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Chickens, Turkey and Guinea Foraging

It is a joy to sit outside and watch the chickens, turkey and guinea foraging. The entire time the roosters are claiming territory, the guinea chases the chickens the turkey struts around making his royal presence known. 28 more words


Gypsy Spring

I was checking my orchard a few days ago and I noticed the peach trees blooming. I saw 2 trees out of the 36 I planted that are not budding out as of yet. 473 more words


Homestead Update

Last week the weather finally warmed up and made it feel like Spring, although tonight we are expecting near record lows in the upper twenties. But while the weather was nice last week I took the opportunity to do a little work around here. 304 more words


Homestead Update

I am typing this with my head totally stopped up from allergy and sinus problems so this post may be more rambling and disjointed than usual. 451 more words


Homestead Update; Snowbound Once Again!

Two weeks ago we had 5 inches of sleet which was just about melted away when this last storm came through and dropped 8 inches of snow on us. 310 more words


Moby Goes to the Lost Coast, California

June 2014

About 230 miles north of San Francisco, the Lost Coast is now largely undeveloped. After the California gold rush, the Redwood forests were clear-cut to fuel the San Francisco building boom. 380 more words