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Wisdom from our adult kids...

If you are one of those people shaking your head in disbelief about the younger generations, I want to share this with you. 160 more words

Personal Thoughts: Real Life Situations

From Real Life experience

Personal thoughts

Another late nights thoughts

If you and someone or a friend get into trouble would tell on him or her to get out the situation… 45 more words

The Fun Room

Why one Horowhenua District Councillor DOESN'T want the public present at Council meetings

If the H.D.C. was HONEST, UP-FRONT & RUN WITH “INTEGRITY”, there would simply be NO “REASON” to have to “vote” to have “the books” sealed… 525 more words



So many thoughts are going through my mind – where will this blog take us? am I really sure I want to be taking this on? 198 more words


Autism Awareness Month Post Twenty-One: Something Beautiful I Haven't Yet Put Into Human Form

I can’t get enough of the way she moves

she’s so perfect

dancing long into the night with the groove

she’s so perfect, the way she moves… 238 more words


I Am Not Her, I Am Me

I am not her

I am me

Me, the female who is short. Re-learning and learning how to live and breathe. The female who wants to go to bed early and wake up early. 366 more words



A lot of the popular self-help/entrepreneurial literature teaches the importance of developing “will power,” to “pull through,” “stay the course,” “put up a good fight,” and simply overcome all the obstacles that life and its changes throw at us. 428 more words