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Miscellaneous items of interest to Roman Catholics. None mine.


Readers respond to America’s special issue on women (10/28):

I commend the editors for their decision to devote the recent issue to matters that most concern women, and to include among the authors some of the most competent and best informed women on matters of our Catholic faith. 2,046 more words

Report to Our Church on the ERLC Leadership Summit on Religious Liberty

Below is the text of my report to our church for this month’s newsletter (“The Voice”).

FBC Sebring Family,

I hope and pray that this edition of The Voice finds you well. 499 more words

Does God Send Terror Attacks because of Bathroom Rights and Evolution?

Those Christian fundamentalists are at it again!

This time it’s Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of the famous evangelist Billy Graham.

According to recent statements by Lotz, terror attacks such as… 2,204 more words

Current Events

Finding Dory's brief image of a better world "poisons our children's minds"...


The “angry face” Facebook emoticon strikes again, this time against what appears to be a lesbian couple featuring in a 5-second joke in the new ‘Finding Dory’ trailer which of course, according to the “this is how God intended us” side of the Internet, means that the movie is now called ‘Finding Lesbians’, is perverting the thoughts of children and the entire Pixar staff should be engulfed in hellfire. 221 more words

Diversity: What it should NOT be in the True Church

It’s official: summer is here and it’s heating up out there. As I sat in my garden sipping coffee this morning, I heard a buzz. Coffee break over. 2,009 more words

Canada: Conservatives vote to accept same-sex marriages

The acceptance of same-sex marriage was a ‘no brainer’ for some Conservatives, but 462 party members are still against it. One MP vowed to fight it… 16 more words


Yonatan Hailo, Who Killed His Rapist, vs. Elor Azariah Who Killed His Attacker

I was just made aware of this case after perusing headlines in NRG. Apparently, back in 2010, there was this guy Yonatan Hailo who had an attacker harassing him, extorting him for money, beating him up and even anally raping him several times. 684 more words

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