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Welcome to the Circus

Hello. I am The Clown. Welcome to my blog.
I am not writing this to sell you a product or make money. Excuse me? What did you say? 401 more words


Be good to yourself. Learn.

“Be good to yourself when you are learning new things.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

The longer I study and research, the more I am convinced that developing an inner voice that is kind makes learning less painful and more satisfying. 185 more words


On The Line

Today was the day to get the school shit sorted out.  My husband and I went to both the kids’ schools and got everything straightened out.  477 more words


i found what i was (not) looking for

It is so amazing when someone comes into your life and you expect nothing of it, but suddenly they are right there in front of you and it is everything you’ve ever needed and will need… Incredible… 296 more words


5 Rules for Communicating with Your Doctor

I have a secret to share: doctors are not perfect.

They are mortal.

They do not have superhuman abilities.

My mother was a nurse before I was born, so I was raised with the idea that doctors had a preternatural sense for medicine, treating disease, and life in general. 453 more words


My headache 💛

I finally got a boyfriend! Yes, I know this so amazing I actually found someone who can handle my crazy mood swings and me always jumping on them like a spider monkey. 245 more words


Dating In College

So there’s this boy…

My boyfriend and I met freshman year and this fall we will have been dating for 3 years. We are getting our first apartment together and have a very healthy relationship. 469 more words

Beginning College