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Replying to Rants against homosexuality

So, this’ll be a bit more personal….

Any reporting on LGBTQ issues in India is looked down upon by a lot of visibly hateful people as western propaganda. 164 more words


In Which Toto Gets The Last Laugh

This is the most tortured metaphor of the week/weak:

I think the verb to blow escaped his grasp.


Save Our Homophobes

Hey, it’s Friday night, the weekend is here, and it’s time to paaaaaar-tay, if by paaaaaar-tay you mean find myself largely agreeing with a Christian voice article… 140 more words


On Homophobia and Masculinity: "Shame"

We were the kind of drunk you can’t really get once you’re adult, once you have a job and pay rent. The kind of drunk only teenagers can achieve.  527 more words


Why do we hate LGBT people so much?

I was raised in a family where I was going to be in a relationship with a man and that was the way it should be, if there was a program showing LGBT people on TV it was turned over, if there was a LGBT couple walking down the street we were supposed to be disgusted. 517 more words

The making of a marriage equality advocate

IRELAND’S yes vote for marriage equality kicked a rainbow-coloured goal for LGBTQI people around the globe, and while the major Australian political parties fight for ownership of the ball, this extract from an upcoming podcast and book  927 more words

My Story

Trying to come out but not succeeding

Hey everyone!

To catch you all up to speed, I have come out to my mother as non-binary transgender already, and she just completely doesn’t understand it at all. 540 more words