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The SOBs were upset that I called them SOBs....

I could tangibly detect a high degree of agitation with my tweet to Occupy Brazil wherein I said that the servants of the people have become the masters of the people. 364 more words


HONEYTRAP on its way to publishing.

Well I promised myself in 2000 that this story will be told, even if people dont believe it, it will ease my conscience. I have been working on it and have rewritten it, adding more reality to it, uploaded it, and it will be published real soon. 105 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu.

Lush Haul: Karma Komba Solid Shampoo, American Cream, and Honey Trap Lip Balm Review

My previous solid shampoo, Seanik, ran out and I wanted to try a different scent so I got Karma Komba.

Another staple conditioner, Retread, ran out and the largest bottle of American Cream is on sale so I got it too. 394 more words


The Italian dark ladies

A 23-year-old female student was arrested by the Milan Police after attacking a former boyfriend with acid. Also the girl’s current boyfriend took part to the assault hitting the victim with a hammer. 70 more words

Crime And Court News


TRUE EXPERIENCES (minimum fictionalized to save your feelings, I mean it):


This time I left no stone unturned. As it was my area I tried every door, my relatives, police, I even wrote letters asking legal suggestions about how to put that activity to a stop. 2,452 more words

Sharmishtha Basu


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction, a take on organized crime in India, which apparently is very thriving business here, have learnt this harsh truth through experience, may be its same all over the world. 1,078 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

Happy Christmas Errybody - Here are some things I've been loving this holiday season

Is it just me, or has this year’s “holiday season” been lacking the Christmassy spirit? My friend Danny put it very well saying that finals “ruin the lead up to Christmas,” and I have to agree with him. 578 more words

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