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The problem with 'coming out gay'

I was watching a Dutch television program last night. We see two young gay men in Disneyland, who had decided to adopt the gay label, as they lament the fact that they cannot conceive children and lead a normal straight life. 2,257 more words


A Hard Truth About Love

I know this is two posts in one day. Some would say that I should probably wait and post this tomorrow, but I feel in my heart that there is an urgency to this one. 664 more words


Huffington Post: "The epidemic of gay loneliness"

In the Huffington Post edition of March 2nd 2017, Michael Hobbes has written an extensive article about the abundant loneliness of the current gay lifestyle. He describes the psychiatric problems to be found in the gay community, and which do not diminish in spite of so-called social progress enforced by pressure groups. 1,017 more words


This Is Gay

Does this photo make me look gay? Do I make this photo look gay? And what’s with the hair? It looks very Presidential, only fuller, don’t you think? 896 more words


Exploring Your Full Sexual Potential, part 13/24: Jeremy's little sad notebook

Playing games is important. How are we to dig deeper into the sediments of old events which have made one feel unnecessarily different from others? There is an easy way: we can to do it as do little children. 2,623 more words


God Hate Watch - Fairness Campaign meeting in Louisville, KY - March 1st

(Seen above is head homo, Chris Hartman of the Fairness Campaign.)

  • If you visit their Aids promoting website, half of it is them begging for donations (more than likely due to court dates dealing with child porn charges).
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