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The Clean House: It's All or Nothing

I have a problem.  I don’t know how to keep a clean house and be a mother.  I don’t know how to just “straighten up.”  Really, I don’t. 266 more words

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Spending over 8 years TTC you get to think a lot about what you want to do as a parent. In the beginning of our journey Husband was in the military and so I would have been a SAHM. 332 more words


Help, I'm balding! And other post-baby truths

Once upon a time I had a thick, beautiful head of hair, gorgeous nails, and baby-smooth skin without a blemish in sight.  Yeah, that was just last week.   295 more words

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Broken Birds Keep Singing: Parenting & Writing After Grief

I just finished a book; this, by one of my favorite poets, preceded the story.

It’s funny how I gravitate toward books about the broken hearted and the weary. 1,281 more words


Patience is a Virtue, Especially When You Have a Toddler

If I am to ever encounter a genie in a bottle, I only have one wish: patience.  Please, oh please, someone grant me some patience.  Because I am the mother of a toddler.   296 more words

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The Day Mr. Fish Went Away to College

In March, our toddler decided he wanted a pet fish. So, as any good parents would do, we used this as an opportunity to bribe him. 850 more words

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Never Say Never… Things I Said I Would NEVER Do As a Mother

I think it’s safe to say that every mom is a hypocrite at some point in her life.  We lie, when we teach our kids to tell the truth (Don’t think you’re a liar?   311 more words

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