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The Ideology of the Anti-Gay Movement Is an Ideology of Inconsistency and Hypocrisy

By Adi Chowdhury

Regardless of the fact that they trip over themselves insisting that their actions and words are not “hatred” or “bigotry”, the anti-gay crusade that calls much of the world home persists in its state of naivety, intolerance, and outright denial of reason and compassion. 948 more words


History of the Word "Faggot"

I remember watching this scene in the first season of Louie a while back and it always really stuck with me:

And while after doing a bit of my own research (aka Wikipedia) and realising there isn’t any hard evidence on this particular rumour, I did want to give the T on what the word “Faggot” means to the LGBT community. 27 more words


We Are Gay

The following is a Monologue written by Larry D. Reid for actors auditioning for a role in one of his plays in 2015

What do you do with this gay. 330 more words


The Words We Mutter Under Our Breath

Some years ago, as I waited to be served food by a prickly employee of an eating establishment, I sensed my temper flaring. She and I had had run-ins before; she had always seemed unnecessarily querulous and brusque in her interactions with me; the  milk of human kindness seemed to have curdled long ago in her. 508 more words


Hate-Mongering and the Homo

LDS Church launches ‘Gay and Mormon’ website; advises faith, celibacy

*surprise, surprise*


I almost never comment on inflammatory social media blurbs, but this is the thrust of the problem in my particular religious community, and I feel a whole lot of cursing coming on. 107 more words