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Israel Folau fell straight into a trap when he answered the question asking him what he thought was God’s plan for homosexuals. Taking the bible literally is neither fashionable nor socially acceptable, but that is exactly what Folau did.

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Russia bans Warwick university rowers' naked calendar for being 'gay propaganda

The Warwick Rowers calendar is a charitable calendar. This calendar raises money for LGTB charity that tackles homophobia in sport. The project was originally created in order to raise money for the university’s rowing society, now it has grown and it raises a six figure sum every year for Sport Allies, which promotes diversity in sport. 276 more words


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Roissy weeps.

The Trumpian fraud, emphasis added:

President Donald Trump may have announced that “DACA is dead” over the weekend, but statistics released Monday by the Justice Department appear to suggest otherwise.

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Lesbian mothers and at least three children killed after driving off cliff in California!

Questions raised about the tragedy after reports Jennifer and Sarah Hart were reported to Child Protective Services.

At least five members of a family have been killed after their SUV drove over a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway in Mendocino County, California. 666 more words

Creating Homophobic Children

I’ve been interested in writing down my feelings about specific topics for a long while now. I wanted to use a video platform but there’s something about writing down my feelings that calms me in a way recording a video cannot. 411 more words

David Bruce: Homosexuals Anecdotes

Rugby legend Gareth Thomas is 6-foot-3 and 16 stone of muscle, and in 2005 he captained Wales to its first Grand Slam victory since 1978. Also, he’s gay. 1,080 more words