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A Stranger Comes to Gibeah

The Sodom Series, #9

Chapters 19–21 of Judges recount one of the most heinous crimes recorded in all of Scripture. Its account of brutal abuse is strangely like that of Sodom, although the only person who ends up being harmed is a woman. 868 more words



For nine years, I attempted to be normal.

I had found my people at last, I thought — a community of peers, all of them creative, artists and writers from all over the world. 1,470 more words


Shit that Pissed me Off - 7/20/18

Trump Corner: The Russia Problem

I don’t usually lead with Donald Trump because he’d pretty much always a problem. Him and the people who blindly accept everything he does as anything other than the actions of a narcissistic racist whose every action is meant to make things better for himself and his family members.   1,557 more words


Versailles: The Man Who Would Be Queen

One of the things that really stands out in Versailles is its depiction of Louis’ brother Philippe, the duc d’Orleans (Alexander Vlahos), as blatantly and unrepentantly homosexual. 2,072 more words

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Section 377: India's battle with colonial-era law for same-sex love

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Five judges on India’s Supreme Court are hearing a challenge to a law that criminalizes homosexual sex — Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, introduced by British colonial authorities in 1861 and kept on the books in independent India. 296 more words


Homosexual Rulers and Royals

Homosexuality is one of those topics always riddled with controversy, with many conservatives and sometimes religious sects denouncing it as a sin often to the extent that some countries deem any public display of homosexual acts as punishable by death – namely those in the Middle East and parts of northern Africa. 2,240 more words


"Boy Erased" Trailer Fights Off Homosexuality With God's Word

We need more films to bring light to the topic of homosexuality. In my teenage years, I struggled with the answer of whether God still loves me or not. 56 more words

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