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Australia's marriage equality in chains

After many years trying to interest the Australian media in my story, particularly the LGBTI media, it was only in the wake of another tragedy that a European mainstream media source published this op-ed on Australia Day.  1,107 more words

Write Regardless!

Teen activists in action

We’re excited to bring you a guest blog post from Quinn Angelou-Lysaker of Franklin High School’s Feminist Union, an energetic student-led group that has been tackling teen domestic violence along with other feminist issues. 268 more words


Australia The land of the Young, White, Able Bodied, Heterosexual, Male, Fair Go…..

The question of “Australian Identity” reared its head again this week (as it so often has a remarkable tendency to do whenever this nation gets within spitting distance of an election). 971 more words


Being Gay And Guilty Of Stereotyping

I had the pleasure of attending my friends Wedding Blessing. They were celebrating 33 wonderful years together and decided to renew their vows. I can honesty say I have never experienced anything quite like it nor do I think I ever will again. 763 more words

March 2013


Isn’t it ironic how America is only 239 years old compared to England and it’s being from the 5th century, and how America possesses all of the tools necessary to destroy us, along with the rest of the world, whilst we hold nothing but the reality of miserable weather and a sure knowing that if attacked, are existence would be dismissed from the planet in a mere few weeks; yet here we are, a dependent, defenceless country surrounded by debt and water, overpopulated and recognisably screwed, with our cities f u l l of colour and diversity, nationalities sharing their cultures and their beliefs, old stories shared between distinct heritages and friends made without consciousness to race or religion. 662 more words