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Homophobic bullying in Nottinghamshire is to be tackled by you, the public.

Members of the public are being urged to pledge not to be bystanders in order to reduce the number of young people being bullied for their sexuality. 281 more words


Summer of My Closeted Soldier

Many summers ago, I fell in love with a Navy man.

I met him online; he had answered a personal ad I put out that included this disclaimer: “No Republicans”. 841 more words

Coming Out

One Small Step For Gay Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind

“Nutcrackers, faggots, whatever you wanna call ‘em….” Had I heard right? It was a cold night in December. I was hurrying up the avenue to get home. 705 more words

Coming Out

School Bullies

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for your support on my last post. It means the world to me to know that people care. I did get a new job and will be starting soon as a receptionist at a mental health clinic. 1,329 more words

Islam: Is this a matter of tolerance of hypocrisy

Islam has fast become since The Iraq War and Bush’s Axis of Evil the buzzword for danger, panic and opposition. But where is there now a point where tolerance to Islam has become an extreme tolerance to an intolerant faith?  1,248 more words


mujhko pehchaanti hai kahaan manzilein

This morning, we drove for twenty kilometres to spend some time at a dam reservoir. The resort people told us that it was a beautiful place, and we shouldn’t miss it. 782 more words