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What Can Tolerance Teach Our Teams?

There are a lot of things we are striving to be tolerant of in our society today. Terrorism, race, religion, immigration, marriage, and a bevy of other topics manage to flood our news stream and ask for consideration. 921 more words


Tough Love...

Well, today was the assessment to see if I would be accepted into a substance abuse program. Wow was it, um, grueling (only word I can find to fit how it felt to me) There were a lot of things that were discussed during the assessment that made me realize, holy shit…I AM AN ADDICT. 567 more words

Let's start here

A few things that I should get out of the way.  I am in no way a professional in any mental health professions.  I am a committed wife and mother living in a family where my DH is bipolar.   158 more words

Unmotivation & 'The Crisis of Unfinished Books'

I’ve been feeling very unmotivated recently. I don’t know if it’s the stress of upcoming exams, the  thought of the looming unknown, or the fear of failing. 432 more words


30 Day Improv Challenge. Day 6.

Stream of conscious talking is more helpful than you would imagine.  If you’re someone who worries about what to say then this is the exercise for you. 177 more words

Cry Country

lift the pain from these ill deceived bones
let this heart fly above the white mountaintops
up where whole worlds can be brought into view… 45 more words


Playing with Fire

Sparks are a’flyin
with firecracker in hand.
Unwilling to hold on
yet hesitant to toss you in the sand.

This may end badly
but we don’t need to rush. 103 more words