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Weather Or Not It Is True

Today I sit in my house and experience a wailing storm just beyond my window panes. There was hail the size of plump blueberries pelting against my metal roof during torrential rains. 420 more words


How to Raise Turkeys

Look at Me (Photo credit: whiteoakart)

Turkeys can be a fun, profitable addition to a small farm or homestead. They are usually raised formeat, although some people like to keep a tom (a mature male turkey) around as a pet. 741 more words


Guinea Pigs Moved Outside

There were over 60 guinea pigs in the indoor pen, so since the weather is nice, and I need to convert that area into a brooder box for my future bird enterprise, I decided to cull my male pigs and tiny female pigs, and move the babies and their parents to the outdoor pen. 28 more words


Thoughts on Suburban Bee Keeping

It’s with a sad heart that we have come to this decision. ¬†After keeping bees since 2007 (with one year off) we have decided to no longer keep bees at our residency. ¬† 944 more words


Buffy had Babies

Buffy had three babies early Friday morning. There is a solid white baby Piggie.

Another baby Piggie has a black face with a blaze, and an orange butt. 30 more words


Some Firsts Today

The fur is in on Cinnabun’s kits. They were first, but then they were born first. There are definitely 2 solid blacks, 1 possible black, and 2 chocolates. 490 more words


Cleaning With Fire!

J has taken the rest of the palette planters down and we were left with a big pile of stuff to get rid of. What better way to clean than to burn it all haha. 27 more words