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Is it Time to Disconnect?

How many times have you considered deleting all of your social media apps in order to disconnect? I can guarantee that so many people out there let a thought like that briefly cross their minds, at least. 943 more words


Integrity, a Basic Key to Success

The truth… our society has skewed what truth is to the point that I worry about the integrity for the generations to come. It seems now that there are  now “versions” of the truth.   442 more words

Honesty Is STILL The Best Policy

The media is fooling us !
Politicians have been making fake promises all the time !
You can’t succeed without being deceitful these days !

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My last month at home ...

A summary of my last month: Has it been the best ever not working, being at home for a month with no distractions? Nope. Are you looking forward to going away to a billion countries and not knowing what’s to come? 535 more words

About Emily

I Don't Want To Be "Blue" Anymore.

I don’t want to be “blue” anymore.

For those of you who follow me on WordPress, if you didn’t know, I am a music producer. A few months ago, my sister released an EP that was entitled “Blue” that I helped produce. 590 more words



There’s comfort as I bathe in your loyalty.
I can count on your faithfulness to the script we are writing.
This love story of commitment and devotion is like none other. 51 more words



Sometimes you don’t need change, you just need to change.