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Eyes to See

A couple weeks ago, comedian Bill Maher casually used the n-word on his political commentary show. I’m guessing this is not news to you as it made a media splash. 1,283 more words


The Justification of Gay

One of my fraternity brothers posted this on their Facebook this morning. It’s a really great TedTalk. It’s an interesting approach to the justification that homosexuality is genetic and not a choice. 453 more words


a thought ~ resistance

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A Response To GQ's 2013 One Direction Interview

You may be wondering aloud why I am resurrecting an interview that was conducted nearly four years ago. Normally, I would be right there with you questioning the relevance of anyone bringing up any topic that presumably had a short shelf life. 145 more words

One Direction

Alt-Righter Says Literal Angry White Men 'Will Give You Something To Fear'

Looks like I got another bit of fan mail from a white nationalist, this time from someone calling himself “coon the baboon.” 413 more words


It's 2017, right?

I got fired yesterday for being gay. I got fired yesterday for being gay. FIRED, BECAUSE I’M GAY. Fired because my “lifestyle choices don’t match the core values of the company”. 395 more words

Unable to Govern Effectively, the GOP Searches for Unity but the Extreme Right Refuses to Participate

They may control Congress and the White House, but Republicans are the same old failures whose division was obvious during the campaign season. They have added one more fact to their internal problems; they cannot govern the United States. 574 more words