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Another Swarm Trap!

This is my box style swarm trap hanging in a tree last Thursday. It must have been hot in that box, they had a small beard of bees on the outside. 411 more words


Swarm Trap Failure!

This is a picture inside my third swarm trap capture. There are not a lot of bees in the picture, there were twice that many on the lid of the trap and lots more circling around in the air. 428 more words


Workweek Update

Let’s see if you might find anything interesting about my travels last week.

These old cars are sitting in the backyard of a house on the edge of a field I check. 236 more words


Bee Day!

Last week for the monthly area bee keepers association meeting we met on a Saturday morning and went to inspect some bee hives at one of the older members homes. 320 more words


Homestead Update

I’m going to make this post short and sweet just to let everyone know we are still here. I’ve had two nice sunny, dry work weeks where I put in 70 hours each week so I didn’t do much around here except the usual mundane tasks like mowing and picking up limbs. 236 more words


Searching for Homesteads and Farms Across America (selling everything one owns and hitting the road Farmgirl style)

We have shed quite a few tears.  Ran through every possible scenario.  Worried about our daughters and our granddaughter.  Worried about our cats.  Felt tremendous loss.  705 more words


Wooden Shop Work Table

I built this wooden work table for my shop out of 3/4 inch plywood and 2X4s to make it nice and sturdy. I wanted it to be mobile so I can shove it around against the wall and keep the center of my shop open. 412 more words