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Brute Beast Before the Lord

“When my heart was grieved and my spirit embittered, I was senseless and ignorant; I was a brute beast before you. ” ~ Psalm 73:21-22… 947 more words

Personal Reflections

Thoughts at 2 AM: The little girl grew up.

Once upon a time, I was like every other little girl. I loved fairy tales and believed I was a princess. I was a happy little girl and I get excited upon the coming of my birthday, but things has changed. 374 more words


My first week in my new home

Think I have overdone the unpacking, sorting and painting of furniture this week and slept most of yesterday!

Things are sorted out in my new flat and looking nice and I am now getting used to living alone again.     368 more words

My Alzheimer's Journal

10 reasons I use Marijuana

10. To help me sleep. Though falling asleep is rarely an issue for me, when it is, a puff of an indica helps me wind down and get into sleep mode. 290 more words

Saturday Morning Reading #41

Time for #41.

Here’s your Saturday morning reading, in which we learn how we can challenge the power of the few, make realistic promises, have nuanced stories that put the poor as the protagonists, make grand ethical theories about the shamefulness of barriers to migration and then get screwed over by Katie Hopkins. 784 more words


Your Honesty

Honesty is sexy.
It’s the aphrodisiac of traits.
There’s nothing more refreshing
Than being around someone who keeps it real,
Someone who isn’t afraid to say how they feel… 79 more words


Shaming Moms? Nope, Shame on You!

I know a lot of moms. I have a mom, she has a mom, my dad has a mom, my husband has a mom, and his dad has a mom… my friends have moms, many of my friends ARE moms, and oh wait… … 351 more words