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A Basic Guide to Human Decency

It’s been pretty hard to miss the news lately.  Nothing too pretty.  Actually it is pretty horrific.  People are mean and saying and doing horrible things.  544 more words

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Let's Talk About Depression

Ever since I was a pre-teen, I have struggled with depression and anxiety. Part of it was genetic, and part of it was situational, but all of it was me. 1,084 more words


My Son is the Easiest Baby Ever

And yet, I’m still fucking exhausted.

We had a rough start, it’s true. Often times, parents have a hard time really bonding with their NICU babies. 604 more words


He's One Now

Ransom was born at 35 weeks and 5 days. He was a surprise from the very beginning; lord knows we weren’t trying. He came early because I had high blood pressure one night, and the drug they gave me to lower it distressed me so much that, honestly, I think I willed myself into labor. 616 more words


I Don't Ask Permission

I read something that really bothered me the other day.  It was from a blog about motherhood (I don’t remember which one).  That this particular mom said that she has to asks her husband for permission to buy a dress for herself.   497 more words

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Books are such a fantastic way to acquaint oneself with the lived experience of different people. It is something that directs my thinking as I select books for my son. 524 more words


The Longest Moments


The kitchen is a mess.  We’ve just finished dinner and Charlie, my four-year-old, is upstairs having a screaming match against himself.  I sent him to his room for standing on the table and not getting down after I asked him five times.   616 more words

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