"To DO" Lists-What's YOURS like?

Got one? That dreaded “to do” list?

Mine actually helps me :)

Making lists didn’t used to be productive for me. Then I read something in a Womans Day magazine some years back that really made it work  by putting a new perspective on it. 304 more words

Chilly! Weather Patterns - Shifting?

Gooood Morning!

Woke up to a chilly 52 this AM !

As one of the Ancient Ones, I remember …

Old time folklore the first twelve days of january represent the months of the years – if the first is wet – January will be wet- etc. 438 more words