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No not all gamers are racist, sexist or homophobic

You often hear the video game press writing articles on how white male gamers like myself despise playing video games that don’t have the standard white male protagonists in them. 680 more words


The curious case of third wave feminists

Leftists sure do hate the straight white males of this world, who represent a system of oppression which they so vehemently oppose. However, they more staunchly despise members of their designated oppression groups, who dare to defy the defined boundaries which Leftists have condescendingly set out for them.

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Dave Chappelle: Your Homophobic, Transphobic, Misogynistic Rants Aren’t Funny

This article originally appeared in The Establishment.

Rape jokes, transphobic insults, and thoughtless remarks about domestic violence are harmful, not humorous.

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Former Boxing Champ Pascal Piles on to the Ignorance and Homophobia

Former boxing champ Jean Pascal jumped on the ignorant, homophobic train many in his sport seem to be aboard, when earlier this week he gave an interview calling out UFC star Nick Diaz. 483 more words

My girlfriend can't get over that I experimented with men

Dear Alice,
My girlfriend of one year still cannot get over that I have experimented with men. I told her pretty early on in the relationship that I had fooled around with men. 853 more words


Benefits of Having Homosexual Parents

While many conservatives and anti-equality people argue that gay and lesbian parents hinder a child’s emotional and psychological development, research and science provide no evidence to support this claim. 1,129 more words


Unfortunately disclosing that you are bisexual may not be helpful to bisexual men

For decades, research addressing the mental health of gay men has grouped bisexual and gay men together. This is a disservice to the LGBTQ community, and to bisexual men in particular. 387 more words