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Disney - I am done

The Walt Disney Company has, for generations, been a wonderful company of imagination, excitement, and has put smiles on the faces of children and adults alike.   1,347 more words



As stated in Goodreads:

After a fairy-tale courtship in 1980s New York City, Maggie’s young marriage shatters when her “perfect” husband–a star editor at The Wall Street Journal–is diagnosed with and dies of AIDS, leaving her with two young children in a city electrified by paranoia about the new epidemic. 584 more words

Book Reviews

Life and Death, part 5

I feel really sad today.  My friend, my Gerrybear, is making a hard choice to have his 20 year old cat put to sleep.  I wish I could be there with him as he goes through this terrible time and I hate that he is going through it alone.   86 more words


Same-Sex Marriage and Homosexuality in the Bible: A Brief Look at Both Sides of the Debate (Part 2, Abominations)

The percentage of U.S. Christians who believe homosexuality ought to be accepted by society increased markedly recently, from 44% in 2007 to 54% in 2014, as reported by the non-partisan Pew Research Center.   1,197 more words

Divinity School

Disney's "First Openly Gay Character"

Today my mother and sister took me out to see Beauty and the Beast. It’s not my usual type of movie, but going out beats sitting in front of the keyboard staring at the textual wall that is the final chapter of  332 more words


The problem with 'coming out gay'

I was watching a Dutch television program last night. We see two young gay men in Disneyland, who had decided to adopt the gay label, as they lament the fact that they cannot conceive children and lead a normal straight life. 2,257 more words


No. 17 | Shortcomings

21 Mar 2017

There are some things about my past that keep me in there, and they’re mostly mistakes that have consequences that I need to face. 591 more words