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I don't care if it hurts, i wanna have control (Therapy homework: essay on the subject of control)

I feel like I’m in control when my spaces are clean, when I exercise, when im working towards accomplishments. when people accept me. when i know my job and where ill live and i can afford everything. 709 more words


DIY Homework Station Desks

My Latest Project

As I mentioned, I have two kids and both girls will be at the same school next year (yay!). My oldest will be in 3rd grade and my youngest in Kindergarten. 538 more words


Class #2, Week #3 - Imagining and Critiquing Design Solutions

This week we built on last week by building a workflow of using reminders and then added wire frames to illustrate our suggested feedback and features from our user research sessions.   253 more words

Information Systems Interview: Alexander Coll

I have known Alex for a few years now but never knew exactly what he did in the technology industry or how he got to his current position. 794 more words

My Group Work Revelation: Best Advice for Working in Online Teams

I recently took an online course where my professor wanted us to work in groups. I thought about how much I loathe group assignments and would prefer working alone any day. 403 more words


Arctic Monkeys 

I’ve known about the Arctic Monkeys for years but recently I’ve started listening to their music and getting into them. Their music is really listenable in any situation and there’s a song for every kind of vibe you’re feeling (if that makes sense?) I thought I’d list some of my favourite songs so that you guys who have an undiscovered love for them can get to know them too! 24 more words

Summary Of Our Meeting This Week

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your participation and sharing during our meeting this week.

The telephone conference numbers for our group are:

Telephone conference number:  204 more words