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Love, it’s a promise I made myself years ago. I had told myself nothing would – nothing could – ever stand in the way. That whatever happens between us, I would always care for you. 265 more words

Tested and Proved

Dear Jesus,

Your words are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times.

They are true, every single one of them. 64 more words

When two people water their relationship....

When two people water their relationship with spiritual love, honesty, patience, compassion then their relationship becomes strong enough to bear any storm. It could be any relationship like two people, two communities, two families. 14 more words



Why is saying “Sorry, I’m not interested” so hard?

Seriously guys (and ladies because God knows we’ve all avoided those words.) Ignoring someone or leading them on is not a solution. 146 more words

You are what you eat. Here is my diet story & informtion

Welcome back if you haven’t seen my first post maybe pop there before reading this so it makes more sense.

Let’s face it we have all at some stage abused our body’s by drinking Alcohol or eating fatty foods to taking drugs but what’s good & what’s bad? 997 more words


Stand behind our perceptions

When we stand behind our perceptions,
voicing our concerns and feelings honestly,
we stimulate progress and growth in all aspects of our lives.

As we continue to increase our ability to be honest,

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The Core of Customer Service is Honesty

Here’s another article I wrote for Magellan Solutions. View it here.