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Ew, My Friend is a Lesbian!

“Gross she’s a muff muncher, she must fancy every single girl that has ever passed her tracks in all eternity” – Said no woman ever. 216 more words


Azealia Banks vs Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is a good example of public persona diminishing artistic credibility.

Banks is an american rapper and songwriter, best known for her club anthem “212”. 265 more words

Social Issues

Give me that old time religion

I blame The Ark, the scourge of Christianity, for introducing me to barking evangelical blogs.

Seriously, these people have not just one screw missing, they haven’t got a screw at all in them. 671 more words


Being Gay in A Small Town

For most people, being gay or lesbian in a small town is not a very pleasant experience at all. For me, having spent the majority of my life in a sleepy little fishing town in the back end of nowhere (the hills have eyes comes to mind) it was probably the most horrific experience of my life. 818 more words

SC Senator Tom Corbin's Stunning Mix of Ignorance & Buffoonery Finally Makes National News

If you’ve read the Post & Courier today, you’ve probably already heard about the repeated sexist comments directed at SC Senator Katrina Shealy by her colleague, Senator Tom Corbin of Greenville.   364 more words


Hate Crime Occurred Near the Most Gay-Friendly City in the U.S.


While looking for her dog on a trail near her house on Sunday morning, a 45-year-old lesbian woman was choked with her own dog’s leash by her attacker, who then stabbed her and wrote homophobic slurs across her body. 227 more words

Hate Crime

Red like a Rose - I have no experience of anything in this monologue I just started writing and this is the result.

 He was at it again this morning. Over breakfast and all, going off on one. He’s always fucking going off on one. “Them gays,” he says “them queers.” Saying they’re a bad influence, especially on Peter. 839 more words