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Honey Sticks

Grab n’ Go!
Reid’s honey sticks are great to take with you to work and travel. Knowing that your always getting pure honey. Not only can you use them for your tea, coffee, hot water with lemon or even drizzled on top of a salad, toast and sandwich. 69 more words

Raw Honey

Killer Bee.

Trapped between the curtains and glass

you can feel remorse for this honey bee,

earlier he did nothing but glance and pass

at no time was there a sign he’d hurt thee. 113 more words


Cannabis Daily - Honey Bee

Type: Indica
THC: 16.9 %
Genetics: Flo x Biker Bob
From: SPARC SF – Discontinued

When a dispensary provides an extensive digital menu telling you which buds are sun grown and which are hydroponic, the prices make a lot of sense. 280 more words

Smoke Weed Everyday

Holy Hive

Reluctantly, I turn up the edge of my wool hat, exposing an ear’s tender thin skin to the air’s frosty bite. I feel the white flesh turning pink then bright red as the sharp prickle travels down deeper and further into the ear tissue. 254 more words


Beauty In The World: Honey Bee

It’s Feb 26, 2018, in North Texas and the bees are out and about doing their thing ahead of a couple of days of rainy weather.


Want pollinators? Lower the temperature

Researchers at NC State University recently published a paper about wild bee abundance in relationship to urban warming.

The paper challenges the idea that planting more flowers will attract more pollinators. 87 more words


Finding the Sweet Stuff

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