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My relationship with dishonesty

What harm has dishonesty caused? A lot, really.

Alcohol became my first and most faithful way to be dishonest with myself. If I could get drunk enough, absolutely anything went. 607 more words

Self Love

All I Want

I’m spiraling into that dark and twisty space that is so so familiar and safe, and it’s so very hard to stop the spiral when it promises that warmth that only familiarity brings about. 156 more words


A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Amy,

I’m not quite sure how to start this letter but if you are reading it, then I’ve somehow managed to work a way out how to travel back in time and deliver this to you. 850 more words



Everyone loves the idea of being written about,

when it captures the beauty

of their love,

but when the subject transitions

to jealousy,


naiveté, 36 more words


Improve Your Health: Start with Honesty

How would you feel if I told you that honesty has the power to improve your health?

You see the thing is that throughout our lives we have heard phrases and idioms such as honesty is the best policy. 1,178 more words

Love and exercise

My writings have transformed since I fell in love, and since I made changes to my physique; though my thoughts have not softened, nor have they brightened in excess. 140 more words


“Progressivism” as de-deified religiosity

If you go around branding yourself with the term “progressivism” and condemn, as immoral, my branding you with the term “regressivism”, by way of linguistically eradicating the possibility of criticism, then I do not consider your movement remotely progressive, which, indeed, is one reason why I brand it regressive. 108 more words