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It's nearly the end of Term One!

Can you believe Term One of Year 7 is nearly over?

Don’t forget to study for your final spelling test. There is an Easter egg prize for whoever gets 20/20! 43 more words


Adobe FrameMaker12 Ch. 3

Chapter 3 was pretty basic. What was throwing me off was FrameMaker’s choice to call styles by the name of “tags.” I wonder if there’s an actual difference between styles and tags? 141 more words


Adobe FrameMaker12 Ch. 1 & 2

These were due on Friday. Unfortunately, my copy of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite was damaged over the weekend, and I only found the time to uninstall, download, and reinstall tonight. 138 more words



Lauren and I interviewed each other. I thought it’d be a good idea to record in one of the miller practice rooms. I’ve had trouble with shooting good quality video before, despite having a good camera, so I made sure that my video settings were good, but uploading to youtube still lessened the quality drastically. 40 more words



For my Stress Management class, we had to draw an image/symbol that means something to us. I drew the NEDA recovery symbol and I thought I’d share it. 20 more words

Let's stop this whole "ADULTHOOD" thing.

My first blog post, so exciting! So, here’s the deal. I am a senior studying Business Administration with a minor in English with no clue what I want to do in life. 216 more words


Post Production Journal

Reflection :

During the shooting, I was a little worried about how am I going to make them look professional. I only used tripod for one of the interview, and hand held for the rest of them. 623 more words