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11/19: Homework

6학년: 중학기본1200 Day 51-52
중1: Grade 7 Lesson 10 My Hopes and Dreams (2)
중2: Grade 8 Lesson 10 I Can’t Believe My Eyes! (2)
중3: 어원 Day 02

Due Tuesday, Nov. 20th


Parent vs Teacher - The Homework Debate

There were a number of things I expected to happen when my daughter started school in September. Getting out of the house on time would be a challenge.  1,302 more words

Homework DUE Tues. 11/18 (C/E) or Wed. 11/19 (A/D/B)

Complete ex. 2b and ex. 2c from pg. 14-15 of the textbook. You may do these in your spiral. Use the observations we made in class and recorded in our notes! 16 more words


Post 2 in the blog

This is the second post!

I like being able to toggle in between plain text and HTML.


Today I learned...

Today I learned the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.  I also learned there are a lot of high quality public domain images of libraries on the internet!