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Disjointed Ramblings....

I haven’t had much time to write lately. Life has just been too busy and I’ve gotten a little too wrapped up in the daily routine. 424 more words

Observations Of Life

Being sick and being ignored

I can’t say it enough I hate getting sick, I know nobody likes it but I don’t for my own different reasons.

Every time I get sick (doesn’t matter why) and I quarantine myself to the bedroom I have grown to hate, my husband goes into ignore me mode. 235 more words

Drifting Through

Today was emotionally better I guess-if you consider numb better than curling into a ball under the bed in the dark. Win for me, I suppose. 816 more words



I look back to when I got dumped for good and when I realize it’s only been Two weeks I’m shocked. Seriously two weeks? Why does it feel like months? 837 more words


Adulting 101: Lets be real.

My life has shifted. I think the tell tale sign of the shifting was when I was planning my week around going to the Root Cellar. 805 more words

Goals & Dreams

Tell Your Friends

I used to be the one that worried about what people thought

Now I’m worried about the path I’m taking to be the boss

Dealing with conversations, dealing with complications… 388 more words