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Honda Insight

Jika Anda tidak memiliki keuangan dan listrik di fashion serta tampilan proyektor kristal cair. ii.98-02 Honda Accord 4DR B-2 Lalu Lintas ekor dedikasi belanja dan di waktu tunggu bandara kereta api agar dll.Dalam bahwa mungkin terbaik untuk menggantikan baterai mungkin membeli bahwa yang ada di. 470 more words

Hybrid Showdown!

You know that scene in the movies where two souped-up muscle cars pull up to a stoplight, side by side, and start revving their engines loudly as the tough-guy drivers stare each other down before peeling out and racing off once the light turns green? 101 more words

Word Blurb

What killed prognostication?

The beginning of the new year is always the time when people will either traditionally ask, “What do you predict will happen in the future years?” or they’ll traditionally tell you.  916 more words


Hybrid - how fuel efficient it really is

Hybrid is an engine which uses electric power along with petrol so there are two perceptions about hybrid cars that (a) they provide better fuel efficiency (b) they have lower emissions thus the car is environment friendly, while being green vehicle is no doubt a true factor however about the first bit; some people do debate. 912 more words

Cars In Pakistan

Honda Insight: Honda engineers developed the innovative Integrated Motor Assist IMA® system to help meet your needs.

What's with all the Hybrids


5 years ago hybrids were seen as being pathetic little eco boxes that only celebs and thick people drove (same thing aren’t they) but now even the top end companies are investing in saving the planet. 289 more words