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Fun with Color Genetics 2: Profiling Magician

This is the second series trying to profile the color genetics of my rabbits. As I pointed out in Part 1, Magician and Buckbeak wound up with a broken yellow kit. 367 more words


Fun with Color Genetics: Profiling my Buck

Bring out the inner nerd! So, I am not one who cares much about coloration on my babies, so long as they are healthy and edible. 835 more words


Revitalizing the Front of the Property

As previously mentioned, our front yard is looking pretty muddy and brown and unappealing. Well no more! We had a load of gravel delivered that we spread along the mud on the side of the carport, then a second load (a birthday gift from my Mom!) that we spread up the driveway. 409 more words


Winter Garden Work

We finally got our first real snow of the season recently and it is beautiful. My husband is especially excited about all the nitrogen fixation occurring in our garden. 422 more words


New kids on the Block

Our last chiva (goat) finally gave birth this week and it is with pride that I announce our new kids’ arrivals. We have all sorts of genetic diversity this year. 771 more words

Animal Husbandry

Sorceress x Buckbeak have 8!

Buckbeak is a 3/4 New Zealand, 1/4 American Chinchilla buck that joined our homestead a few months ago. He has had successful viable kits, but to new does that didn’t know what they are doing, so they died. 33 more words


Expired Food Is Not Cinderella At Midnight

Dear Manager at The Real Canadian Superstore,

I was feeling a little peckish and I thought some kefir spread would hit the spot. I found a package that had a best before date that was the same as today’s date. 178 more words