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Day 91: Honest With Self

I haven’t been honest with myself. I’ve realized it, but ignored it. Now I’m going to be honest with myself. I really want to have a better version of my life and it starts with being honest with myself. 914 more words

A Year In The Life

Truth Crusades

My head and my heart are in what feels like constant war, as in opposing magnets on opposite sides of a spectrum, consistently contradicting one another to the near point of absolute insanity. 499 more words

Battle of the Mind

This is one of the most frustrating things about having an anxiety disorder; knowing as you’re freaking out that there’s no reason to be freaked out, but lacking the ability to shut the emotion down.

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The Christmas Spirit

Hi. Christmas is upon us, and it is becoming clearer by the day. The snow is falling, as life gets challenging for all involved. Many close to me seems to be struggling, and I am no different. 138 more words

The Honesty Shop- Irmo

The Honesty Shop-Irmo provides new and gently used items online to the community at a pay what you can rate, open 24/7 online and no one is watching you, so give what you think it’s worth to you. 123 more words

Guilty Pleasure

The Hardest Job for a Teacher...

One of my favorite parts of teaching – yet ironically the hardest – is helping to sculpt the hearts and minds of my kids.  As a Christian English teacher, I’m not only to infuse my students’ minds with literature and grammar and vocabulary, I am to entrust to them great mysteries of a Savior who loves them and wants their full surrender.This past week gave me one such opportunity, and next week is handing me another one. 568 more words

THINK: It's the wave of the future (we can only hope)!

I have inherited this bit of wisdom from someone who shared this  at an AA meeting. Yes, I thought at one time that I was an alcoholic; I was dreadfully wrong and that’s a completely different post and probably a book. 361 more words