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Jonah days 3-5

I got sick and so was delayed in my Jonah study, the lady who has asked me to do it and email her daily thought I had decided against doing it. 893 more words


Stress, Distress, and Unspoken Waves

My life is a constricted wave; no matter how much it wants to push to the shore, it is being limited by stronger bodies of water. 312 more words


Acknowledging the Ashes

Day 4 (Friday)

  • Went to work for 2 hours
  • Saw a good friend
  • Napped
  • Hung out with Mom
  • Practiced line drawings of Winnie the Pooh …
  • 416 more words

Warning! It's Soap Box Time!

There were a couple things that happened today that really ticked me off and I just had to sound off. That’s what blogs are for after all, right? 943 more words

Weight Loss


There are so many joys & challenges of parenthood, it’s a topic that literally a million people could write about & still have a new topic or a new perspective to write/talk about. 334 more words


Getting Real: Motivation

What is motivation? It’s your why. Why do you get up every morning and go to the gym? Why do you spend hours practicing for a competition that can be over in 10 seconds? 265 more words


Ninth Note: Different

Different. Me in a nutshell.

I’m not one to gossip. I choose to withdraw myself from people who like to talk about other people. Especially people who like to go through x, y and z of people within their mutual circle before they get to the person they have an issue with. 114 more words