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Gay Marriage, Confederate Flag Ponderings

On a motorcycle ride down the Gulf Coast this morning, I was pondering the national news events of the past week. Here is the conclusion I came to for me. 530 more words

Awakening and Reawakening

When one is young they seem to simply go along with what their parents say, the way their family member’s act, and anything they are told. 749 more words

Kentucky court clerks hang on to their hatred of gays...

A few court clerks in Kentucky were refusing to issue marriage licenses to any couple Monday as an objection to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. 54 more words

National News

If you're a homophobe, quit being related to me and also Australia is embarrassed

I woke up yesterday and like every other morning, I would stay in bed for roughly and hour or so because fuck getting up as soon as you wake up (seriously, who does that) and like usual, I scrolled through my facebook newsfeed even though it’s the most boring medium of social media as of now, but I was surprised as to how I was not completely bored from all the stories that appeared as my thumb slid up and down my screen. 236 more words


What was Really Waiting for Him at the Doe

The mediasphere has been ablaze ever since AETV star Ms. Foxi announced her trademark line “I was waiting for you at the Doe.”

The meme, videos, and constant re-quoting of Foxi’s legendary lines are endless. 416 more words