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Adventures in Canning: Italian Prune Plum Jam

Last weekend we brought home a huge box of fresh picked Italian plums. This weekend I decided to try my hand at canning plum jam. Result? 280 more words

Life On Vashon

Harvesting: Sun Gold Tomatoes

We got a big load of tomato plants this year that were meant to be a mix of Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and Black Prince heirlooms. 38 more words


My summer as a free mason

No, no, no…not a Freemason; just a free mason. After the anonymous destruction of our nearly new “indestructible” mailbox it was determined that we were not going to fork over another $500 to have it rebuilt. 380 more words

Farm Life

Sorry, Guests

When we first moved in to this house we found we had a real shortage of furniture to fill the rooms with. I guess that happens when you move from 615 square feet into 2,100… well it’s been two and a half years and we have collected quite a bit since the first winter here. 591 more words


We Moved

Moving is a bear and something I hope I never have to do again.  In April we sold our house in central NC, bought a house in Western NC, and moved to the mountains. 186 more words


Harvesting: Beans

We have beans! This was on my list of garden “wants” and we have definitely been successful. We planted a patch of pole beans on the ropes up to the balcony, and a planter full of scarlet emperor beans with a bamboo trellis. 17 more words