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Finding Your Light: An Open Letter to the Mama Lost to Motherhood

Dear Mama,

I see you, even though you are having a hard time seeing yourself.

You stand before the toothpaste-splattered mirror at the end of the day searching hard for the spirit of the woman who was once housed by this body, only now all you see are the visible signs of exhaustion from the routine. 731 more words


No One Prepared Me for Raising a Boy

I am head over heels in love with my son.  I really am.  It’s true what they say about the special bond between a mother and son.   654 more words

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What Moms Really Mean When They Use Emojis

Since becoming a mom, I’ve found myself having less and less phone conversations.  Texting has become my default form of communication.  Because, It’s kind of hard to hold an actual conversation with a three-year-old screaming “poop!” repeatedly in the background. 422 more words

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I'm THAT mom. And I'm not ashamed.

I put my career on hold the day I became a mama.  I pin recipes and crafts to my Pinterest boards and actually make them.  I make… 494 more words

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When It Takes a Long Time (Like, 7 Months) to Start Enjoying Your Baby

It takes me a long time to adjust to change—an embarrassingly long time. Motherhood, and taking care of a baby day in and day out, has been no exception. 938 more words

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Let's Talk About Peanut Allergies

I recently saw a Facebook friend post a meme that said “If my child can’t bring peanut butter to school, your’s shouldn’t be allowed to bring preventable diseases.”  Now, I am not someone to get worked up about a silly Facebook post.   455 more words

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The Clean House: It's All or Nothing

I have a problem.  I don’t know how to keep a clean house and be a mother.  I don’t know how to just “straighten up.”  Really, I don’t. 266 more words

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