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Who's That Girl? It's Stack!

This is pretty exciting for me, to actually be able to put pure honesty into my blog. Before, when i knew my enemy was reading every word I was writing, I edited it, I put the best parts of me out there, so she would never know anything bad about me, or hear any utterance of doubt or questioning in my relationship with her ex husband. 594 more words


Default is just a detail.

I start this from my default position which is, of course, fear. ‘A-bit-of-a-worrier’ doesn’t quite cut the proverbial mustard in my case. And Black Dog doesn’t seem to cover my off-days. 97 more words

Mental Health


*My journey from Delhi to Dilli is not an emotional turbulent ride, so you needn’t expect that. What it really is, it is a journey of discovery. 524 more words



Slicing through the air, a double edged sword that brings more trouble than it should,

Honorably named, yet tainted with consequences it entertains.

Its bearer must don a Herculean shield and prepare to bask in the results of his own bravery.


Things I want to stop saying 2 - Forget about your problems and focus on the Lord.

I should make a bit of a disclaimer at the start of this post. I haven’t actually said this in years but I still hear it from time to time at services or conferences. 401 more words

Marcy's 10 (actually 11) Rules for the Workplace

Every year our fabulous boss sends out a special It’s-Independence-Day-YAY!-And-We’ve-Hit-the-Mid-Year-Point-YAY AGAIN! email right before we head out for a our time off for the 4th of July. 957 more words


Dispensing Honesty

Maybe I am an optimist, or a romantic, but I like to see the good in people and take their kind acts at face value. It is far easier to go through life with that perspective than it is to always look at people with suspicion. 508 more words

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