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The new normal

So I was listening to the radio on the way in to work this morning. They do a trivia contest every day during my drive; the prize today was two tickets to see Jay Leno at some point in the future. 47 more words


Some Fans Are Mad About The Oakland A's Pride Night So Sean Doolittle's Girlfriend Wants To Buy Their Seats

A's fans who don't want to attend LGBT Pride Night on 6/17 & wish to sell your tix – I have an idea: sell them to me…

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With Pink Triangles? HIV-Positive People Should Be Quarantined, Says Right-Wing Pundit

An ongoing anti-gay talking point is that “being gay” is a health crisis in itself, and as a result, The Tony Perkins, Byran Fischers… 453 more words


Watch: Indiana Is A Great Place to be a Bigot

With the passage of the horrbile religious liberties bill in Indiana, companies, activists and other stakeholders are expressing outrage. Gov. Pence destroyed himself on the Sunday morning talk shows yesterday as he had difficulty defending the homophobic law. 64 more words


California: Proposed 'Intolerant Jackass Act’ Introduced to Counter Proposed Scary 'Shoot the Gays'

California: Proposed ‘Intolerant Jackass Act’ Introduced to Counter Proposed Scary ‘Shoot the Gays’

You have probably read about the crazy proposed law in my state of California where a Southern California attorney is collecting signatures for a proposed ballot measure that would enable authorities to shoot gay people in the head for being gay. 259 more words


Here are the States Hoping to Pass Damaging Anti-LGBT Legislation

Realizing that they have lost the fight against same-sex marriage, anti-gays have quickly moved to pass (or hoping to pass) major anti-LGBT legislation:

Advocates of same-sex marriage are getting closer to a full victory in the US: it’s now legal for gay and lesbian couples to marry in 37 states and Washington, DC.

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