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Silly Woman

Who knows why we feel that certain things that seems too much to be spoken out loud would be too much to say? We should be able to say it. 1,168 more words


Gone Girl Novel Review: Bestselling Worthy or A Waste of Paper?

What Makes This Novel Bestselling Worthy?

Alright, Guys, let’s be honest. Who else read this book or wants to read this book simply because everyone around us won’t stop talking about it? 549 more words

Bestselling Books

Master Of Your Words

When you Are Happy

When you are happy you forget about spiritual things, you forget about God.
Because happiness makes you forget about sorrow.
And when we are happy and satisfied, our guard is lowered. 114 more words


One of my biggest secrets...

So forget the eating disorder, self harm etc, I think one of my biggest secrets that probably affects me still today (more than it should, and in many different ways) is around the story I’m about to share: 740 more words


You Can Tell Me You're Hurting

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” coach yelled after I scraped my knee on the graveled school basketball court. I limped from the court, blood squirted down my shin, a small pebble remained lodged in my kneecap, and internally I questioned just how tough I was… I sure didn’t plan to “keep going” until I got a band-aid! 544 more words


Honesty is a rare commodity

I was thinking on my way home tonight what a rare commodity honesty can be, it comes in many forms and ways but must start at home. 217 more words



So this purchase I was making on the Internet wasn’t going so well and I attempted to cancel it. That wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. 505 more words