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I am bisexual (another rant...)

Those of you unfortunate enough to follow me on twitter may have seen my incoherant rant about a former friend.  We were close in high school but haven’t really been in touch since.  452 more words

What is really "dangerous" within Christianity?

First, consider this Bible reference:

Luke 9:49-50
“Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we tried to stop him, because he is not one of us.”

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I am so homophobic and it hurts.

I spent about twelve weeks of last summer in New York City for a research fellowship. I love the city so I absolutely jumped at the opportunity and ended up living in central Manhattan for the time, completely engrossed in New York life. 860 more words


Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson: Gay Sex is 'Satanic' Because it Treats Semen with the 'Most Disrespect Humanly Possible'

On the September 27, 2016 broadcast of The Daily Traditionalist, usual host Matthew Heimbach was noticeably absent. Instead, Heimbach’s co-host “Sven Longshanks” took the lead, and interviewed his guest, Fr. 480 more words


Is "lesbian" a word we should still be using?

Before I realised that I was trans, I identified as gay. A gay woman, technically, but of course I always avoided phrasing it in those terms. 1,441 more words


Breaking: 'You're Fired!' Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

BREAKING: Ala. Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore suspended for remainder of his term. Here’s the final judgment https://t.co/H8DqRKzv1A pic.twitter.com/vkxhbvnYl0

— SPLC (@splcenter) September 30, 2016…

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Is being fat the same as being black?

Obviously I don’t actually mean this literally. This post came about after I had a minor spat with someone on Twitter – as per most of my posts at this point. 631 more words