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Sunflower Sutra

Sunflowers, M.C. Escher, 1918

I walked on the banks of the tincan banana dock and sat down under the huge shade of a Southern Pacific locomotive to look at the sunset over the box house hills and cry. 640 more words


As Adam Early In The Morning

“…Behold me where I pass, hear my voice, approach,
Touch me, touch the palm of your hand to my body as I pass,
Be not afraid of my body.” 10 more words


We Two Boys Together Clinging

We Two Boys Together Clinging, David Hockney, 1961

“We two boys together clinging,
One the other never leaving,
Up and down the roads going—North and South excursions making, 54 more words


Whitman's Birthday Suit

“Censorship is always ignorant, always bad: whether the censor is a man of virtue or a hypocrite seems to make no difference: the evil is always evil. 39 more words


Getting In and Out Of The Pool

A visit to California, where David Hockney subsequently lived for many years, inspired him to make a series of paintings of swimming pools in the comparatively new acrylic medium rendered in a highly realistic style using vibrant colours. 134 more words


The Biggest Splash

A Bigger Splash, David Hockney

A Bigger Splash depicts a swimming pool beside a modern house, disturbed by a large splash of water created by an unseen figure who has apparently just jumped in from a diving board. 268 more words


Mingled with The Scent

“…The room opened out on the garden,
and a delicate odor of flowers
mingled with the scent
of the five perfumed young Sidonians…”

Constantine P. Cavafy… 17 more words