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Why Christianity is not compatible with democracy.

Modern democracy is the tyranny of secular values.

by Rev Chris Mullen, reblogged from the Salisbury Review

You know how it is when you get a puzzle buzzing in your brain and you can’t rest until, as they say, you’ve got your head round it? 954 more words


One foot in each world.

Over the past year and a half, a lot has happened in regards to LGBT rights in the United States. Namely that same-sex marriage was federally legalized. 565 more words


Against Aquinas: An In-Depth Critique of "Natural Law" Ethics, Theology, and Metaphysics

Hot damn! It’s been way too long, brothers and sisters, but I finally kept my promise. I’m back in the philosophy groove, following up on the last philosophy piece I wrote a while ago— 58,199 more words

Gunlord's "Deep Thoughts"

Ex-nuns get married in Italy in challenge to Pope's stance on gay unions

TRUTH BOMBS: Homosexuals are trying to bring down any Christian organization. I have not heard this being done outside a mosque. It is Ironic that the Pope is named Francis and the homosexuals are protesting him. 419 more words

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To those who hate me,

I’m scared.

Following the attack at Pulse in Orlando on June 12, I feel fear. For the first time in my life I am scared. 910 more words


mid-week apologetics booster (9-29-2016)

Good morning friends and fellow co-heirs!

I hope this morning finds you in good health, both physically and spiritually! Below are some links for you to take a look at. 740 more words


Drumming along to the wrong beat

Yesterday’s The Drum invited two Anglican ministers and an atheist to discuss the question of marriage and homosexuality.

Panellist Jane Gilmore came out and suggested, ‘Logically, I can’t see how Christian stance on homosexuality and ‘marriage equality’ makes sense’. 1,025 more words