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Honesty Isn’t Always The Best Policy

Have you ever had trouble being honest in your life? You want so hard to tell those around you the truth, but you’re too scared to know what might come of it? 290 more words

If You Can Hear Me

When I started writing on the Internet three years ago, I was terrified. I wore perfection like a fur coat, afraid to take it off and show people the real, and much less fabulous, person I am underneath. 1,235 more words

Christian Writers

Youtubers you should be watching #2

Hi guys. So over the years i’ve watched a lot of youtuber. However, times have changed a little and as i’ve grown, my so has my taste in youtubers. 519 more words


The Vices of False Modesty and Habitual Self-Deprecation

Growing up, I was taught (more passively than actively) that self-deprecation was the opposite of narcissism; to avoid being a narcissist, I had to put myself down and think of myself as insignificant. 1,726 more words

Getting Caught Up

We’re all individuals with unique talents, ideas, and gifts we share with the world. Some people are passionate and outspoken about what they want and where they’re going. 518 more words

Russert Family Wisdom

This past week I read through Big Russ and Me, an autobiographical tale from the late Tim Russert, one of the last genuine journalists in America. 762 more words


Self-Commendation (A Study of 2 Corinthians 6:3-10) Part 4 (Conclusion)

Friends: If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that my friend Frank (in New Jersey) and I have been doing an email Bible study for over a year. 279 more words