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Mr Paisley Meets the Trumps - A fabulous gift 🎁 from the Irish Peace Process

Another fabulous gift 🎁 from the Irish Peace Process : Far-right reactionaries Ian Paisley and Donald Trump schmooze at the Washington DC Patrick’s Day Parties and get away with it – corruption, hate, misogyny, warmongers, eyes wide shut : 228 more words


March 18, 2018 - The film vault: 'Suddenly, Last Summer ...' the gayest or most homophobic movie ever?

It represented the work of some of the gayest talent in the history of Hollywood: Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams. But was it, in fact, one big exercise in homophobia? 1,578 more words

Excerpt from Manuscript, Charlotte #7

Charlotte, the 12-year-old protagonist of my manuscript ‘The Disintegrating Girl,’ bonds with her Aunt’s lesbian lover and confides in her about the loss of her mother. 1,658 more words

One of Us

I sit in my assigned seat for morning assembly, which the teachers call chapel, and wait for the start of hell, which the teachers call school. 886 more words


I am a boy.
hair gel and boxer briefs and x and y chromosomes,
video games and sports cars and battle wounds from street fights… 252 more words

Hitler, Putin, and Trump; Historically Shared Beliefs and Attacks on any Form of Democracy

If you have any doubts that there are direct links between Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump, please read this article with an open mind. 457 more words