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It finally happened

We knew it would happen eventually. Whisperworld just got its first one-star review for “disgusting homo-love.”

Screw that.

When we wrote Whisperworld, we decided to make the main character a lesbian. 359 more words


Giving Religion a Black Eye


Pat Lawrence-Caldwell: These people are not Christians. They do not follow the tenets of Jesus but instead they are more like the Pharisees that Jesus had such low tolerance for because of their rigidness and self righteousness. 83 more words


Sexuality - does it really matter?

Before I start, I do not want anybody to become offended by this post and I do not want any arguments and drama in the comments – so please do not read this post if you are likely to be like that. 522 more words


Today's Chicken Soup Digest: Indiana Fight Club

As we have watched the response to Indiana's contraversial religious liberties law, and the subsequent resubmission of a modified bill to Gov. Pence, heads have exploded all over the place. 264 more words


The new normal

So I was listening to the radio on the way in to work this morning. They do a trivia contest every day during my drive; the prize today was two tickets to see Jay Leno at some point in the future. 47 more words