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Over At The Frankenstein Place

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret if you promise it won’t freak you out. You have already shared a public restroom with a transgender person. 379 more words

Identity politics are obsolete

In 2015, identity politics are meaningless, stupid and malicious. So much so, in fact, that I see teenagers thinking that identity politics not just are but always were stupid. 2,136 more words


The Ultimate Guide To Being A Homophobic As*hole

Dear fellow homophobes,

We all know how homophobes are often oppressed in daily live and on mainstream media. However, we shouldn’t lose hope. Please remember that you are not alone; all the homophobes out there in the world understand the problem you face every single day. 1,256 more words


Even the dogs (guest post)

This week in churches all over the world, we’ll hear Jesus call someone of a different race a dog. The Syrophonecian woman appears in the Lectionary this Sunday for the second time in just over a year. 2,015 more words


Leftist ableism, misinformation, #GamerGate, and the deliberately constructed decline of critical thought

If you followed me on Tumblr you know that a pet peeve of mine lately has been progressives using ableist language when making their points. You would also know that several times recently, I’ve had to deliberately counter leftist misinformation that makes its way across my dash. 1,407 more words


I am an "I Am Cait" fan.

I’ve never willingly watched a reality television program, but I must admit that “I am Cait,” the behind-the-scenes look at America’s most famous transgender personality, has me intrigued. 673 more words

Facebook Group of Homophobic Rainbow Enthusiasts Doubly Offended

A Facebook group of homophobic rainbow enthusiasts are up in arms over the rainbow filter trend and are claiming to be twice as offended as regular homophobes.  254 more words

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