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The Importance of Sand

I have a bucket list.    It has everything from eating my way through Italy,   visiting New York during the holidays,    a girls weekend,   and walking along the beach one more time.   356 more words


Dear Hope: We Are Moving Too Fast

Dear Hope,
I have a new girlfriend. We really like each other, but I feel like we are moving too fast. I know that sounds crazy coming from a guy, but what should I do? 168 more words



If telling someone

not to tell me

that they love me anymore,

when it’s clear

that they’ve never shown it,

makes me a bitch

Then so be it… 29 more words


"I am trying!", BUT "Are you trying the right way?"

What does the phrase “I am trying” mean? I cannot count the times I used this phrase, just to avoid thinking of an alternative, better, way to achieve my life goals.   278 more words


I don't mind

I don’t mind getting high with you. We have our own problems, why try to make us problematic? I don’t really like you sober anyway, you have a bad temper. 92 more words


The Easily Offended God of the Bible

Don’t even Think about it, Mister!!!

An interesting post about how God is not easily offended, but rather gracious and merciful to those who repent. I thought I would call BS on that from a more honest reading and interpretation of the scriptures. 210 more words

Confucian Virtues

If you follow the principles of Ren, Li, Yi, Xiao and Xin then you will become a Junzi – and who doesn’t want to become a Junzi! 542 more words

Writing Tips