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A "Restricted Bathroom Law Reality Check"Limerick

As anyone who has ever had a baby or an enlarged prostate knows, when you gotta go, you gotta go. And everyone else knows it too. 148 more words


How The Religious Right Made Life More Difficult & Dangerous For World’s LGBT People In 2016

U.S.-based Religious Right groups have a long track record of collaborating with their counterparts in other countries to restrict women’s health choices and make life harder and more dangerous for LGBT people around the world. 1,380 more words


The 12 Days Of Trumpmas: The Religious Right Urges Trump To Fulfill Its Bigoted Wish List

After jettisoning all of their rhetoric about public morality and personal character in order to help Donald Trump get elected, Religious Right activists are now hoping the president-elect fulfills the promises he made to the social conservative movement during his campaign. 2,643 more words


'Brady Bunch' Star Susan Olsen Went On A Homophobic Facebook Rant And Lost Her Talk Radio Gig

Susan Olsen, who once played little Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch, has recently carved out a professional talk show radio presence, which has come to an end after she unloaded on a listener in a homophobic rant. 307 more words


Republicans plan to reintroduce Anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill supported by Trump

Republicans plan to reintroduce Anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill supported by Trump

Citing “momentum” from the November elections, Republicans are once against eyeing a bill that would allow corporations and individuals who object to same-sex marriage on religious grounds to deny goods or services to gay people, … 420 more words


Right-wing pundit wants Trump to axe funding for HIV prevention because it ‘enables sodomy’

Conservative pundit Linda Harvey has urged Trump’s new health secretary Tom Price to axe America’s HIV prevention schemes.

Harvey, the founder of anti-LGBT group Mission: America, made the extraordinary claim after hardline conservative Tom Price… 394 more words


On Homophobes

Okay, this one I have a really strong opinion on. I’m a strong supporter of the LGBTQIAP+ community, and I hate to see people of that group discriminated against. 138 more words