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the umbrella of ignorance

I am currently in a safe, loving, intimate partnership with the human of my dreams, and it makes me want everyone to find love in their lives. 674 more words


one thing in life that I’ve never understood is why are people homophobic? The word homophobic sounds like it has the word phobia in it which suggests that if you are homophobic then you have some weird fear of people that aren’t attracted to the opposite sex. 348 more words

How We Fuck Now

BuzzFeed LGBT editor Saeed Jones joins journalists Steven Thrasher and Dave Tuller to discuss sex, gay men, and what we are (and aren’t) doing. “Marriage and wedding registries are much easier to talk about than fucking.” View this image ” John Gara for BuzzFeed Saeed Jones: OK, let’s be

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David had never worn a dress before.

He ran his hands down his waist and hips, enjoying the smooth, snug embrace of the yellow, boned cotton. 1,157 more words

Creative Writing

Mutiny On Lesbo Island

Note: This post is my long-overdue (sorry! ugh!) response to joannadeadwinter in our on-going conversation ¬†about bisexuality. Specifically, this post is in response to her post, “ 2,375 more words

Another "what if it were UKIP" situation

I sit here, yet again, looking at a range of articles detailing bad goings on at the Labour Party. I find myself scratching my head and wondering what the national media would have made of what has happened at the Labour Party the last 4 days had it been UKIP. 742 more words

A tale of two phobias

Growing up learning about homo erectus and homo sapiens, the word ‘homo’ referred to “any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage.”. 344 more words

Philosophy And Faith