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whiskey thoughts.

Whiskey thoughts.

I held moonlight in my hands once. It was magical. He was magical. His lips fit perfectly inside of mine. I’m a different person today. 275 more words


Back inside

So, since i was sixteen I am out and proud. But since two years I’m.. Lets say, half in. Or half out.. Whatever you like.. 354 more words

Troye Sivan

I don’t know what to say, i’m speachless.

This is amazing. He is bringing up these important topics that we are aware off but we don’t see how much it can effect someone. 60 more words

Lesbian/gay online community

You may have proceeded your exploring on the internet.
If you didn’t know yet, the internet is a great way to discover the LGBT world/community. 267 more words

Most annoying/inappropriate/awkward comments and questions..

When people find out you are gay something special happens..
People get curious and they lose all sense of propriety.
Many times people approach me with questions or comments regarding my ‘gayness’.. 462 more words

In or out?

As I wrote in my previous post some people come out a little later than others.
Some people discover later in life how they feel about the same sex or have denied it for a long time. 529 more words

Gay is okay?

Everyone has a different opinion on this. And I don’t think we should consider what others think most of the time. I think the real question is: Are you okay with gay? 384 more words