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Bisexuality: Through the eyes of a Gay man

Let’s talk about bisexuality today, from the point of view of a gay man.

I had always thought of bisexuals as a ‘privileged’ class, I mean, you get to fool around with ‘both’ genders and also have the ‘choice’ to marry and have kids and live a ‘normal’ life? 1,027 more words


Homophobia in football: Why are there no openly gay professional players?

It’s been fifty years since homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales, but there isn’t one openly gay professional football player.

Watch my TV feature for my master’s dissertation as I investigate why.

Homophobic rainbow garlands: the homocommercialism of Brighton Pride

“Nice cans love!” A guy wearing a rainbow garland just walked past my friend who was holding her and her girlfriends’ can of beer, one in each hand out in front of her chest (the normal way to hold cans of beer). 1,346 more words


Coming Out Brave: Vol. 2

At the 2017 Emmys, Lena Waithe made history by becoming the first black (gay) woman to win for best comedy series WRITER. She ended her acceptance speech by saying, “And last but certainly not least, my L.G.B.T.I.A family. 2,436 more words

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Fighting Against the Discrimination – Oh, Really?

I believe that discrimination is one of those things that have little or no chances to change or to become better in time.

I am not a pessimistic. 776 more words

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Earning a Student's Trust

Today’s Perfect Moment is about earning trust…or something akin to that.

Today, one of my students imparted some knowledge on me that she didn’t have a boyfriend, but rather a girlfriend. 211 more words

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The hate that dare not speak its name

AUSTRALIA is fighting a very old battle. It’s been Trojan-Horsed into every household in the form of the Turnbull Government’s postal survey on federal marriage law. 841 more words

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