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You may think I'm wrong about LGBTQI. So, now what?

I am fully affirming because of my faith, not in spite of it. I came to believe what I believe after extensive theological study, my own life experience, examining the lived experience of others, research, prayer, and following the leading of the Holy Spirit. 475 more words

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Can My Young Child Know If They Are Gay?

“Stop letting awful parents put these labels on young children! It is going to destroy their lives!”  We hear some version of this every day. What these people don’t realize is that it is not the… 396 more words

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My Views on Homosexuality

I have considered addressing this issue ever since I began blog writing, but I long delayed doing so. When I write about a subject, I want to tie the subject into deeper issues that can impact multiple aspects of life. 1,549 more words

Don't Be THAT Parent

“… I’m gay, please don’t make me leave. I like living here, I like our family. Please don’t kick me out.”

Haunting words from a child. 2,213 more words

From Abomination

In my past few posts I have talked about the idea of abomination, and the fact that good people are abominations to the wicked, and wicked ways are abominations to the righteous.   808 more words

Interactions With The Divine

Caution: Rough Road

So it’s gotten very real. As I knew it eventually would. Going public meant setting ourselves up for a lot of junk — cutting comments, being unfollowed and unfriended on Facebook, name calling (to me, not my son), cut off from long-term friends and even family. 1,293 more words

Homosexuality And The Church

We Have A Secret Weapon Hidden in the Anti-Gay Church!

Shhhhh. We have a secret weapon. Powerful. Effective. Ready to change the world. And it is hidden right in the middle of the nonaffirming conservative, evangelical church. 667 more words

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