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Boycott Disney

Corporate collaborators must realize the consequences of their actions.  Disney CEO, Bob Iger has demonstrated his true colours by supporting the trump administration at its racist, fascist policies.  162 more words

Too Many

I am reading a book that is essentially a teaching tool on how not to give so many f*cks. I generally go around handing them out like it’s some sort of contest – like who can give the most f*cks?! 682 more words


I was looking on the internet and finally came across something to bitch about.
Recently a couple of people the same-sex that happen to love each other very much decided to get married. 269 more words

All charges dropped v #Wallasey CLP. When will it be reinstated - and false accusers punished?

News has emerged today that all allegations against Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) have ‘collapsed’ because of their complete lack of substance and the failure to follow party procedures, such as reporting alleged homophobia to the police, even though this was demanded by Labour rules  428 more words

Good Work, America

You must have been delirious

‘Cus you can’t have been serious

When you chose to vote

For that wretched old scrote 108 more words


The Swallow

The Swallow

A gay boy’s flight of fear:

Knowing you’re a second class citizen isn’t the best feeling in the world, living everyday life knowing that most people around consider you disgusting, sinful, or just the complete scum of the universe. 1,467 more words

Book Chapter

Mark Regev Suggests Propaganda Tactics To Silence His Critics

Regev uses propaganda tactics to silence his critics by saying “why do you support, homophobic, misogynistic people?”

Mark Regev suggests a message that should be delivered to other politicians: 99 more words