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Self -mutilation

So, I want to talk about something I think all girls can relate too.

Remember when you had that crush you couldn’t understand at all? You would die if you couldn’t be with them but not because they were handsome or even gentlemanly. 1,028 more words

Journal Entry

What Do Homophobes Always Forget When Talking About Marriage Equality?

What do homophobes always forget when arguing that children should be raised by a mother and a father? Oh, right, that children are already being raised by gay parents and OH, RIGHT, those kids turn out just fine and — OH, RIGHT — they REAL… 6 more words

pedal power!

This is the truth and it’s exactly why I started C.A.M.P. But why “Cyclists Against Mean People”? If you’re a cyclist, you’ll understand. C.A.M.P was founded to overcome adversity, but it’s also about fighting prejudices… including those against cyclists! 88 more words

Hundreds of Mormons resign from church to protest institutional homophobia

About 1,500 Latter-day Saints have submitted letters of resignation from the Mormon Church to protest a new policy barring children of married same-sex couples from being baptized until they are adults…

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Hillsong's homophobic leadership

Pulpit & Pen writes,

Brian Houston Inc. (aka Hillsong) Are The Real Homophobes

The worldwide international corporation known as Hillsong Church has an excellent business model. 986 more words


The Pope and Kim Davis: bringing homophobes together

You know what?  This meeting between Kim Davis and the Pope is something I should be ranting about, but…somehow I’m just too disappointed.  The last thing we need is for someone like the Pope to give any validation to her idiotic and illegal actions.   81 more words

Holy Shit! (Religion)