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Food Review Insta Account Rekt By Restaurant

Here’s one for the WTF files this week.

There was an Instagram account (yes, was) called Burger Bun Day based in Melbourne, Australia, that would visit various establishments and give a review of their food. 174 more words


'Reclaim Australia' makes another dirty splash

Reclaim Australia‘ has made another unwelcome splash on the streets of our cities last weekend, ending in scuffles with anti-racism protesters.

The last time ‘Reclaim Australia’ … 828 more words


Heterosexual Fallout

Okay folks, today, I’m going to tackle a touchy subject. You’ve probably guessed from the title of this post that I’m going to talk about the whole forced heterosexuality at the start of Fallout 4. 1,189 more words


Marco Rubio Plays Politics with Same-Sex Marriage

Marco Rubio is young and inexperienced, and he also fails to accept change. He is acting more like a seventy year old bigot than a young forward-thinking American. 539 more words


Homosexuality is still a crime in 78 territories—and most are former British colonies

Anti-gay laws are worsening HIV epidemics in countries that were once British colonies, according to a new report by The Human Dignity Trust.

Homosexuality is a crime in 78 jurisdictions worldwide—and the report notes that Commonwealth member states constitute over half of those jurisdictions. 313 more words

Bullied to Death a Film by Giovanni Coda

Bullied to Death a Film by Giovanni Coda

Bullied to Death depicts a 24 hour performance against homophobia through the real stories of teenagers worldwide that experience severe bullying episodes at school, from their own families and on the web, as a result of their coming out about their sexuality. 500 more words



Now you need a greencard to be abducted?

Year Released : 2015
Director : Aaron Han and Mario Miscione
Cast : Allegra Masters, Carter Jenkins,  Kaiwi Lyman, Michael McLafferty, Zachary Rukavina, Matt Corboy, Julie Benz, Jordi Vilasuso, Lawrence Kao and Rene Heger… 1,296 more words

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