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Homo naledi: The discovery of a new Hominid species in South Africa

Discoveries of new species tend to result from a combination of fortuitous luck and scientific nous. The discovery of Homo naledi certainly involved both.

In October, 2013, Rick Hunter and Steven tucker – both recreational cavers – stumbled across some human looking fossils in the Dinaledi cavern part of the Rising Star cave system. 546 more words


The Homo way to mourn?

Last fall, a team of mostly women scientists led by Lee Berger announced its discovery of a new hominin species in a South African cave: Homo naledi. 380 more words


How are y’all? I’ve decided to start up this blog again. If you haven’t seen it quite yet, there used to be a post about transphobia and one about homophobia. 79 more words


- The First Division -

Where in lies the answer to the Homo sapien, other than in its genus?Ask the Italian and he shall show you your problem ask the Greek and he shall show you the solution… 205 more words


Neem het mij vooral niet kwalijk maar ik vind Ilse Reynders een ontzettend geil wijf. En als rechtgeaarde seksuologe kan zij daar überhaupt niks op tegen hebben. 296 more words

Dirty Dirt Selection #2: Sweat

“Sweat” appears on Luno’s forthcoming EP, Dirty Dirt, available 12 February 2016 from Forces of Faggotry.

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