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Exploring your full sexual potential,‭ ‬part‭ ‬5/24:‭ The‬ emerging of heterophobia

Homosexuality is basically heterophobia,‭ ‬an acquired state of mind,‭ ‬with which you were not born.‭ ‬It has its roots in childhood,‭ ‬a companion for so long.‭ ‬But not from birth.‭ ‬Just like arachnophobia‭ (‬an irrational and strong fear of spiders‭) ‬is not something you were born with,‭ ‬neither is heterophobia a genetic condition.‭ ‬You have a deeply ingrained negative attitude towards intimacy with the opposite sex,‭ ‬and usually also with those who apparently indulge in it.‭ ‬It is of course‭ … 2,708 more words

Same-sex Attractions

A World Full Of Homosexuals

Hello everyone!

Okay, So what is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the term ‘homosexuality’? probably, something not to talk in front of our elders, or sick people who need to be cured. 537 more words


Mike Adams and Donald Trump on Gays

Mike Adams and Donald Trump on Gays

On Mike Adams website he has the following headline:

Ten surprising facts you didn’t know about Donald Trump and the Health Ranger: Marrying immigrants, fighting for truth and expressing deep compassion for fellow human beings… 1,400 more words

The Third sex in Bangladesh

Raffaele Petralla shoot the Mirpur-Ek, place of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is also home to a large number of young homosexuals, transsexuals and transvestites who co-exist in the same space. 96 more words


Destined for Disaster

Leviticus 12-14

I’d run out of Daivobet and I needed to get it sorted.

Summer was coming and I wanted to look my best down at the beach. 2,305 more words

The Gay Next Door !

Stifled smirks, shout out, the shrillest psalms
He toyed all day, with his puckered lips
I gaped thru him – no gripe, no angst, no qualms! 120 more words


Why Cuckservatives Don't Understand Leftist Support for Muslim Immigration

Cuckservatives make me laugh when they express confusion as to why Leftists support mass 3rd world immigration from the Middle East. Leftists are supposed to care about womens rights and gay rights so why would they want to import millions of these people? 254 more words

White Genocide