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London Spy: London Spoilers

London Spy – a new 5 part series on BBC 2 stars Ben Whishaw. He plays Danny, a young guy living in London. He goes out one night, takes a load of drugs, goes clubbing and then the following morning bumps into an attractive jogger on Vauxhall bridge called Alex. 675 more words

The Establishment

F1 in Abu Dhabi

F1 fans are always quick to point out human rights abuses in Bahrain and China, and yet little is made of the UAE where by law, LGBTQ people can face chemical castration, and even execution. 173 more words


GOP Ticket: Trump and Cruz?

When I first read about this, my first thought was that Hillary Clinton would be giving thanks for a special gift throughout the coming year; everyday would be Thanksgiving. 306 more words


Buzz Off!!

These poorly-manufactured buzz words are a pet hate of mine.

‘Homophobia’? Homo is the genus that comprises the species Homo sapiens, which includes all modern humans, regardless of gender, race, or sexual inclination. 53 more words


Trans "Phobias" - Transplanted Uterus and Transgendered Men

Some have been spewing sharing “fears” about a recent article in the New York Times about a transplanted uterus being placed into a man’s body. Ignorance is not pretty, nor is it even cute. 443 more words

Pushing My Buttons!

Our Voices, Our Stories: Disputing the Stereotypes of the Single Story

Last week, November 16 Р20, was Transgender Awareness week; a week aimed at augmenting the visibility of the transgender and gender non-conforming community and highlighting the issues that we face. 1,020 more words

Tech Growth in Alternate Timelines

So, yesterday, I talked about one half of the major argument people make against their being an option for same-sex couples at the start of Fallout 4, namely that with the 1950s aesthetic, the culture wouldn’t allow for it. 1,466 more words