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Headlines -- 1/30/16

Rep. Sally Kern (R-OK) wants to stop LGBT kids from finding proper therapists, conservative pundits use a dead white nationalist to explain the rise of Trump, Florida lawmakers want to ban abortion and more. 100 more words


Headlines -- 1/25/16

The anti-abortion activists behind the Planned Parenthood videos get indicted, Tennessee politicians want to make all marriage illegal, Whitesboro, NY decides to change its racist seal and more. 98 more words

Marriage Equality

The Worst Americans of 2015

Another year, another list. Yes we’re almost through January, but here’s a selection of the worst our country had to offer last year. What can I say, I was busy. 4,618 more words


Headlines -- 1/23/16

A Georgia lawmaker unveils a dangerous new anti-gay bill, Daniel Holtzclaw is finally sentenced, a new study debunks right-wing myths about campus sexual assaults and more. 95 more words


Scotland's Gay Concentration Camps

Polish gays shamefully interned during WWII

The Second World War and it’s aftermath brought about many actions which were at least questionable in their wisdom; William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) being executed for Treason, when as an Irish citizen, he could not be guilty of treason to the British state; Werner Von Braun, who used Jewish slave labour, given freedom by the USA in return for helping their space programme; Rudolf Hess, guilty of the death of millions, being jailed for life in Spandau Prison, when many below him were executed. 1,860 more words


“This is a light-hearted look at my experience of getting old . . .”

. . . or that’s what the “about” tab above says.

Recently a friend of mine heard gunshots close to his home in San Bernardino, CA. 1,129 more words