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The Bible's Viewpoint of Homosexuality

The USA has the only large mainstream church ever to consecrate an openly gay bishop (Gene Robinson), the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. 24,647 more words


What is, is!

Those of us old enough to remember the Bill Clinton era are also old enough to remember the response by the Democratic Party and  the main stream media. 262 more words

Leave Gays and Trans People Alone

The number of gay and transgender people in the United States is 9 million according to the census beau. LGBQT population.

This makes the states that waste money on trying to oppress this community even more insane. 187 more words

Bangladesh's 150-Year-Old Law Criminalizes  Homosexuals

Artist Gazi Nafis Ahmed is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this  social documentary photography.   These images are from his project ‘Inner Face… 442 more words

Human Condition

The Bathroom Fiasco

For the past seventy-six years, when in a public place  and the need arose, I had no problem finding a men’s restroom. I always knew that the men’s room  was where I belonged. 358 more words

a slugs approach

chillin by the water reservoir at the herne kanal again and a slug coming from the west at the bottom of the stairs made its approach to me. 170 more words