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Be Good to the Bees

by Gladys Hutson

Many concerned with the decline in our Honey Bee population may know that President Obama has created a task force entitled “Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators.” It was implemented in June of 2014. 814 more words

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Wishing it 'bee' summer!

Today when I woke, I wished I lived in a hot country…..It is so cold, I had a lovely ride on Woody today, and for the first time there was ice on the puddles in the new forest, he smashed on through them( it wasn’t that thick, just a light covering). 72 more words


"Sweetest Rose, will you be with me?"

In this photograph, I wanted to capture the sweetness of the bee, sucking the nectar of the flower for nourishment.

So Sweetest Rose, will you be with me? Said the honeybee.


Mid-July Walk (all bees: bumble, honey, and wanna)

I know most of you are keeping count, but in case anyone forgot to, this is part three of the gob of pictures I took on a walk in mid-July. 192 more words


Life in a Coconut Flower

Mites are incredibly diverse — nearly 50,000 species have been described so far, but close to a million may await discovery. With most mites smaller than the head of a pin, studying them and describing new species can be a formidable challenge, requiring the use of powerful microscopes and, often, DNA sequencing. 731 more words

New Species