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Skyfall didn’t open in Japan until December 1st and for a variety of reasons though mainly to avoid the crowds, I waited until this afternoon, Tuesday, to see it. 1,313 more words

Honda Little Cub

No Parking?

I ride my Honda Little Cub to my local bank to make an ATM withdraw. I park my motorcycle where all the bank’s customers park their various bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles, a large space adjacent to the building. 188 more words

Honda Little Cub


So I was on my Honda Little Cub heading northbound on Shimogamohondori, a very busy, divided road, this past Friday night.

Suddenly, a large brown van heading south without signaling or even slowing down very much, and certainly without yielding to oncoming traffic on any level, cut right across in front of me, nearly causing a fatal accident, i.e., ME. 549 more words

Philosopher's Walk

I mentioned earlier that, on the new bike, I’m making an effort to get out more and to spend more time visiting those parts of Kyoto I’ve missed through the years or, in this instance, have long been meaning to revisit. 131 more words

Honda Little Cub


Thanks to my wondrous Honda Little Cub, I’ve been inspired to a) visit Kyoto landmarks that, for one reason or another, I’ve yet to visit. This, in turn b) gives me the chance to find places I can legally park this thing and, also, by exploring new neighborhoods, temples, and shrines, a chance to get a little much-needed exercise. 270 more words

It's a Long Way to Neyagawa

Had an adventure yesterday. My pal Jeff Flugel generously invited me over to his place in Neyagawa, in Osaka, for lunch plus our usual lively chat about and exchange of DVDs and Blu-ray discs. 435 more words

Honda Little Cub

The first day I had my Honda Little Cub I took a minor but painful spill, the main injury of which was to my left ankle, which turned purple and scraped a lot of skin off that’s still healing, four weeks later. 446 more words