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Why do people bother?

Why do people bother to try to pretend to be your friend when clearly they are not?  Why?  Why waste your time?  It doesn’t make or break my day but I do find it annoying.  137 more words


Looking at ourselves... But, I'm a teacher, I only get my students to do that.

Teachers do a lot of reflecting, but do we ever truly reflect?

The type of reflection I’m referring to is the type that drills down to the core and demands to explore and examine the inner workings of who we are, how best we teach and why things worked out they way they did in our practice, style and approach. 340 more words


Where Have I Been?

I don’t know.  Somewhere that doesn’t honour the written word.

“But you love writing.”  Yes I do.

“But as someone in your childhood world said, ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating.’  How can you say you love something if you never do it?” 269 more words

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This text from 2 Chronicles is not our usual fare. Scholars call the author “the Chronicler,” and have recognized that this author has a distinctive view of the history of ancient Israel, that focuses on Israel’s worship and especially Israel’s worship through the Temple in Jerusalem. 1,894 more words


What is Your BS Story?

I was blessed enough to attend a yoga workshop with Jen Pastiloff yesterday. She provided the group with many prompts but one really stood out for me. 166 more words


I didn't run a marathon.

I was finally honest with everything with someone I love and it might change the course of my entire life. I made a mistake and now have to face potential heartbreaking consequences. 1,046 more words


About the Masks...

“We Wear the Mask”                                                                               …of Red Death

– Paul Laurence Dunbar                                                                                   – S. Reynolds

We wear the mask that grins and lies,                       We don the mask when first we’re told… 1,141 more words