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Honest Mom: What DO You Do All Day?

This post isn’t going to be a big deal. It’s just going to talk about what I do everyday. I do what every SAHM does. I sit on the couch watching my soaps, eating chocolate ice-cream, while my children run around in dirty diapers, the dishes pile up to the ceiling, the trash never gets taken out, and a farm of dust bunnies lives under our couch. 370 more words

Honest Mom

Honest Mom: Why I Had to (Mostly) Quit Zulily

Unless you have been living under a rock these last few year you have probably heard of zulily. It’s an online paradise for moms looking for discounted kids clothing, toys, shoes, and a plethora of other things that you probably don’t need, but REALLY REALLY want. 528 more words

When Crumbled Cookies and A Mess Are More Than Enough

As a mother, or a parent in general, it’s easy to find oneself constantly running around. In doing so, I often find myself running low on energy,low on patience, low on sleep, basically low on everything. 270 more words

Mommy Adventures

I Quit!

That’s it. I quit. I can’t take it anymore. No, I am not talking about a job or the blog. I am talking about quitting caring about what people think about me as a person and as a mother. 467 more words

My Life is a Lie

I guess if people wanted to label me (which I am TOTALLY not a fan of, by the way) they would say I am a overachieving pinterest mom. 341 more words

Relatos reais de dramas e triunfos feitos por mães

Gente, o blog Honest Mom fez uma matéria INCRÍVEL dando voz às mães leitoras do blog, contando relatos reais e comoventes de histórias de superação ou as dificuldades que passaram. 12 more words


Shitty Mom Rebranded

I call myself a “Shitty Mom” at least once a day. Okay, more than that. A few times a day, minimum. That’s vague enough. Definitely every day those nine letters float breezily across my busy brain like a lazy sky-writer sending a message from up high. 1,000 more words