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"RAMON-CE": In Gay Madrid

Ramon Navarro, one of the more charismatic gay performers to charm his way through early Hollywood talkies, earned his stripes as a Horror Hunk due to a latter day appearance on the Boris Karloff hosted anthology series… 224 more words


Lifting the Veil by Ismat Chughtai

Lifting the Veil is a collection of stories primarily about the lives of Muslim women in India around the time of Partition, with a special focus on female sensuality and sexuality. 355 more words

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2866. Manosphere II

I’ve not heard about these radical men for too long. Anyone have news?

I repeat the posting of article 2203. Eric wrote it to inform us of some fallout of Feminism made radioactive by men set on revenge. 1,062 more words

Dear Daughter

Oh for the love of men! Field Marshall Montgomery as Allen Ginsberg!

A good  friend of mine directed my attention to this, the other day… an interview with Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery from the 1960s conducted at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  740 more words

Call Me by Your Name Review: A Hellenistic Interpretation of Infatuation, Agony, and Ecstasy of the First Love

 “How do you define your “first love” experience? Was it “fall in love”? or was it “fall in lust”?

By PicturePlay

Watching Call Me by Your Name…

4,095 more words
Review & Summary

He may do the best

He may do the best
He can with what he’s got—but
He ain’t got a lot


Depth Charge: Haiku written after a recent sexual encounter. 106 more words


Questioning Your Sexuality? Here’s Some Help From Harold Pinter

So you’re starting to wonder if you’re not entirely straight. You might be freaking out a little. Your constant lies to the people around you might have even gotten more arbitrary and complex than they usually are. 510 more words