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Why Grumpy Fag?

Many years ago, I was having far too much wine with one of my favourite and closest mates.  He put the telly on and asked if I’d ever seen the show that was about to start on the BBC.   262 more words


Stan mocht 5 weken de les niet meer in omdat hij gay is

Door: Nick van Volen

Stan (23) is op zijn twaalfde uit de kast gekomen toen hij in zijn eerste jaar op de middelbare school zat. Voor hem was dat niet makkelijk: hij woonde destijds in Epe, een christelijk dorp in Overijssel. 700 more words


A letter to all 'well meaning' people who think we don't need Pride Marches or to talk about homosexuality at all!

​”I am all for LGBT rights but why do you people have to be so loud and flamboyant?”

“I think 377 should be removed but Pride marches should be banned.” 433 more words



I know I shouldn’t be texting you (it goes against every best judgement I have, given how upset you were the last time we texted) … but hopefully you hear me out here. 280 more words


Epilogue ...

Last week’s chapter brought us face to face with the reality of AIDS at the end of 1982. Like today, there was no cure. Unlike today, there wasn’t even a treatment regimen. 889 more words



​He says, “if boys weren’t silly, they’d be men”. He can’t control his hands. He’s a madman. Why does he offer me torture when I just want to be adored? 140 more words



The sky is black at night. Not waking up is morbid. These are simply matter of facts. That’s a description of your feelings. I never gave a rat’s ass. 131 more words