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Has The Novel Had Its Day? Contemporary Fiction's Inability to Cope with Modern Life

It is a common belief that the literary tradition of Modernism emerged as a response to societal change happening around, and sometimes initiated by, the First World War. 1,292 more words


Jebel Irhoud Woman

The woman portrayed here represents a population of early Homo sapiens whose remains have been uncovered at the site of Jebel Irhoud in Morocco. Dated to around 300,000 years ago, their fossils may be the oldest assigned to the modern human species thus far. 28 more words


The Settlers

Somewhere in Africa circa 70-50,000 years ago, a band of early modern humans (Homo sapiens) wanders far and wide in search of new foraging grounds. Their travels might even take them outside the continent, therefore announcing the species’s colonization of the rest of the habitable world. 45 more words


Tianyuan Man Portrait

This is a facial portrait of Tianyuan Man, an early modern human (Homo sapiens) who would have lived in northeastern China between 42,000 and 39,000 years ago, making him among the first modern humans to occupy the region of East Asia. 55 more words


"Irrevocable" by Max King

The Apostle Paul has fallen on hard times in some sections of the academy and the churches, and for good reason. His apparent attitudes towards women, same-sex relationships and hierarchy are just a few areas where he has been judged and found wanting by contemporary readers. 1,456 more words

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How "Homo Sapiens"stood the test of time?

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Together is Better”.

Right from the caveman times till the modern day , several specific stronger than us have failed to survive the test of time yet we “homo sapiens” or humans have stood the test of time. 86 more words



“Knowledge itself is unknowable.”
—from Plato’s dialogue The Theaetetus

“All men naturally reach out for knowledge.”

“Knowledge itself is power.”
—Roger Bacon

An Oration… 2,356 more words