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A sky of ice

Killing It Softly 2 has apparently been doing well, appearing in various ‘best of’ lists and making it to #2 in the anthology section of the Critters Workshop ‘Preditors and Editors’ Poll. 413 more words

Heather, Heather, and Heather: Quality vs. Quantity in Representation

By Alexi Scheiber (@AlexidoesArt on twitter, instagram, and tumblr)

Selene was kind enough to let me write a guest article! I study animation, and representation is a constant topic that I grapple with in my writing and filmmaking. 1,306 more words


Address to Homophobic Christians

Several years ago a pastor of our Church asked the congregation, “What was the sin of Sodom?” Answering from several rows behind and right of me, someone called out, “Homosexuality!” And I almost grimaced. 1,235 more words

The X-Men are a Marvel made superhero group consisting of mutants. mutants are a subspecies of humans that are born with specific supernatural powers. Though fictional, many have observed the parallels from the mutant struggle to the one of humankind and specifically minorities. 729 more words

The Big Gay Elephant in the Room: Or Why I Stopped Believing What the Preacher Told Me

A lesbian, transgender, and bisexual teenager walk into an anti-gay seminar. Setup to an overused joke or actual life experience? Since we’re talking about Adventism, it’s usually the same thing. 738 more words



“Honestly though what I ALSO don’t get is that the issue seems to be that the evil women are fetishizing mlm due to yaoi being unrealistic and usually full of “”””gross”””” stuff like turning straights and dub-con and even non-con but like…have these lil bitches read fucking gay erotic literature or even watched a gay porno?

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