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Primp it!

So, I’m going to be a little naughty today, but after reading this post, I have to say that there is so much that goes into having sex with a guy. 140 more words


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Today, I had an email from someone asking me how I "did it with guys"? And I'm not sure there is really an accurate way to describe it in detail (not to mention how inappropriate it is to ask), but I decided to reblog this post as a bit of an introduction to the concept. I'm not one to avoid questions, however, because it allows me to understand myself better. The bottom (pardon the pun) line is that I have to prepare for something like that, so it's not an easy thing to do on a whim.

Unrealised Potential in The Jolly Corner

Threats from Within in the Modern Ghost Story
Part 1: Unrealised Potential in The Jolly Corner, Henry James

‘The word ‘ghost’ is related to and originates in the German  725 more words

Ghost Stories


Pushing flesh

Spearing through

Thrusting, pervading

Exquisite pain and pleasure

Searing through skin



Entering me

Eyes Rolled Back

Losing consciousness


Fingers relaxed… 27 more words


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Reblogging this, because I am in a mood.

Homoerotic Desire in The New Pass

Desire and Anxiety in the Victorian Ghost Story
Part 4: Homoerotic Desire in The New Pass, Amelia Edwards

The emergence of ghost stories during the Victorian era mirrors the emergence of fast-paced social developments in transportation, communication and sexual liberation, and could consequently be read as a means to channel social anxieties. 446 more words

Ghost Stories

Michael Breyette, his gay artwork

Michael Breyette is a gifted gay artist. He can give us pleasure to our eyes and release our most wild desires with his beautiful paintings. His work has appeared in several magazines features and gay romance novels. 1,395 more words


Erotica - my original story

For context clarity and an understanding of what is true and what is fiction here please read my introduction post, if you don’t then I fear you won’t understand why and how I came to be in his bedroom. 4,734 more words


Vietnam's Homoerotic Circle of Life

To American baby boomers, the word “Vietnam” is synonymous with arbitrary death. The human toll is well known, but what of the non-homo horrors? 3,207 more words