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Sorry for the screw-up last night. It was my fault entirely. In any event, you should be able to access the Epilogue this morning any of the usual ways or by clicking this link.


Epilogue ...

Last week’s chapter brought us face to face with the reality of AIDS at the end of 1982. Like today, there was no cure. Unlike today, there wasn’t even a treatment regimen. 889 more words



​He says, “if boys weren’t silly, they’d be men”. He can’t control his hands. He’s a madman. Why does he offer me torture when I just want to be adored? 140 more words



The sky is black at night. Not waking up is morbid. These are simply matter of facts. That’s a description of your feelings. I never gave a rat’s ass. 131 more words



Perhaps you’re not young anymore and perhaps your youth was different than mine, however you can still feel how broken I am, how insecure, how scared, how I hate the popular kids but ache for their throne, how I love older men but they don’t love me back because they’re too old. 54 more words


Chapter 32 ...

Last week took us from October into December and close to the Christmas holidays. Some positive things happened along the way.

After a long discussion in which Mark shared his fears with Jeff about the possibility of infecting Leo with AIDS, they finally agreed this was something he needed to discuss with Leo so that the two of them could decide together what they wanted to do. 453 more words


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