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On Sitting Down With Two Homosexuals

This morning I had the luxury of having one-on-one conversation with two very different types of homosexual. Recently, gay marriage was legalized across America, thus taking one step further for worldwide marriage equality. 358 more words


Mi haffi leggo Jamaican

Professor Cooper can tan deh! As much as she may have convinced me that using our Jamaican language is a good idea, I find that whenever it would be practical and helpful to draw on a Jamaican term, it’s likely to cause problems. 497 more words


Jews Promote Homosexual Marriage in America but Outlaw it in Israel


All official Jewish groups and organizations in America have welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling that homosexual marriage is legal throughout the country—but these same Jewish organizations also all back Israel, which has outlawed homosexual marriage completely. 686 more words

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When ‘Discernment’ Leads to Disaster

by R. Albert Mohler Jr.

The historic First Baptist Church of Greenville, South Carolina, announced in May that it would declare itself be “open and welcoming” to all people and that it would allow same-sex marriage and ordain openly homosexual ministers. 53 more words

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Why Do Bigots Hate Gay People and Oppose Gay Marriage?

Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States of America legalized gay marriage nationwide. In response to this decision, there was an outcry from a significant portion of the U.S. 750 more words


Sharp rise in heterosexuals contracting HIV


Data compiled by Israel’s National Center for HIV Testing reveals a sharp increase in the number of heterosexual individuals who contracted HIV in 2014, as well as a slight rise in the number of people who currently suffer from the disease compared to previous years. 200 more words

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Help Me To Help Others


I am posting this link that is on my own website in order to ask for assistance on this matter.  My website has been getting hundreds of hits a day just because of the post about Germany and the European Union’s plans to legalize pedophilia and child pornography.   283 more words

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