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Why it hurts to be the Alpha

Welcome, if you’ve come here then you’re probably searching for something better in your life. I was just like you (fuck that’s cliche isn’t it, haha, sorry, I’m gonna be a bit ad lib), and I wondered what I was doing wrong. 1,107 more words

Life Advice

Redefinicja rodziny na bazie zmian w rumuńskiej konstytucji

Redefinicja rodziny na bazie zmian w rumuńskiej konstytucji

Rumunia, idzie jak już wiecie drogą polski, ponieważ schemat geopolityki dla byłych państw słowiańskich przewiduje jednakowy silnik dekonstrukcji słowa i definicji pojęciowych. 1,257 more words

Liga Świata


First of all: Hi. I’m fat. Let’s get that cleared up before someone finds a picture of me and posts it on Twitter.

Also, as you can tell from the blog name, I’m queer. 767 more words



He leans up against the door that separates the train cars from each other. Dressed in a crow black suit with a sharp nose and a receding hairline like Dracula’s. 240 more words


Y La Vaca

He opened the door, invited me in, looked me up and down and said:

“Wait a minute.”

He went to his closet got out a folding step ladder, unfolded in front of me, climb up it—just one step, and kissed me. 677 more words