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Parent vs Teacher - The Homework Debate

There were a number of things I expected to happen when my daughter started school in September. Getting out of the house on time would be a challenge.  1,302 more words

Homework DUE Tues. 11/18 (C/E) or Wed. 11/19 (A/D/B)

Complete ex. 2b and ex. 2c from pg. 14-15 of the textbook. You may do these in your spiral. Use the observations we made in class and recorded in our notes! 16 more words


Post 2 in the blog

This is the second post!

I like being able to toggle in between plain text and HTML.


Today I learned...

Today I learned the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.  I also learned there are a lot of high quality public domain images of libraries on the internet!



When you don’t have any good pc program but you have to do your WEIRD homework. Yes weird. WEIIIIIRD… well it’s pretty funny tho

I had to ilustrate an adage so I drew it… I picked those two to give my classmates a chance to guess any. 92 more words

P7 Anderson Shelters Project!

The Primary 7s have been working for the last 6 weeks on a homework project… and the results are fantastic!

They were asked to build a model of an Anderson Shelter out of any materials they wanted! 89 more words

Primary 7