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A depraved mind – February 26, 2015

My children, many have a depraved mind because they do not love the truth, they always oppose the truth in their wickedness and stubbornness because they love and choose lies instead of the truth. 186 more words

SPACO Riot Update: Alleged Gay Students To See Psychiatrists

By citifmonline.com

The Volta Regional Directorate of the  Ghana Education Service has said it will refer the students of the St Pauls’ Senior High School in the Volta Region, who were… 185 more words

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Homosexuals and the Church

The Catholic Church in the west is continuing it’s “bunker mentality” when it comes to basic core issues of morality, especially in the case of homosexuals. 1,125 more words


Words Do Not Always Mean Action

I wholeheartedly agree with that. Unfortunately, the person who posted this on her Facebook, doesn’t truly believe in this.

How can I say this? Because she is constantly bashing people who struggle with the decision to vaccinate their kids, people who decide not to. 228 more words


Obama's Homosexual Past

One must ask themselves why would Obama betray his race by supporting gay marriage?  Well it is very simple, he is doing the bidding of his jewish, zionist and freemason masters for the ultimate plan is the dissolution of the family complex. 64 more words

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Heart-wrenching trans teen’s suicide note outlines abuse from a family who refused to accept him


Oddly enough, I say this is a good thing as this sub human filth didn’t deserve to live while destroying the name and the life of his family all in the name of helping his own depraved sexual desire….i say let him die and that it is good that he is now dead!

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Liberal “Tolerance” Strikes! (Round II)

An “Equal Rights” ordinance in the Dallas suburb of Plano passed in December has created ongoing controversy , with citizens of the town signing petitions for a recall of the ordinance (I couldn’t find what the current status of this situation is, though if the petitions are verified a repeal could be put before the city council) .  695 more words