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Today we are proud to present the drawings and the art of a new pink snout’s friend Fredster who has appeared previously in a post with his video “ 983 more words


A New Day for "From Hell"

As of 10:22pm ET, Thursday, March 12, 2015, I finished the content pass edit of my pseudo-novel, the homoerotic space opera western From Hell: A Love Story. 707 more words


Lily of the Valley: a poem by Dave Younger

‘I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys.”
– The Song of Solomon, 2.1

My body, next to yours, is round and ruddy, 171 more words


Why Straight Guys On Grindr Are... Straight? | Homo-erotic, Hetero-romantic Behaviour.

By Neal Dakota

For a lot of us whom are victims of minor insomnia, the early hours of the morning can be frustratingly boring and will most likely result in falling into the realms of irrelevant and redundant YouTube browsing, listening to soundtracks from the early noughties reminiscing about your long-lost (slightly damaged) childhood, and/or trawling through the slim pickings Grindr has to offer. 904 more words


Apron, With Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a 6000+ story I wrote a few years back about one of my favorite couples, Ray and Warren. There is love, lust, an apron, and smut. 6,925 more words


virgin and old man

if i was to be young again, i would

release myself from heaven. in a

fit of rage i would cut the cords

that made me a victim. 100 more words