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It’s the most lovely of horrible emotions when all the right things happen, only it’s with the wrong person. And your desired one is off on a date, while you rest in the arms of another. 129 more words


Do Good -Regardless!

“For they preach, but they do not practice.”
From Matthew 23:1-12

Though my mom passed away some years ago, her influence remains with me. Though she was not one to nag her children, Mom had a few well-selected phrases which made a lasting impression upon all of her children. 218 more words


No Such Thing As The "Real World"

In the eight months I’ve lived since graduating college, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve enrolled in a 401(k) —(I still kind of need someone to explain to me why it’s not just an even 400?), I’ve joined a gym, and I even began using a Crock Pot. 915 more words



I cannot speak of a typical, universal sense or state of freedom because I cannot speak of two or more identical people.

Freedom, much like sex, is a matter of taste: some break all the rules, some need approval and recognition, some get it all the time, some never. 341 more words

Relationship Advice

A Six Month Anniversary

An anniversary today: six months ago, I started not being able to catch my breath. I felt exhausted yet couldn’t rest as a strange anxiety took hold. 503 more words


A Matter Of Perspective

Once upon a time, back when “car phones” were the size of dictionaries and Apple was a struggling company, I was in a car with a friend, waiting at a red light. 609 more words

Life Stuff

Do you really want honesty?

Everyone wants honesty. Too many lies and half truths come our way every hour. We get told what we want to hear so that advertisers can sell products. 598 more words