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Dixie…the 5 year old terrier mix and love of my dad’s life!

Honey And Company

gentle giant

honey and chiquita love playing and lounging together!

Honey And Company

coffee table or dog bed

this is reggie!  i took this picture from the yard when i was leaving the house, i discovered his favorite place to sleep that day.

Honey And Company

after a long day

they can fall asleep in any position…

i never post pics of josh “fake” sleeping… ehemm*mom :)

Honey And Company

love the mud

sundance (my mom’s dog) before i took her for a hike…

…and Sundance after…

…Sundance after, after (a fun-filled day and a bath)

the dogs like to chew on empty water bottles sometimes, i didn’t place it there for the pic…sundance brought it to her bed before falling asleep

Honey And Company

big n small

honey and chiquita aka monkey taking it easy at work

Honey And Company