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Escapable Life

What value is life
And how do we define
Who gives us controlling rights
When we have lost what made us shine

They say time will heal all wounds… 186 more words

Quotes From My Heart

“you kinda just have to keep doing your own thing, even if nobody notices you”

“on certain days I feel like an anomaly, on other days I feel like the most rare thing almost as if I could be spotted in a crowd of others.

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Accepting emotions

I’m accepting that I have these feelings I can’t get rid of.It’s ok or me to love someone. It’s ok if it’s not returned.

I can’t make myself not feel something that’s there just like I can’t force feelings that aren’t there. 42 more words


VIP Tacos

I knew I would have to work while I attended college.

So I decided to just work at a location that could accommodate my hours without much effort or work into learning new things. 336 more words


Maybe I'll Always Be A Little Bit Undefined

I find myself in a state of something undefined
A blurry haze with a bright light at the end.
I am running towards it, but every mile I gain… 127 more words

30 Day Improv Challenge. Day 25

While you’re journeying through the rivers of improv, you’ll notice that terms get thrown around a lot.  I encourage you to start listing them.

Google is an incredible source of information and if you add improv to the word you are searching, I’m sure you’ll find it. 40 more words


Let us be a little quiet
For the night is quiet
And still are our thoughts
That hurry on ahead of us

And in the quietness, let us… 87 more words