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Hate Still Great as Trump Administration Begins

(Cincinnati, OH — January 23, 2017) – During his inaugural address, Donald Trump (R-NY) spoke of “no fear” and putting “America first.”

This apparently applies only to a select few of the 330,000,000 people living in the United States. 215 more words

Terrorism And Crime

Dear discrimination,

My old friend, how are you? It’s not been but a few hours since you last reared your ugly head and still here you are, again, with your words like knives and venomous teeth that cut and slice and damage souls.

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Transphobia II

Transphobia is like anti-semitism: people deny it exists. Just as there is clear anti-semitism, like the blood libel, and justified opinions which are not, such as opposing house demolitions in the Occupied Territories, there is clear transphobia and questionable opinions which are disputed. 841 more words


American Crime: Season 2

Greetings Loved Ones! Liu Is The Name, And Views Are My Game.

If there’s anything I’ve learned after 21 years on this Earth, it’s that having expectations is never a good idea. 721 more words


Who is Mike Pence and Why Should We Fear Him?

When Sarah Palin criticizes another Republican, he or she must be far worse than anyone imagined. She was referring to Mike Pence, your new vice-president, and his involvement in the overrated effort to save ‘Carrier’ jobs in Indiana when she called it “crony capitalism.” … 636 more words

Reclaiming and Resisting

Preached on the Third Sunday after Epiphany. Edited.

I’m not a big fan of the word “unity” these days.

That may sound ridiculous. What’s wrong with unity? 1,449 more words


Review: Becoming Nancy by Terry Ronald

Fifteen year-old David Starr lives in East dulwich in the 1970s and gets cast as Nancy in his school’s upcoming production of Oliver! He’s smart, loves pop music, and falling in love with his co-star Maxie, who also captains the school football team. 698 more words