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Creating Homophobic Children

I’ve been interested in writing down my feelings about specific topics for a long while now. I wanted to use a video platform but there’s something about writing down my feelings that calms me in a way recording a video cannot. 411 more words

Peter Paczek's Advanced English Homophobes

Original playout date: 21 September 2007
Duration: 12:36

Peter Pączek gives us a second lesson on English homophobes, which is a major stumbling block for those struggling to “leorn wor English langwidge”. 132 more words

Satire And Comedy

My Cinderella Fairy Tale

Being named after Cinderella isn’t very flattering,
For one may call me a princess but would she exist without her dear Prince Charming?

The burden my name bears is more than one can imagine; 308 more words

An Insidious Insincerity

One of my acquaintances is very deeply closeted about being gay.  No amount of logic or discussion with him will alter this. Of course, it’s futile to try to change anyone’s mind, especially if the view is so deeply personal. 550 more words


Address to Homophobic Christians

Several years ago a pastor of our Church asked the congregation, “What was the sin of Sodom?” Answering from several rows behind and right of me, someone called out, “Homosexuality!” And I almost grimaced. 1,235 more words

GOP Legislator Wants to Quarantive HIV+ People and Other Wingnut News

Disgraced former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s wife Betty is a Replubican state representative. She also inquired this week about quarantining people living with HIV. 309 more words



I hate the word homophobia! It’s not really something people are scared of,

Do you really think that every gay guy is gonna wanna rip your shirt off? 173 more words