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Michelle's introductory guide to trans...

There’s a good chance you’re reading this post because a friend shared it on Facebook and you’re curious. You’ve seen Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation via the media and watched Laverne Cox’s character on Orange is the New Black. 2,295 more words


Are Christians Haters?

One accusation often thrown at Christians is that we are haters. Any time a Christian objects to an activity or behavior on moral grounds, the other person often slaps on the label “Hater” or “—ophobic.” Rather than focusing on the questionable behavior or action, the critic levels a personal attack. 987 more words

Jack 'o Birth...

“Confidence you need to stop projecting”

“well, you need to stop the astral projection into my dreams as well, besides, you cheated me with that back bend, that’s not how I saw it…” 339 more words

Tom Jones Shares Homophobic Comments

Tom Jones, who was recently let go from The Voice for gay singer Boy George, has given an interview where he shares a baffling homophobic story. 343 more words

Gay Culture

Hillsong's homophobic leadership

Pulpit & Pen writes,

Brian Houston Inc. (aka Hillsong) Are The Real Homophobes

The worldwide international corporation known as Hillsong Church has an excellent business model. 986 more words


[drumroll] First Post!!!

A lesbian girl in a homophobic world. An insight as to what its like to live as part of the LGBT community, in what seems like a homophobic world. Source: First Post!!!


THE PINK IPOD is an excerpt from FLOPPY PARTS which may be purchased through Amazon at http://goo.gl/Saivuu

I have a pink IPOD which for some reason has become the object of debate. 1,257 more words

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