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Let them be Crafty

I’ve always loved arts and crafts.  Drawing, creating, cooking, baking, building, making.  That’s always been me: the crafty girl.  Growing up, my mom was always nagging me about my messy room.   266 more words

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It Does Not Get Easier, But You Do Get Better

Sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store, my four-month-old son slept soundly in his car seat as I watched the rain cascading down, making little rivers on the windshield. 968 more words


Motherhood: When the Control Freak Loses Control

I’ve always been a control freak. And once upon a time, I had complete control of my life. I bought what I wanted. I napped when I wanted. 373 more words

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How I Plan to Raise Good People

Regardless of how you voted in this year’s historically polarized election, I think that we, as parents, share one common goal: to raise kids that grow up to be overall  153 more words

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Don't Feel Sorry for Me

I have two healthy, gorgeous children.  They are well dressed and well fed.  They have two parents that think the world of them.  My husband and I would do… 311 more words

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Finding Your Light: An Open Letter to the Mama Lost to Motherhood

Dear Mama,

I see you, even though you are having a hard time seeing yourself.

You stand before the toothpaste-splattered mirror at the end of the day searching hard for the spirit of the woman who was once housed by this body, only now all you see are the visible signs of exhaustion from the routine. 731 more words


No One Prepared Me for Raising a Boy

I am head over heels in love with my son.  I really am.  It’s true what they say about the special bond between a mother and son.   654 more words

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