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Positive feedback

I recently received this positive feedback from a client, who went to the trouble to outline what she felt were the best features of my services. 226 more words


Todays the day

Waiting impatiently for the post to arrive, my homoeopathy tablets should be in the post today, feeling quite nervous, worried they wont work, thinking of the things ill get up to if they do, will I feel reborn, or just slightly less crap. 255 more words

Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies have been around since the 1930s and are still in use in today’s society where stress related symptoms are now widespread. It is even more important that we look after ourselves and our emotional health in this fast paced world. 335 more words

Who is responsible for our healing?

This is quite a prominent question and is worth careful consideration.  Many people assume they are powerless in there own heath and wellbeing.  Some never experience so much as a runny nose all year while others around them come down with every bug imaginable.   648 more words


Caduceus Homoeopathy

Welcome to Caduceus Homoeopathic Clinic Newtown

The clinic is situated in a Private Newtown Practice, offering Homoeopathy and Counselling consults to facilitate  a persons recovery and restoration back to optimal health and wellbeing.   86 more words


A Remarkable Study That May Support The Concept Of 'Molecular Imprints' As Active Principles Of Potentized Drugs

Here is a remarkable study regarding the variation in Fourier Transform Infrared Spectra of some homeopathic potencies and their diluent media, conducted by N.C.SUKUL, Ph.D., SUDESHNA GHOSH, M.Sc., A. 1,933 more words

Homeopathy Articles

A Remarkable Study That Validates Concepts Of 'Molecular Imprints' In Potentized Drugs

One of the questions listed to be proved as part of scientific verification of MIT concepts was, whether potentized drugs, devoid of any original drug molecules, differ from untreated diluent medium in its molecular level structure. 2,012 more words

Homeopathy Articles