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30th March, 2017

1. Maths – ho (on it)
2.  Malti – booklet p. 45, 46, 47
3.  Eng – WA workbook p. 81, 82, 83 (highlighted only) 14 more words

Thursday 30th Mrach 2017

  1. Bring €5 for photocopies.

  2. Maths Blockgraphs handout back and front.

  3. Sign Maths Assessment ‘Time’.

  4. Study list of words ‘The Kidnappers’.

  5. English  Comprehension ‘Spring Part 2’, do the highlighting and write full and neat sentences.

  6. 32 more words

Thursday 30th March 2017

Maths handout

Copy creative writing- My favourite toy on project book.  Skip a line when writing and two lines between paragraphs.  Draw or find a picture of your toy. 20 more words


Homework Thursday 30th March

Homework is given today since tomorrow is a no school day.

literacy 1: pg 30

numeracy : pg 34-35

literacy 2: pg 38-39




-Her behavior’s audacity shocked me!


-I were cranky if I would go to bed late.


-Charlene is erect, confident and when she teaches English , her words comes without a quiver. 107 more words


Case Study #3: The Needle Drop


The Needle Drop is a YouTube channel started by Anthony Fantano in 2009. On this channel he reviews all types of music and gives a 1-10 score with his favorite and least favorite songs in the description. 803 more words


The Forgetting Curve and why holiday revision is vital to school success.

Let’s keep it simple.

School success is about Learning.

Learning in simplest terms is a change in long term memory.

If you have new knowledge, skills or behaviours stored in your long term memory you have learnt.

293 more words