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Call Me by Your Name Review: A Hellenistic Interpretation of Infatuation, Agony, and Ecstasy of the First Love

 “How do you define your “first love” experience? Was it “fall in love”? or was it “fall in lust”?

By PicturePlay

Watching Call Me by Your Name…

4,095 more words
Review & Summary

He may do the best

He may do the best
He can with what he’s got—but
He ain’t got a lot


Depth Charge: Haiku written after a recent sexual encounter. 106 more words


Questioning Your Sexuality? Here’s Some Help From Harold Pinter

So you’re starting to wonder if you’re not entirely straight. You might be freaking out a little. Your constant lies to the people around you might have even gotten more arbitrary and complex than they usually are. 510 more words


Review: I, Iago by Nicole Galland

Who doesn’t love a well-written villain? This book explores Shakespeare’s Othello from the point of view of Iago, the character responsible for Othello’s demise.

Galland’s story explores how Iago, arguably a very passionate character, became a villain who carefully coordinated vengeful plot that, in Galland’s telling, he loses control of. 1,040 more words

Book Review

The Boy in Purple: Homoerotic India, 2017

This year I decided to cheat winter by spending the last 28 days of the season travelling around India, a country which I found to be as colourful as expected and much more intense than I could have ever anticipated. 928 more words

hey dudes here's my 36-song mountain goats playlist about david and jonathan from the bible

hey friends, it’s seph. as you may know, one of my favorite tasks is assembling extensive playlists of mountain goats songs focused on a particular text or theme. 2,368 more words


Day 36 - Ripe for the Enterprise

Library of America, Vol. 1 – Typee, Omoo, Mardi by Herman Melville. Page 45/46 (46 is the end of the chapter, and has only one sentence on it.) 83 more words