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Ahhh you guys probably thought I forgot about posting on Thursdays, BUT I DIDN’T!

I’ve been caught up with a lot of homework (or more like avoiding doing it… which I still am) 270 more words


Initial Margin costs of the same trade in 3 forms:

  • SPX with Reg-T Margin
  • SPX with Portfolio Margin
  • ES futures options with SPAN Margin
    • ES options are 1/2 the size of 1 SPX option, so to construct the same trade in ES options, I doubled the amount of contracts…
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Thursday, September 21

  1. Spelling test on Friday
  2. Math – gr. 4 p. 52 #2, 4, 5 – Friday; gr. 5 Addition quiz Monday
  3. Entertainment books – Sept 29…
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Easy & Fun Math Activities if You LOVE to Watch Football

Why This Activity Was Created

Today, one of my students asked if he could have homework to challenge him over the weekend. I was overjoyed!  My whole philosophy of homework is that it should be individualized,  purposeful, and when possible self-assigned. 146 more words


Math 151:HWK 3(DUE 10/3)

Please review what we have covered for upcoming test!

I will go over the two problems in section 2.6 on Tuesday before you hand in the homework. 11 more words

Math 253: HWK 3(DUE 9/29 Friday)

Hi all,

Please start reviewing chapter 2 for upcoming test!

Problems to hand in:

10.1: 11

10.2: 7,8,17

12.1: 6,11(a),31

12.2: 15,19,21,38

12.3: 6,10,39,43,61,62

12.4: 9-12,20



September 21, 2017

Hello Parents and Students,

My apologies for not posting on the website yesterday… I was away at a meeting/training for the entire day. However, I was very happy that the Teacher-on-Call wrote a glowing note about the class and their behaviour… well done division 3!!! 67 more words