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Optimising My Shot

I felt like I waited a long time to see the musical Hamilton. Late to discover the writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda via a James Corden musical themed… 904 more words


identity theft

For starters, I didn’t actually have my identity stolen. I’m not positive what that would look like or how I would know, but I imagine there’s a bunch of legal jargon involved. 1,719 more words



Chapter 1

He’d notice her months ago. She was reserved and kept to herself a lot. She had this elusiveness he wished to discover. She didn’t know he existed. 103 more words


White Lies, Big Lies, and Extraordinarily Monstrous Lies

A new word has crept into my vocabulary, although not by my choice. That word is “gaslighting,” and I just noticed it reappearing in a number of different contexts. 755 more words

Christian Life

Saturn Return: Cosmic Weight Training!

Technically my Saturn Return isn’t until next year. (I’m of the Saturn in Aquarius generation.) However, I’ve been feeling the effects of good ole’ Chronos creepin’ toward me quite heavily. 507 more words

Making It Work

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” – Proverbs 16:24 NASB

Relationships take work. A lot of work. A wise person once told me that if my relationship was 50-50, it was doomed. 381 more words

Bible Thoughts

Worthwhile crying for

When Guy cried in our last session I had the unique experience of ‘mirror neutrons’ which greatly impressed upon me, burning deep in my soul; parts that I did not even know existed. 241 more words