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I Don't Ask Permission

I read something that really bothered me the other day.  It was from a blog about motherhood (I don’t remember which one).  That this particular mom said that she has to asks her husband for permission to buy a dress for herself.   497 more words

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Books are such a fantastic way to acquaint oneself with the lived experience of different people. It is something that directs my thinking as I select books for my son. 524 more words


The Longest Moments


The kitchen is a mess.  We’ve just finished dinner and Charlie, my four-year-old, is upstairs having a screaming match against himself.  I sent him to his room for standing on the table and not getting down after I asked him five times.   616 more words

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"Being a working Mom is sometimes really fucking awful (and almost always really hard)."

It’s 4am and my 4th waking on the 4th night of the 4 month sleep regression that is currently taking our household by storm. As I’m woefully dragging myself out of bed, I just want to scream in my tired delirium because, … 689 more words

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I Might Be the Mom the Internet Hates.

I like my home to be clean. I shower and put on make-up daily. I like to make home made dinners. I smile and am usually a positive person. 546 more words

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Love is My Religion: My Thoughts on Raising Children Without Religion

I’m not a religious person.  Spiritual?  Yes.  Religious?  No.  In the words of Ziggy Marley, Love is my religion.  My husband and I have decided to raise our kids without religion.   430 more words

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Ode To Our Babysitters: Why We Have Them and How To Find Them

My kids love our babysitters. Matt and I  love our babysitters. Over the years we have been really lucky to find a few people we are so comfortable leaving our kids with. 612 more words

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