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Hillary’s Homosexual Platform

HILLARY NOW PROMISES that homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgender perversion will be the central pillar of her administration.

Speaking before hundreds of Jews and sexual perverts at the… 297 more words

The Jewish Problem

56: Club

Whenever something happens, I always react.  But here I was – disregarding the reflex.  I was doing something I’d never done before.  A small thing, granted, but how often do I get to say that?  

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Muslim Migration

“Balkan” Muslim boys turn school into living hell for Swiss girls.

“The children learn at home that the mother is worthless. The boys then treat girls in the same way,” 389 more words


Catholic homosexuals against new anti-gender law in Italy

A group of Catholic homosexuals in Italy’s Veneto region says gender theory classes should be re-introduced in schools, despite a new ban imposed by the local government. 590 more words


Pope’s Congressional Speech

Pope Francis gave a wonderfully crafted speech to assembled Congressional members and guests yesterday. The Pope spoke broadly yet delivered targeted messages on individual freedoms and collective responsibility, especially those towards leaving the next generation with a livable planet. 808 more words


SINcinnati Ohio Outreach

It was one of the best weeks of my life. Great time of outreach and fellowship it is nice to know you are not the only street preacher in the world.We had 4 days of great outreach to Cincinnati Ohio… 71 more words


The Homosexual Revolutionary Attempt

The Homosexual Revolutionary Attempt


R.E. Prindle

As the homosexuals will not let Kim Davis be but are intent on making an example of her and punishing her for obeying the law, Kentucky’s law,  while ignoring the opinion of a few Justices who have no understanding  of homosexuals or what the homosexuals are attempting and if they do the Justices are evil indeed. 289 more words