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It is what it is...

For the past year or so, I’ve been in the long process of coming out. My sexuality was always something I chose to ignore. Since forever, I’ve NEVER gotten a boner from a female, and I doubt I ever will. 129 more words

A HoMo's Hymn

We were born under a desert sky.

Bound by sacred covenant.

Clothed in tradition.

Baptized into comformity.

We awoke in the dark desert night.

Outside dogmatic confines. 6 more words



My head hurts i just don’t understand how i keep ending up in the same situation giving a man my heart my mind myself MY MONEY and most of all MY LOVE am i that stupid that keep believing love exist in this greedy world. 148 more words


I’m here.
What is it that you want me to think?
To believe? To adhere…?
That inside me, lives no tree, no root, no meaning, no…fear? 101 more words

Baby Feet and Body Hair

All primates, including humans, are “riders”, we have evolved to carry our young. Yet our evolutionary cousins* have smaller, more precocious babies. Adult gorillas, for example, are significantly larger than adult humans, ye… 1,420 more words


Summer Talk

It has been over a month now, I’ve been desperately looking for that moment between us when I can finally admit to you my feelings. God, I’m so happy to have you, I think about you everyday. 67 more words


Lessons from the school of gay

From the age of 15, I’ve been surrounded by gays, even before I came out. In that time, I’ve learnt a lot, majority of which I wish I didn’t know, like the finer art of giving blow jobs. 1,154 more words