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It Is Here

Happy Free-Thinking Friday!

I wrote the post you’re about to read 7 days ago, exactly 1 day before I graduated from college. In all honesty, it wasn’t the best weekend of my life.

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Free-Thinking Friday

Just a Spark

The spark of something new

But there must always be caution

When a spark can turn into a flame

When you’ve been burned

The flame is terrifying… 20 more words

Your Turn

People constantly come in and out of our lives, and we interact with them in different ways depending on our circumstances. Sometimes we work together in order to achieve something. 535 more words

Chapter 2 - Do these jeans make my insecurities look big?

So here’s the thing: Pretty much every woman (and let’s be
honest, many men) has struggled at some point with body image. The women in my… 1,507 more words


Ideal Public Representative

(To all candidates for election to Wicklow County Council, Arklow area)

Ideal Public Representative

The ideal person is perfect, but does not say so.

Similarly but differently the ideal public representative is fair minded, honest, truthful, unbiased, articulate, slow to anger, quick to forgive, bears no grudges, etc., etc., you fill in the rest. 146 more words


Daily Devotional - Mark 6:14-29

In this passage from the Gospel of Mark we find a recounting of the events surrounding the arrest, imprisonment, and death of John the Baptist. We also find, at the beginning of the passage here, a brief discussion concerning the nature of who people consider Christ to be. 538 more words

Daily Devotional