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Court Throws Out Digital Homicide's Case Against Critic Jim Sterling

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Jim Sterling

Yesterday, a court dismissed game developer Digital Homicide’s $10 million case against YouTube critic Jim Sterling. Fortunately for those of us who write about video games, Sterling’s scathing critique of Digital Homicide’s game Slaughtering Grounds won’t create precedent for developers slamming critics with million-dollar lawsuits. 439 more words


Call Box: Sometimes I Just Wonder

By Ed Meckle, Retired LAPD

I can’t explain it but sometimes I just wonder about things. In this case I went online and checked Department of Defense and FBI stats and surprised myself. 456 more words

The Callbox

President Trump Falsely Claims the U.S. Murder Rate Is the Highest in 45 Years

President Donald Trump told a group of sheriffs on Tuesday that the murder rate in the U.S. was the highest in 45 to 47 years when in fact the rate remains near its lowest point in half-a-century. 196 more words

See Chicago’s Deadly Year in 3 Charts

Chicago experienced its deadliest year in almost two decades in 2016. According to Chicago police, 762 people were killed, an increase of 58% from 2015. The rise in homicides came as the number of shootings—3,550, with 4,331 shooting victims—jumped by 47%. 377 more words

Map of the day

Like economic inequality, murder inequality in America is stark and obscene.

According to a new study by the Guardian,

In 2015, Chicago had the highest total number of gun homicides of any city in America.

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