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"Being a working Mom is sometimes really fucking awful (and almost always really hard)."

It’s 4am and my 4th waking on the 4th night of the 4 month sleep regression that is currently taking our household by storm. As I’m woefully dragging myself out of bed, I just want to scream in my tired delirium because, … 689 more words

Honest Mom

I Might Be the Mom the Internet Hates.

I like my home to be clean. I shower and put on make-up daily. I like to make home made dinners. I smile and am usually a positive person. 546 more words

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Love is My Religion: My Thoughts on Raising Children Without Religion

I’m not a religious person.  Spiritual?  Yes.  Religious?  No.  In the words of Ziggy Marley, Love is my religion.  My husband and I have decided to raise our kids without religion.   430 more words

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Ode To Our Babysitters: Why We Have Them and How To Find Them

My kids love our babysitters. Matt and I  love our babysitters. Over the years we have been really lucky to find a few people we are so comfortable leaving our kids with. 612 more words

Kids & Family Life

Confessions on an Accidental Crunchy Mom

I’m a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, self-led weaning, gentle parenting, homeschooling mama.  Ick!  I hate every single one of those labels.  Not only do I hate the stigmas associated with being a “crunchy” mom, but I never intended to be any of these things in the first place.   307 more words

Mommy Life

Why I'm Ditching Resolutions and Setting Intentions for the New Year Instead

It happens to me every year. Christmas arrives tied up neatly with ribbon and wonder, yet when the paper is crumpled and cast away, and the time arrives to take down the tree, I find myself counting down the days to the new year with the slightest sense of sorrow. 724 more words


Beyond Babies: What Comes Next?

In those early years of mothering, we seem caught up in perpetual motion. As we juggle the needs of our young children with the demands of everyday life, trying to achieve that elusive sense of balance, it can feel as though we might never find ourselves again. 687 more words