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Side by side by Homo

Of the many and varied animals that lived alongside the earliest members of our own genus, Homo, few are as captivatingly enigmatic as the hominins that are grouped together as ‘robust australopithecines’, or placed in the genus… 1,054 more words


Queer aan Zee borrel - zaterdag 25 april

Let op: de locatie is gewijzigd! Op zaterdag 25 april vanaf 16.00 uur zitten we in café-restaurant Savanna, Prins Hendrikplein 10 in Den Haag – … 238 more words


Take me to the gay club

When was the last time you went to a gay club? Me? Geez, it was a while ago, I can tell you that. I’ve gone from being part of the furniture, to not stepping foot in that place for over a year. 1,096 more words

Pizza War: Gay Discrimination vs. Religious Freedom | True News

Stefan Molyneux, Apr 2015

Memories Pizza in Indiana is under heavy criticism after saying that they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding because it was against their Christian religious beliefs.


Attack On Faith

TSA - Total Sexual Assault

A former TSA agent speaks regarding the latest groping scandal.


Business as usual for the federal molesters.  Why does this organization exist?

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Gay nazi

Jumpstarting Car Fail

This was a crazy moment that happened this week. I was trying to jumpstart a car and I was not expecting the sparks that came. First it was one spark and then it was more. 140 more words

Dan hoefde ik mij niet te verontschuldigen in de kroeg...

Voor iedereen is het waarschijnlijk wel een voorkomend iets: op vrijdagavond wanneer er niks beters op de televisie is dan ‘heel Holland zing’ ligt het voor de hand dat je even een kijkje gaat nemen in de kroeg. 285 more words