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Sure, I'll change your life and fix that for you.

I’d like to imagine that I have the perfect piece of advice to share with you.  Strike that.  Make it, ” the nugget of wisdom that’ll revolutionize you’re life.”  It’s that good. 573 more words


Living on the wild side of love

A funny thing happened recently.  Actually lots of funny things.  I’ve managed to radically change my life since I first started intermittently writing here.

Turns out, I fully believe in the inclusion of the LGBTQ community in the church based on my understanding of scriptures.  235 more words


Testmonies make me cry

Somewhere on Facebook a friend shared a like of a testimony.  I love testimonies, because they’re people’s stories of themselves and God.  This particular one… 593 more words


A Series of Surprising Blessings

1. Spring Break

I took my QSU Guy with me to our college group’s spring break trip on Catalina Island.  We held hands, laughed & met so many folks (including a couple of unexpected lesbians), went hiking, got into our first real fight, and spent hours immersed in God’s presense.  1,054 more words


Chipotle-Sweet-Potato-Soup for Tummy and Soul

Yesterday’s all-you-can-eat sushi reminded me how much I love a good variety of sushi (especially nigiri) and why I rarely go (I can put away a good more than I should). 508 more words


As the world turns... and I heard myself.

I’ve always wanted more male peers. Dunno why, but I don’t keep ’em very well. And I just gave up the closest male (boyfriend to be specific) relationship in my life a few days ago. 246 more words


New Steps & Cute Boys

December 15th – I totally forgot it was our anniversary.  It’s still on my mind b/c the 6 roses QSU guy gave me are still in a pitcher on the windowsill, casting a gorgeous hue of red against the white walls and snow beyond the glass.  378 more words