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A Christian Lesbian

All my life I have been apart of a “church or considered my self being a Christian. & All my life I tried living up to people’s expectations of me. 451 more words


Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015

This happy couple from Belgium visits Amsterdam for a week.
They don’t really have a plan, they just go around wandering, explore and see what they stumble upon. 13 more words


My blog has been left and neglected the past month or so much like the child of an alcoholic mother on benefits, so for that I apologise.  1,928 more words

We're All Homos: Why Do We Need Labels 



1. same

Coming from the Greek word for same homos

Homo sapiens


1. the species of bipedal primates to which modern humans belong, characterized by a brain capacity averaging 1400cc( 85 cubic in.) and by dependence on language and the creation and utilization of complex tools. 474 more words

"Lives Under the Red Light" - A Glimpse Into the Lives of Cambodian Sex Workers

Cambodia is one of the most sexually liberal countries that I’ve ever been to.  Liberal in the sense that within a few days of entering the country (and whether you’re interested or not), you will know where to find sex.   583 more words

Phnom Penh

Why Homosexuality is Still a Crime in India & Why it's Outrageous For Indians in General

Before I answer the question in depth, please allow me to clarify that I’m not homophobic & by all means support people with all sorts of sexual orientations. 830 more words

PEP Talk

So I made a really dickish mistake on another one of my drunken escapades. After the Brewers Street Party, I ended up pulling a couple in Subway half way through my order (classy). 737 more words