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Awareness, healing & honesty for the physical body.

I am not a doctor, but I am a self healer… that means I have tried doctors, modern medicine and it has not worked for me. 1,082 more words

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Hesitantly Handing Over

In the rays of the morning sun
He glimpsed a sliver of an impetuous heart
Peering through a cracking armour
Put way from him for far too long… 109 more words


*On blogging, writing, and being honest...

Hello friends. I have a (new) Tumblr blog, and I’d like to share my posts there with you from time to time, starting with this one. 77 more words


Why Self-Intimacy Is The Foundation Of Life

Most People, when they hear the word “intimacy,” the first thing that comes to mind is sex. In fact, most people if not all, when asked to define intimacy, more often than not, will associate their answer with sexual intimacy. 534 more words

"Not everything that is faced can be changed..."

“… But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

It wasn’t like I was struck by a bolt of lightning one day and suddenly became an alcoholic who’d completely given up on life. 466 more words


Christians tend to stand in circles – I remember noticing this acutely when I went to see Case for Christ at the local cinema.

I was waiting amongst a jumble of people and could tell almost everyone was there to see the same movie because they were all a mixed bag of people, but stood in these wide circles. 1,263 more words


These Are The Most Brutally Honest Zodiac Signs


They prefer to stay upbeat, but these guys aren’t afraid to call it like it is. While they may try to spin it as a joke, their gregarious nature means they often speak before they think- and they are usually well-liked by those around them. 296 more words

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