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Honey Bee Somersaults...

This little bee tumbled over and over through the stamens of the rose.



August 22nd is National Honeybee Day. They are found everywhere in the world. In North America honeybees are found everywhere in the U.S. and southern Canada that has flowers in a habitat, such as meadows, gardens, or open woodlands. 67 more words



From the moment I was first stung by a bee, I have been terrified of these little fur balls. As I got older, I got less afraid, but when they get to close, like on my food or into my hair, I still scream and jump up. 340 more words


Rare - Weekly photo challenge

Worldwide bee species are becoming rarer. In Ireland, it is estimated that 30% of our bee species are threatened with extinction, and of these six species are critically endangered. 60 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

The Latest Buzz: Honey Bees, A Disappearing Wonder

It’s a beautiful sunny day. You’re walking along a concrete pavement decorated with colorful lively flowers when all of a sudden, you hear a familiar buzzing sound. 955 more words


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Please read, this is so very important. The conservation of our honey bees which has a direct impact on us!

Please Snuggle Up Close

“Please Snuggle Up Close” — Bee on Western Sneezeweed by kenne

Please snuggle up close
I know your stay will be short
Make the most of it.

— kenne