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Garden is Woke Already

It’s only early February, but a lot of our garden is already started to sprout. Our honey berry bushes have fresh buds on them, the daffodils have started coming up, and the garlics that I planted last fall have cracked the surface! 51 more words


Back to Basics Bundle

Remember last year, the Basic to Basics Living group hosted a FREE educative online summit?  Well, this year, they are offering an ebook bundle that I’m sure you’ll find useful! 72 more words


Dividing the Basement

We have at last started to divide the great room in the basement into two separate rooms in an effort to get more use out of the space. 243 more words



It’s that time of year.  Time for a new broom to ribbon and anoint before sweeping through our rooms.  Give me a broom over a vacuum any day.  513 more words


Go see Homesteadingedu

Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know that all future posts of homesteading fun will be happening on http://www.homesteadingedu.com

Homestead in health ya’ll!



The House at the Start of 2018

This December marks our 4th complete year at the house. Time flies so fast! When we bought the house we knew it was too big, but thought it would be better to buy something we could grow into in case we decided to start a family. 160 more words


New Year's Eve 2017

Snow Flurries here at Herbhome ! Happy Dance !

Something  magical about snow , it always creates a overwhelming happpy feeling in me…

Haven’t posted in a while … seems like I have been spinning my wheels on the highway for months now. 712 more words