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Vietnam's Homoerotic Circle of Life

To American baby boomers, the word “Vietnam” is synonymous with arbitrary death. The human toll is well known, but what of the non-homo horrors? 3,216 more words


Twisted Influence: Suicide Squad

As a horror/mystery/fantasy writer, I would just completely flip out if I ever created a villain half as famous as the Joker from DC comics. Will that happen? 210 more words


Sweat dripping on down,

Six pack glistening, from it.

Licking with my tongue.


Leonardo's Proposition: The finger of St. John the Baptist

Before approaching John’s audacious gesture, it is worth considering sexuality as a modern addition to human kind vocabulary, as mentioned by Michel Foucault. Although the Renaissance could easily suggest some high libertinism, it is rather depicted as the rebirth of sensuality. 521 more words


Hearts Are the Gift I Bring / None of Them Fade

The willow is a gift I bring on eventide,
but not with tears for the life I have buried;
he is an evergreen branch of that sorrowful tree, 518 more words

Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa


Teleny is a Victorian homoerotic novel, the authorship of which is anonymous and disputed. Some, such as John McRae, attribute full or partial authorship to Oscar Wilde, while others, such as Joseph Bristow, vociferously deny that Wilde was one of its contributors. 225 more words

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AGH ® Unang Tabas 2

Nakatayo ako nun sa Gate. Pinagmamasdan ko ang napakalaking mansyon talaga. Nakakamangha at sa kabilang banda napaisip ako na, ‘grabe nakakahiya kay Eron nagsisiksikan kami sa kwarto na malamang sampung ulit ng laki ng kwarto ko ang kwarto nya.’ 4,516 more words

Ang Gwapong Hardinero ® Unang Yugto