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Homestead Update 5/28/2017

I looked out our back door last week and watched a red fox stroll across the yard. The family of Foxes have been around so long my dogs in the pen don’t even bother barking at them anymore unless they come really close to the pen. 289 more words


Waterfalls Old Homesteads and Fun Stuff

Here are a variety of pics from some exploring the few days enjoy! 106 more words


Homestead Update 5/14/2017

I have 30 gallons of used motor oil that I drained out of my dirt bikes and ATVs stored in unapproved 2 1/2 gallon jugs. I need to pour them over into a five gallon container and carry the oil to the recycling center. 176 more words


Homestead Update 5/7/2017

I have been working around the yard this week planting new shrubs and perennials. I received another order from Hostas Direct and they came in perfect condition. 294 more words


Low commercial agricultural levels are predominant in Uganda.

Close to 70% of Uganda’s homesteads, that is, aproximately 7 out of every 10 homesteads are not in the money economy. Many families still belong to the pre-capitalist mode of production where people do not produce for money but just for eating and social obligations. 173 more words


Homestead Update 3/5/2017

This week I planted some cold crops in my raised bed. The bed did so well last summer even with me neglecting it badly I decided to give the lettuce, broccoli and onions a try. 191 more words


ESO Homesteads (Console Version)

Longer post today, but I wanted to talk about Elder Scrolls Online addition of Homesteads on PS4 (and Xbox One). Though I don’t talk about it much, I actually play ESO weekly. 820 more words