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Homestead Update 2/6/16

I was in the Post Office yesterday and I saw this flier posted on the door. $25,000 reward for assaulting a postal worker in Memphis. That is a big no-no. 506 more words


Homestead Update 1-31-16

I am under my Doctor’s order to walk for 30-45 minutes every day. I don’t like exercise walking and I never have. It always seems like a colossal waste of time. 417 more words


Old Roads and old things

I was contemplating to myself yesterday as I was driving that although it sounds so simple there is real truth in the statement that if you want to see new things, you must travel down new roads. 769 more words

Homestead Update

I hope you have all survived Winter Storm Jonas. After watching the news on TV and internet, it still amazes me how people can be so unprepared for even a 3 day emergency. 424 more words


Second homes or third-grade greed

Having a roof over the head is a basic necessity of life, a prerequisite rather. Not only does it save one from sabre-toothed tigers and the elements, it also makes a great place for rest and repose. 574 more words

Homestead Update 12/19/2015

I haven’t done much actual Homestead activity this week, but I have been Christmas shopping! I always buy myself some nice gifts for Santa to bring me. 381 more words