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The Part About Motherhood That No One Will Tell You


There is a part that no one will tell you. At least, no one told me.

Or if they did, perhaps I just wasn’t ready to listen. 612 more words


A More Blissful Week - Lessons In What NOT To Do

All week I have envisioned sharing with you my wonderful wisdom on how to stay organized, calm, and centered throughout your week.

…And then this week went to hell and I quickly realized that I am not the authority on organization. 821 more words


There Will Never Be Another Newborn

Why am I doing this?

The thought enters into my mind, at times. On the hard days, it is like a toddler at my feet, demanding why – why – why, desperate for an answer that I can’t seem to find. 859 more words


Ashley Does: Surviving Spring Break

This mom thing, man.

Some days you’re killing it. Some days you’re doing your best to hide in the bathroom.

Right now we are drudging through the trench that is Spring Break. 1,189 more words


Letting Go

The path winds through the tangle of cedars and live oak trees, their branches so intermingled that it is difficult to discern where one tree ends and another begins. 788 more words


Honest Mom: I Am Not My Sister

This is more of an Honest Wittney post, honestly, but I’m lazy today and don’t want to make a new post header.

Stop judging me. 418 more words

Do You Need Some Help? (An Encounter in a Public Bathroom)

I was crouching outside of a public bathroom stall, a bag of thirty library books precariously hanging from my shoulder (homeschoolers are book hoarders), trying to calm my screaming 3-year-old enough to teach him how to unlock the stall and let me in to help. 940 more words

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