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Gayby Baby: Out Of The Mouth of Piers Akerman who never bothered to see it.

Whatever the Daily Telegraph pays Piers Akerman to spread his unique brand of ‘commentary’, it’s not enough. So if you’re reading this Rupert Murdoch, double the man’s salary.Akerman’s column this week attacking the independent Australian documentary, Gayby Baby – and the Tele’s complementary campaign of smearing shit all over itself and then grinning like a five-year-old – has done more than any hard working publicist could ever do to promote a film that every Australian should see. 14 more words


"The Letter" from my Father

Hi ,

I hope you and are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon in and a great summer in general.

, I’ve had the impression for a while now to express some thoughts and feelings to my amazing oldest son! 1,889 more words

Out Of The Blue

A Battle I Must Fight (Caught Between Two Worlds Pt. 2)

It’s hard watching a battle of passive aggression go on between friends on Facebook. It’s hard having to side with a stranger in the comments instead of an age-old friend. 260 more words


We Are NOT All Equal

A couple of weekends ago I went to Pride in Cardiff.

Not because I am gay, but to encourage and be supportive to a recently come-out friend. 486 more words


homophobic or simply straight?

Some women believe that because straight men don’t like seeing images of gay men kissing and so forth, that must mean the straight guys are homophobic, bigoted, etc. 599 more words

Internalised Homophobia

my latest blog post on six months in sydney included this aside:

Even as a student I would splurge on tea, buying only Tetley’s (quite the opposite of a prospective romantic partner I once had: all thought of romance was lost when I discovered he bought Asda Smart Price teabags, and dried them out on the radiator so he could re-use them!).

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Queer Stuff

The Vatican is in damage-control mode after the Pope sent his blessings to a same-sex family

When Francesca Pardi sent Pope Francis her children’s book, Why do you have two moms? she probably wasn’t expecting a response.

In her letter, sent on June 19, Pardi expresses respect for Catholics and says many have treated her well, but also says that representatives of the church have been disrespectful to her same-sex partnership and family, and she asks the Pope to check this behavior (translated from Italian): 672 more words