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Donald Trump: Body Language and Power of Persuasion

Donald Trump: Body Language and Power of Persuasion

In the previous post I had shown a video on Donald Trump’s handwriting analysis and what it reveals. 408 more words

False Prophets

Persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany.

Upon the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany, gay men and, to a lesser extent, lesbians, were two of the numerous groups targeted by the Nazis and were ultimately among Holocaust victims. 1,215 more words


David Pickup speaks up against bans on therapeutic counselling of Questioning Youths

In the New Mexico legislative counsel in 2017, therapist David Pickup spoke up. The LGBT lobby in the USA, led by the extremely wealthy radical gay-feminist law firm NLCR from California, is trying to outlaw ( 3,860 more words


Exploring your full sexual potential, part 16/24: Heighten your self-esteem

Men who experience SSA’s are switching off in their daily lives toward those who live around them. They feel that they are not connected to society, and are the odd man out. 3,525 more words


Chechnya, in the meantime.

For gays rounded up like animals
beaten, tortured, killed
in the concentration camp in Chechnya
we pray:
Lord, have mercy.

Out of respect for tradition you say, 176 more words


Chechnya opens first concentration camp for homosexuals

http://www.biphoo.com/bipnews/world-news/chechnya-opens-first-concentration-camp-homosexuals.html #WorldNews http://www.biphoo.com/bipnews/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Chechnya-opens-first-concentration-camp-for-homosexuals.jpg
Chechnya opens first concentration camp for homosexuals

Chechyna has opened the first concentration camp for homosexuals since Hitler, where campaigners say gay men are being tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death. 11 more words