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Ireland Most Dangerous Place In The Celtic Isles

The continuing spate of gun deaths in Dublin has once again thrown the spotlight upon life in our nation’s capital. Shootings occur now on a sometimes daily basis. 618 more words


Chicago: 8 Killed in 17 Hours

The Chicago Tribune reports Sunday in Chicago began with the killing of a 20-year-old man during an argument in Old Town just after midnight. Before the day was out, there would be a double-homicide on the steps of a church on the West Side and a triple-homicide on a block of homes on the Southeast Side. 76 more words

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Violent Crime on the Rise

The Washington Times reports that violent crime is on the rise this year in some of the country’s biggest cities. According to statistics, Chicago still leads as the deadliest city while homicide cases have spiked in Baltimore and New Orleans. 70 more words

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Teen suicides now outnumber homicides — and there's a terrifying reason why

Teen suicide is at a two-decade high, even surpassing rates of homicide. Smartphones and social media seem to create feelings of loneliness. Parents should be mindful of how much time their kids spend on their phone. 40 more words

Christie Blatchford: Why not name murder victims? New Alberta policy is absurd

There’s no crime quite like murder.

Though obviously personal, in that an individual has been killed, it also has a uniquely public aspect: One of our own has been taken, and there exists a genuine collective loss. 850 more words

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Chicagoland: Homicide rate increases as 2017 progresses

Unfortunately, the homicide rate is increasing in Chicago. That is, the number of homicides per month are increasing as 2017 progresses.

The year started off with 145 homicides in the 1st quarter – January, February, and March –  compared to the 151 homicides through the 1st quarter in 2016. 560 more words

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