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Self Esteem for Christians

I was talking to a pastor friend today. I mentioned that the problem with collectivist ways of feeling good about yourself, e.g. identifying with your whiteness, blackness, ancestry, nationalism, or any other kind of tribe or group, even your sect of Christianity, is the absolute wrong way to achieve self-esteem. 658 more words


It's Okay to Meet the Monster

Our parents didn’t know any better. They told us to stop crying — you aren’t hurt — and shut off the light as they exasperatedly said monsters don’t live under your bed. 612 more words


I am just so tired of fake friends and people...…..

I do not get it. I just do not. I try really hard to be a good person but then I seem to get totally screwed over and again. 92 more words

Furlough again...

So I’m furloughed again. Literally right now. I finished work yesterday. Then straight on furlough today. This isn’t the first time mind. This is my second bout of furlough. 886 more words



Awake, It’s like voting for colored water. Who needs it or cares about it.

The bureaucracy never changes
The system of enslavement keeps running.

Let’s vote away the corruption… 139 more words

Predisposed to Complication

One day I’d like to take a look at the part of my brain that handles emotional responses, because I’m sure like a UFC fighter that’s gone round after round against a much better opponent it looks quite how I feel right about now. 280 more words

Computer-taught humility and honesty

It has been many years since I first formed thoughts about this topic, so I wish to share them.

I remember the relief that I felt when I started programming. 797 more words